25 Jan 2023





In 1985 a movie came out with the nice title "Back to the Future" ! 

I haven't seen it because I don't like science fiction movies and I am glad that I haven't seen it, because now we are in 2023 and could make a new movie with the title : "Forward to the Past". 

I had the idea when I went to my usual supermarket and wanted to buy a kg of clementines. I didn't have a bag with me as they usually have paper bags now and not plastic bags anymore, but I saw no bags at all. I asked an employee if they had run out of bags, and he answered me that there were no bags anymore at all because you have to bring your own bag or a net with you, it's not given anymore by the shop. That made me laugh and the young man looked at me with big question marks in his eyes. 

I told him that I really have the impression to forward to the past. It was du "déjà vu". I told him that when I was a child we didn't have plastic bags, or not even paper bags in the shops, but we had to bring our own shopping bag with us, exactly like today. The milk was in glass bottles and not in cartons, but I think this will be the next step.  All fruits and vegetables were organic and nothing else and there were no "organic" prices. The young man laughed and found this rather funny. Ask your grandma I said to him, she will say the same. We only keep up with the time when it comes to paying, back then there were no credit cards or smartphones with which we could pay.


 Past and Present and a long "not organic" gap in between.

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  1. It is a bit like that and not a bad thing. Now in supermarkets we need paper bags to use for fresh food, not plastic.

  2. I like the black and white pictures. Perhaps, we shall go back to the former cameras too:)

  3. Interesting series of photos! Thanks so much for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2023/01/play-time.html

  4. Being diligent and careful about what you eat and use is a good thing!

  5. What goes around comes around - the 'old' ways were not so bad!

  6. In Canada milk comes in bags or cartons.

    Strictly speaking, I would classify the Back to the Future films as fantasy comedy mixes, and very much worth seeing.

  7. Lot place here still use plastic bags.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. We are heading the same way here as well. Some shops will sell you the bags you need, reusable...if you forgot to bring your own, or need more.

  9. A lot has changed during this time. People have changed.


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