28 Nov 2008


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As there is nothing else to do in the evenings but window shopping and feeling the athmosphere of another world, we walked along the main road yesterday night and found a shop with beautiful semi-precious stones. The prices are so unbelievable cheap for us that I couldn't resist to buy these once and Chantal bought 5 too. At home we wouldn't even get a plastic collar for the same amount. I think it is due to the many stones you find in the dessert or in the sea. There are so many turquoise and coral jewlery and of course other stones too. I think when I come home I have to learn a little more about these stones.

Coral necklace

Rose quartz

These collars have an average cost of 5 € ! and they are nice gifts for Christmas !

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Skywatch Friday

The beautiful blue sky at the Red sea in Egypt


Guy D said...

Great skywatch shots, you are making me miss summertime.

Regina In Pictures

Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklaces and...and incredible price!!!
Beautiful blue sky too.
Have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Je vous souhaite un très bon séjour en Egypt chère Gattina :-)


Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina, Lovely necklaces and so cheap, love the photo's of the sea its so blue... enjoy the rest of your trip...

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful....am I ON YOUR Christmas list? [just kidding!]

You should have saved those for next week...I don't think there is a show n tell this week because of the holidays. I may be wrong tho.

Looks like you're heading home now soon? Be safe in your travels.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gattina: What a neat view of the skies of Egypt.

Dianne said...

I really love the second shot with the dots of people and the hint of the shore!!