27 Jan 2023


When I look through my Blog, I feel like a weatherman (why not weatherwoman ?) because very often I start talking about the weather. On the other hand that's good because people forget that last year we had exactly the same or not and I have a proof, I just check my posts from the past year and I know. 

Therefore not to change, we had a horrible weather, very cold - 6°C, grey, humid, in short, just to wear a jogging and remain inside. In the News they were talking about many accidents and suggested to stay inside if you don't have to go out absolutely. Which I did. I watched a funny movie, where a man a certain age had cancer and wanted to commit suicide, but each time he tried, he couldn't. He read in a Newspaper about a woman, who was a widow for the 3rd time, and therefore suspected to have them killed all three to inherit their fortune. That was the solution for the man, he met the widow, in order to be killed by her, but unfortunately it didn't work, because they fell in love ! I had never heard of such an original means of killing yourself.

The next day Adeline and I went to the hairdresser, last time it was before Christmas and very much needed. At the same time we did a little shopping and hurried home. 

I had to fill in the documents for our Danube Cruise again, because the ones I had sent were not correct. Now it is done and we only have to wait for May ! 

For the first time I had to fill in a document not on paper but in the computer ! Rick who always solved "technical" problems wasn't here anymore and all the ones who could help me, were working. Finally I asked Google ! That's the simplest thing ! I got several answers and one suited me perfectly, I could fill in the document with Adobe and it was even very easy ! I was very proud that I had found the solution alone. 

The plumber finally came to replace the squawking  water tap with a new one. Now I can open and close it again without spraining my wrist. My landlord will be happy, because now I have problems with the toilet ! That's always the same, when one thing breaks down the other follow. 

I was looking for thick socks that you can wear as slippers. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything until I suddenly saw a pair exactly what I wanted and of course I bought them right away. Rosie found the bobbles on the side very interesting.

Once a week I visit Nicole, usually on Fridays, because that's the day where as activity a mass is hold and that's something she doesn't like, so she is happy to have some visitors that day. Not many are attending the mass, mostly the very old ! A lady of 102 years, with a perfect brain ! 

Nicole had changed room and has now a big terrace and a large garden around . Unfortunately she fell down the first time she went on the terrace, she stumbled and got a beautiful black eye! Luckily she hadn't hurt herself.

I have ordered a step counter, only a counter and not a smart watch which measures everything from blood pressure to diabetes,  calories and weight and maybe even mental health, I just want to know how many kilometers I walk per day and nothing else. 

I found a nice and easy one which I can wear at my wrist or use as a brooch. It hasn't arrived yet, and I am curious to see how much I walk per day, even if I don't go out.  

Still a few days and we have this awful January behind us !

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25 Jan 2023





In 1985 a movie came out with the nice title "Back to the Future" ! 

I haven't seen it because I don't like science fiction movies and I am glad that I haven't seen it, because now we are in 2023 and could make a new movie with the title : "Forward to the Past". 

I had the idea when I went to my usual supermarket and wanted to buy a kg of clementines. I didn't have a bag with me as they usually have paper bags now and not plastic bags anymore, but I saw no bags at all. I asked an employee if they had run out of bags, and he answered me that there were no bags anymore at all because you have to bring your own bag or a net with you, it's not given anymore by the shop. That made me laugh and the young man looked at me with big question marks in his eyes. 

I told him that I really have the impression to forward to the past. It was du "déjà vu". I told him that when I was a child we didn't have plastic bags, or not even paper bags in the shops, but we had to bring our own shopping bag with us, exactly like today. The milk was in glass bottles and not in cartons, but I think this will be the next step.  All fruits and vegetables were organic and nothing else and there were no "organic" prices. The young man laughed and found this rather funny. Ask your grandma I said to him, she will say the same. We only keep up with the time when it comes to paying, back then there were no credit cards or smartphones with which we could pay.


 Past and Present and a long "not organic" gap in between.

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23 Jan 2023











On Saturday the train employees were on strike (again) and there were not enough buses ! Maria my cleaning lady came 15 min late, which wasn't important, but the poor girl had to wait outside for the bus and it was very cold -5°C ! 

When she was gone I thought I needed bread, but fortunately I had enough and didn't have to go out in this  cold humidity. This was the occasion to watch the documentary of the 50 th birthday of our Queen Mathilde, who is really very appreciated from both parts of Belgium, the French and Flemish speaking, because she speaks both languages fluently. Before her marriage to Philip of Belgium she worked as a speech therapist and after her marriage studied psychology. At that time Philip wasn't king yet. 

It was very interesting, as she is the first Queen who had a profession, who had studied and who involved herself very much in her "job". The first once were chosen on a political base  and their only duty was to produce a male heir (maybe also a spare) and nothing else.  Even the Queen before Mathilde, the beautiful Italian Princess Paola,was a pretty woman who accompanied her king and only had to be beautiful, but at least these two married for love.

I got some photos of Toby who is in London with his Dad. He had never been there because he was too young and now his Dad wanted to show him the city, and also the house  he had bought in London more than 20 years ago.

He loved the English breakfast, I hope he had enough ! Now I am curious if he liked London as much as I loved the city when I saw it first. Meanwhile it has changed so much that for me it has lost a lot of its charm.

The rest of the day I spent with my old photos to put them in folders on a hard disk, and found this one with Rick doing what he loved the most, playing with kids !

On Sunday morning the weather hadn't changed, but there was no snow anymore !  I wanted to go and visit Nicole, but when I had dressed and put on some make up not to look like a corpse, it started to snow ! I didn't know if it would snow the whole afternoon and I would have difficulties to return home, so I called her and told her I would come during the week. 

The afternoon was quickly over as I talked for almost one hour to a cousin, which I had seen the last time when she was 10 years old or younger. She is a bit older then my son and has two boys, who are already at University. There was so much to tell and we ended up that she will come and visit me at the next occasion, she is a teacher. 

I answered my emails and then closed my computer, I had enough. I did like Rosie only I stayed on the sofa and didn't curl up in a basket ! She slept the whole day to be fresh for the night to play !