29 Nov 2008


We are leaving today this beautiful place and will return into the cold and grey weather !
Here Chantal enjoys the last day of heat, sunshine and blue sky

We had quite a lot of Egyptian guests who were very friendly. Butter and coffee spoons are available again without special request at breakfast, because the Russians are gone ! The once who are still here are all behaving correctly and don't need to steal butter and spoons.

Next time I will write a post I will have my little Rosie on my lap, Arthur on the bed, and Pookie in the basket. I really have missed them (I am talking about my cats for those who wonder that my children sleep in baskets and on my bed.


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On this rusty cross, the boats are attached.

28 Nov 2008


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As there is nothing else to do in the evenings but window shopping and feeling the athmosphere of another world, we walked along the main road yesterday night and found a shop with beautiful semi-precious stones. The prices are so unbelievable cheap for us that I couldn't resist to buy these once and Chantal bought 5 too. At home we wouldn't even get a plastic collar for the same amount. I think it is due to the many stones you find in the dessert or in the sea. There are so many turquoise and coral jewlery and of course other stones too. I think when I come home I have to learn a little more about these stones.

Coral necklace

Rose quartz

These collars have an average cost of 5 € ! and they are nice gifts for Christmas !

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Skywatch Friday

The beautiful blue sky at the Red sea in Egypt

27 Nov 2008


Thursday Challenge - Soft

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Aren't these sweet soft lips ??


When I think that next week at this time I am sitting at home again, with thick sweaters and the heating turning, it's rather difficult to imagine ! Yesterday we had a nice show at the beach, a rumanian woman jumped like a tiger at russian guy and hit him in the face because he had given beer to the little dog of the hairdresser ! Two waiters had to hold her back otherwise she would have killed the guy. We found this behaviour a little overreacted, especially because the dog was known as a beer lover, but then she came to me and explained in a perfect german, that this morning when she got up she had promised herself to hit a russian ! She said they had annoyed her enough during the 3 weeks she stayed here and now she had to to it ! Her german husband looked at me and turned his eyes to heaven ... You see we have action every day !

at the beach,

the parc

the terrace

and my friend Camel Coco

26 Nov 2008


I opened our door to go to the Hotel's Restaurant, when we saw this ! The whole street on fire !! but it wasn't fire, they were spraying some stinking stuff to kill the moskitos ! We waited inside until the "smoke" was gone !

25 Nov 2008


Most of the Russian public has left and now we have much less to look at. The lines at the buffet are normal and the plates on the tables too. People are friendly together although they don't understand each other at all because they only speak East European languages and no english because English wasn't teached in schools. There was the "cold" war for years. Some of them speak little french this language was considered as the diplomatic language and teached in some schools. We spent our days at the beach and are so tired in the evening that usually at 9.30 we are already in bed and sleeping ! Swimming, sunshine and eating takes a lot of energy !

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One of the red bushes in the hotel garden

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Hurghada by day,

a corner in our hotel

the entrance

a craftman

little street in the evening

24 Nov 2008


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Today is Fun Monday but I couldn't find out who is the host this week and what he/she wants. Holiday time is counted ! So I continue our daily holiday experiences. I don't talk about the weather because it is so wonderfully boring, each morning I open the window and see a blue sky and feel the warm air.

Yesterday evening we had to return to our pharmacy to buy some stuff against the moskitos because they love us very much. I also bought two boxes of the antibiotics the pharmacist had given me because they were really very good and also the completely natural sirop out of plants had been very efficient. Chantal wanted to buy it too because it is really very cheap. The funniest thing is that you also have to haggle in a pharmacy ! Not for so serious medication as I had bought because the prices are indicated, but for all other things. We listened to a young German father who haggled in his best english for a good price for pampers ! We had our share of fun !

We then wanted to cross the two way boulevard, but this is a very dangerous adventure ! Make your testament, close your eyes and run over. If you are still alive on the other side, you made it ! Nobody stops, nobody even drives a little more slowly they all horn and you fear for your life. Chantal with her crutches couldn't walk that quick but nobody cared. Finally I lost my temper, I took one of the crutches and smashed it on the roof of a car who just cut us the way. The guy didn't even stop ! But the others who followed let us go ! On the way back I asked a policemen to walk us over the street what he did with pleasure, but even at him they horned and flashed with lights !! At least we had done our shopping of little gifts to offer to friends, not to my family who especially had requested not to buy anything !

This picture of the boulevard was taken early morning so there wasn't a lot of traffic


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In a jewelery shop you could buy these "beautiful" rings !

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I took these pictures one evening in the restaurant of our hotel. It's just beautiful what they carved out of fruits and vegetables.

23 Nov 2008


Camera Critters and Today's flowers below

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Our cleaning man (there are no cleaning women) has put beautiful red flowers on our beds which was such a nice surprise that I forgot to take a picture. And not only that ! In the beginning I always had to claim for toilet paper because the russian guests steal the rolls too, besides coffee spoons, sugar and napkins, or they must have an extraordinary consumption for a human being, that's why the rolls are probably rationated. To avoid that we had to number the sheets and then share them sisterly into two parts I had asked him to bring us at least one roll per day. Now each time he sees me he runs behind me with 2 or three toilet paper rolls which he hands over to me with a big happy smile. There was a time that young men ran behind me with flowers, today its with toilet paper !

I met a woman yesterday at breakfast and was happy that I was seated because when she smiled at me she had all front teeth 6 in total in GOLD !! I am not quickly shocked but that was really something I had never seen. As we have Sean Connery / James Bond's twin here maybe she is the female version of the guy with the steel teeth ! Next time I see her I will ask her if she would smile in my camera ! I don't know if it is still fashionable in the ex Soviet Union to show its wealth in the mouth ??

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Sitting on our patio we have this view, the garden is real artwork !


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Except the camel this little doggie is the only critter I have seen so far !

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