7 Mar 2020


Arthur as a kitten same size as the remote control, he brought us as gift this enormous cord bone from the neighbor's dog, he loved to eat and to steal from plates, he even loved babies and toddlers and he loved me.

I had forgotten to figure out a life without my cat Arthur. 18 years he lived with me, got on my nerves, annoyed the neighbors, went with the mailman from mailbox to mailbox and was the most social cat I have ever known. He loved  guests, the more the better, he helped workers in the street and neighbors in their garden, digging holes. He stole steaks from the guests plates, ate an apple pie during the night, liked to drive in a car and climbed in all open cars. I heard from neighbors that he slept in their beds ! He was a celebrity and everybody loved him.

So today it was an awful day when I had to call the vet and asked her to put him asleep for ever. He was at his end, he was sleeping when she came and didn't even wake up. We sat beside him and after the final shot his heart stopped to beat. It was the end.

Now we have to learn to live without his loud meows, and all the naughty things he had done and which made us laugh so much. He was such a funny cat. It will take a long time until we get used that he is not longer between our feet, but he will stay forever in our hearts.

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6 Mar 2020


As you can see the week started  very well with our Scrabble game ! This time Ilona lost and not I, for a change. Then we ate nearly all the cake, the left overs Myriam gave me as doggy bag for Mr. G. who was very pleased !

The estate agent had put our house on the market with a very nice publicity in the magazines and on Internet of  course and there were already people interested after two hours of publishing.

The next day 16 people came from 2pm until 4 pm and Cedric our agent showed them the house from top to bottom. One young couple was very interested and she demolished already a wall to make the kitchen and living room all in one. Now we will see who puts in an adequate offer.

Having all these people walking through the house made me tired and I disappeared behind my computer, I went with the first once but as it was always the same I gave up. I chatted a bit with all the people and answered sometimes stupid questions telling them that if we lived here for 45 years that means we liked the house and never had major problems or any problem at all.

The next load will come  on Saturday !

We had no painting course this week, the room was occupied (again) so we met in an all you can eat restaurant, it was a mostly asiatic kitchen. Nobody feared the Corona virus because the personel all had slitted eyes ! It's so ridiculous, some people are really so stupid to think that when you have asiatic eyes you automatically get the virus ! If stupidity would kill I think we wouldn't have too many people on earth !

We had a lot to talk and they threw us out (almost) at 2.30 am ! We had arrived at
12 !

Now that Mr. G. has digested the idea to move out and into an apartment, he is suddenly all interested and seems to be happy. For him it's nice he moves closer to his Whist players. In fact we only change the house nothing else.

Despite the steady rain and cold weather spring wants to come out and the Japanese cherry tree in Myriam's garden bloomed !

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5 Mar 2020


This little girl named Rosie is a professional at all things cozy.

A cat laying somewhere in your living room, makes you feel cozy

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4 Mar 2020


Me and "Elvis Presley" The camel's name, when we went on an excursion in the Tunisian desert.

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3 Mar 2020


Antwerp is situated on the Schelde River, about 88 km from the North Sea and only  55km from Brussels. Antwerp is an essential part of an enormous harbour complex, one of the greatest in the world. The harbour installations of Antwerp grew especially after World War II.

I have been quite often in Antwerp, because it is a beautiful city, lots to see and probably the only city where a big zoo (fortunately modernized) is just besides the Train station.

The train station

In front of the train station

The market place

The city hall

Het Steen (The Stone) part of the fortification of the city

along the river Schelde

The entrance to the zoo

You can read more about Antwerp here on my Countries & Cities Travel Blog

2 Mar 2020





As usual in the last 4 or 5 weeks we had storm and rain always on weekends and this one was not different. A little less wind but still rain. I wonder from where all this water comes !

It is a real joy to turn on TV when you get up ! Besides the raindrops against the windows the bad weather is confirmed by the TV station which makes it even worse. 3 raindrops become pouring rain.

Then comes the Coronavirus, that's the favourite subject to talk about. Nothing else happens in the world anymore except the wandering virus and the statistics per country which increases and make people worry more and more.

Of course they tell you not to panic,  but they are real panic makers and it varies from TV station to TV station. No other disease counts anymore Corona is the tip of the top !

Instead of critisizing foreign fashion, it turns out that in times of need they are the most efficient clothes to protect you against the virus !  Covered like this you can go out as usual and do your shopping or sit in an overcrowded bus, you risk nothing.

An other advantage is, you don't even have to wear a dress underneath, comb your hair or put on make up !

In the afternoon I hoped the rain and wind would stop and I could go to the Grand'Place in Brussels and watch the carnival parade.

Of course it didn't stop. I turned on the Grand Place webcam and saw a few ants running over the screen and a mini procession of maybe 15 people. Otherwise the place was empty, I just cut out the part where some people were.
Instead of freezing and getting wet, I remained in my sofa and watched Vera

a serie which I like very much. So the day went by and I had done nothing, which is nice from time to time.

On Sunday Chantal had her birthday and had invited our Scrabble group and two other girls. She had prepared a delicious meal, a wok prepared chicken with rice. Before we had an aperitif with various snacks.

We spent a very nice afternoon, mostly laughing which was very good for all of us, time flew by and at 6 pm we said good bye and returned to Waterloo.

Instead of each buying something we had put our money together and had bought this beautiful buddha !

She can put it inside or outside just as she wishes, and dog Sheena liked it also very much, maybe she will become a buddhist now.