26 Nov 2008


I opened our door to go to the Hotel's Restaurant, when we saw this ! The whole street on fire !! but it wasn't fire, they were spraying some stinking stuff to kill the moskitos ! We waited inside until the "smoke" was gone !


Anonymous said...

:: cough, cough::
Well, those tiny things sure can be annoying!! hope the spraying is effective.
At least it has a nice fog effect!!

Carletta said...

They used to spray that stuff when we lived in Virginia. It did stink but it was so necessary. Otherwise we would be eaten alive with mosquitoes.
Hope you still had a great day.

Jientje said...

Ewww! That looks kind of scary!!
I read your previous posts, and it seems like you're having fun there!

Melli said...

ACK! YUK! Necessary though! Apparently mosquitoes are a "protected" species in my county! They refuse to spray for them! It drives me crazy because this is the only place I've lived in my whole life that does NOT spray for them! And it makes life just miserable in the summer... you don't even WANT to be outside. I'm glad they came and sprayed for you -- but they should have done it in the middle of the night!