11 Dec 2020


On Monday I had nearly the whole day for myself, because the four Whist pals of Mr. G. had decided to start playing at 11 am until 4 pm !! They are always in the same place and now they are eating a sandwich there too ! So I did what I wanted, when I wanted and had no hours to respect !

Our hairdressers are still closed and I wonder how it is possible that our politician's hair never grow and they are all well combed !







(except the UK prime Minister who is an example for closed barbers). Anyway as usual when I look for somebody to work for me I look in Facebook in this case for a hairdresser, I found one in a discrete mention and I sent her a message ! It was quickly done, she came the next day, a very nice girl who only works for people at home. She came with everything needed except the bassin to wash the hair, that would have been a bit too obvious  ! I don't understand why the hairdressers are closed and the carwashs  open, therefore I listened to my inner self and the hair department told me go ahead ! 

I was very happy with the haircut, it is alway a surprise when you have a new hairdresser. 









Then as she was already shere she also cut Mr. G's hair he started to look like a hedgehog ! Now we are ready for our lonely Christmas ! But will look good at least on the screen !

Some Christmas balls were missing and I returned to the second hand shop and got a whole bunch of red and golden balls for nearly nothing. It was cold outside so I quickly returned home ! 

Decoration on the balcony
A part from a few garlands I won't put more, and no Christmas tree. The huge plants with garlands  will replace it.. We are only the two of us anyway.

We had our little lockdown meeting this time at Nicole's. She too has a lot of little decorations and a beautiful crib and she will also be alone on Christmas Eve. I wanted to invite her, but she preferred to go to bed, she is sometimes quite tired because of the chimeo therapy.

The crib, a mini tree a huge ball and Isis who listened to our conversations.

Tonight in the News we were told that  the curfew will be extended until midnight instead of 10 pm on Christmas Eve. We have never celebrated Christmas Eve that late. But on New Year it will remain 10 pm ! I wonder how you can wish "Happy New Year" ??? I only see with all these rules lockdowns, curfews, closed restaurants etc etc, the Corona Virus continues to spoil our lives, the number of death increases, and the infected people are sitll around and generously distribute the virus ! And now the new vaccine has side effects ! Sometimes I wonder how the Spanish flu was handled, without media and not such a developped science ! It was just nature who killed the weakest and let the others live. I start to believe that we will come to the same result despite lockdowns and sanitary restrictions ! 


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10 Dec 2020


1. What do you think it means to have the holiday spirit? 

This year I just think nothing. We are in our second lockdown, and with all these sanitary rules there is no time for any holiday spirit. Only for the children for them Father Christmas will come even if it is through a Computer screen, but for us adults we are not even allowed to invite family. One guest per household ! Completely absurd ! 

2. What's one thing you've baked this month? Have you eaten the finished product? How much baking do you do around the holidays? What baked sweet something does your family insist is on the menu during this season of the year? 3. Your most recent 'half-baked' idea?

This question is quickly answered ! I have never baked a cake or cookies or whatever sweet in my whole life ! I loved to cook ! We went to a restaurant, I ate something which I didn't know and had never eaten and tried to copy the plate at home. Mostly it worked very well and my guinea pig (Mr. G) was very happy and proud ! But that was long ago ! When I started to paint in 1989 all my creativity went into painting and I lost all interest in cooking. I continued to cook because it was a necessity, but it became a real burden. 

4. Where were you the last time you 'baked' in the sun? The top ten sunniest destinations in the world (most sun from January-December according to this site) are Dubai, Bali Indonesia, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Barbados, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Antiqua, and the Canary Islands Spain. Have you been to any of the cities listed? Which one on the list appeals to you the most? If the world were not upside down crazy and you could lie on a beach anywhere right now where would you go? 

My anual winter home in Hurghada Egypt

Last time was two years ago in December and I "baked" on the sandy beach in front of the very blue sea in Hurghada in Egypt. Even in December there are high temperatures during the day around 30°C but you need a cardigan in the evenings . I went there each year always at the same time end November and I have got a free week as a gift, because it was the 10th time in this Hotel which became sort of winter refuge and home to me where I could my Vitamin D cure which my doctor had recommended.

I have been in Los Angeles, in Miami, and the Canary Islands I know by heart, we have been on all Islands many times. But no place is so sunny than in Egypt at the Red Sea ! It had never rained in all these years and when it rains it's just a few drops not longer then 10 min.

5. Today I wish I had more energy and better mood ! I am always tired from doing nothing and I am fed up of our second lockdown, which has such absurd rules ! I suspect the actual provisory prime minister to try to do an election campaign, he is more worried about his career then the people ! 

If the world would turn normal again, I would immediately return to Egypt, but only in winter until  May,  after these months it becomes far too hot ! 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I think I lost a year of my life ! I couldn't travel, I couldn't go to expositions, cinema, theatre, attend my painting class and my aqua gym etc. After the first lockdown we had a two or three month break where we moved which had been quite tiring at my vintage age, and when all was nearly finished the second lockdown started. 

Now we will have no Christmas, our son prefers not to come it's too complicated. For the second time since our son was born we are alone on Christmas. The first time he travelled around Australia, and now ! The worst is that I just feel nothing.  I don't care anymore. Christmas has always been a cheerful time but not this year. I decorated the living room but won't put up a tree. Christmas Eve will be like all other evenings, we will have supper watch a movie and go to bed. Father Christmas will not come this year and as there is no tree, he doesn't need to put something underneath !  

I think there will be a lot of lonely people in this case ! 



9 Dec 2020


 On a market - cheese for a Raclette

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8 Dec 2020


One of my friends loves the Buddhist philosophy and as I was very interested in the yearly gathering she took me with her. 

The Yeunten Ling is the biggest Buddhist monastery in Belgium and one of the biggest in Europe.  It is a peaceful place which delivers deep teachings on Buddhism. The Lamas are serious meditators and can teach meditation well. 

The Dalai-Lama  had been several times in this monastery when he had to go to Brussels, last time he was here was in 2012.

You can  take a class or a meditation retreat in this centre. There are also a lot of boutiques, libraries and food and spice stores.

I was only very curious and she showed me the place. There were quite a lot of people so you can imagine that I had to dig again in my memories. I would have liked to return, but missed the dates or the weather was too bad to walk around in this beautiful place.   

The main entrance

in the park

outside meditations

The building where you can stay for a retreat

The gong to call for meditation (I guess)

Every place inside is very colorful

Our World 
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7 Dec 2020






On Saturday it was quite cold outside and I thought I will do (another) lazy day ! But first I finished my Christmas decoration, tried to make a Christmas header but didn't find an adequate photo. I gave up and went shopping through Internet. At least it was warm here and I had not to line up in the cold to get a disinfacted caddie and walk around keeping distance ! 

I ended up at Myriam's who also had taken out her Christmas decoration and it looked very cosy. This year she said she will be alone for Christmas Eve, due to the lockdown rules, I wanted to invite her but she prefered to stay home. So probably we will be just the two of us and not to forget little Rosie !


On Sunday it was all white outside and the cars had white roofs ! It was freezing and the weatherman had announced snow ! Which didn't arrive ! In the afternoon Myriam and Nicole came for our lockdown meeting and Mr. G had 3 women to chat with ! He ended the afternoon and watched F1 ! Fortunately it started only at 6 pm, and my friends had left. It's getting so dark now very early and I wonder where the daylight saving is, probably in the mornings because when I get up the daylight is there ! 


With this lockdown really nothing happens except tragedies or catastrophies ! It's really a very special year !!