23 Nov 2008


Camera Critters and Today's flowers below

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Our cleaning man (there are no cleaning women) has put beautiful red flowers on our beds which was such a nice surprise that I forgot to take a picture. And not only that ! In the beginning I always had to claim for toilet paper because the russian guests steal the rolls too, besides coffee spoons, sugar and napkins, or they must have an extraordinary consumption for a human being, that's why the rolls are probably rationated. To avoid that we had to number the sheets and then share them sisterly into two parts I had asked him to bring us at least one roll per day. Now each time he sees me he runs behind me with 2 or three toilet paper rolls which he hands over to me with a big happy smile. There was a time that young men ran behind me with flowers, today its with toilet paper !

I met a woman yesterday at breakfast and was happy that I was seated because when she smiled at me she had all front teeth 6 in total in GOLD !! I am not quickly shocked but that was really something I had never seen. As we have Sean Connery / James Bond's twin here maybe she is the female version of the guy with the steel teeth ! Next time I see her I will ask her if she would smile in my camera ! I don't know if it is still fashionable in the ex Soviet Union to show its wealth in the mouth ??

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Sitting on our patio we have this view, the garden is real artwork !


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Except the camel this little doggie is the only critter I have seen so far !

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Anonymous said...

Something funny going on with my PC - doesn't want me to leave a comment. HOWEVER: I had to look for ages at the dog photo - couldn't spot it and wondered what you were talking about! Found it in the end though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha! 6 teeth in gold and in front!!! Sure I never saw that I just can imagine! And the scene with the man and his paper!!! just hilarious! Last year you told already of the Russian tourists attitude. Perhaps ce sont les mêmes! Ha! ha!

Liz Hinds said...

Right, okay. when are you coming home? I have had enough of this!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, the golden teeth! Yes, I think of Bond instantly.

I really don't know if I wanna come over and read your blog right now with all your sunny warm wonderful photos - WE HAVE A SNOWSTORM OVER HERE....!!!!

Pamela said...

I saw a photo of a woman with a mouth full of gold teeth

It was very distracting --
I guess everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful