27 Jan 2023


When I look through my Blog, I feel like a weatherman (why not weatherwoman ?) because very often I start talking about the weather. On the other hand that's good because people forget that last year we had exactly the same or not and I have a proof, I just check my posts from the past year and I know. 

Therefore not to change, we had a horrible weather, very cold - 6°C, grey, humid, in short, just to wear a jogging and remain inside. In the News they were talking about many accidents and suggested to stay inside if you don't have to go out absolutely. Which I did. I watched a funny movie, where a man a certain age had cancer and wanted to commit suicide, but each time he tried, he couldn't. He read in a Newspaper about a woman, who was a widow for the 3rd time, and therefore suspected to have them killed all three to inherit their fortune. That was the solution for the man, he met the widow, in order to be killed by her, but unfortunately it didn't work, because they fell in love ! I had never heard of such an original means of killing yourself.

The next day Adeline and I went to the hairdresser, last time it was before Christmas and very much needed. At the same time we did a little shopping and hurried home. 

I had to fill in the documents for our Danube Cruise again, because the ones I had sent were not correct. Now it is done and we only have to wait for May ! 

For the first time I had to fill in a document not on paper but in the computer ! Rick who always solved "technical" problems wasn't here anymore and all the ones who could help me, were working. Finally I asked Google ! That's the simplest thing ! I got several answers and one suited me perfectly, I could fill in the document with Adobe and it was even very easy ! I was very proud that I had found the solution alone. 

The plumber finally came to replace the squawking  water tap with a new one. Now I can open and close it again without spraining my wrist. My landlord will be happy, because now I have problems with the toilet ! That's always the same, when one thing breaks down the other follow. 

I was looking for thick socks that you can wear as slippers. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything until I suddenly saw a pair exactly what I wanted and of course I bought them right away. Rosie found the bobbles on the side very interesting.

Once a week I visit Nicole, usually on Fridays, because that's the day where as activity a mass is hold and that's something she doesn't like, so she is happy to have some visitors that day. Not many are attending the mass, mostly the very old ! A lady of 102 years, with a perfect brain ! 

Nicole had changed room and has now a big terrace and a large garden around . Unfortunately she fell down the first time she went on the terrace, she stumbled and got a beautiful black eye! Luckily she hadn't hurt herself.

I have ordered a step counter, only a counter and not a smart watch which measures everything from blood pressure to diabetes,  calories and weight and maybe even mental health, I just want to know how many kilometers I walk per day and nothing else. 

I found a nice and easy one which I can wear at my wrist or use as a brooch. It hasn't arrived yet, and I am curious to see how much I walk per day, even if I don't go out.  

Still a few days and we have this awful January behind us !

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  1. Our weather has not been as bad as yours, but I'm looking forward to spring. Every day is one day closer! Can't wait to get away from the cold and grey skies--though the sun is out today, thankfully.

    A good haircut can make such a difference in the way we feel. Glad you could visit Nicole and she didn't break anything when she fell. Your socks/slippers look warm and cozy.

    I know what you mean about feeling good when we can find the solution to a technological problem on our own. My family is always willing to help me, but they are not always here when I need help. But there is a sense of satisfaction when I can find the answer on my own.

  2. Well done for sorting out the computing issue and getting the paperwork finalised. Nice to have the cruise to look forward to. I'm glad Nicole wasn't badly hurt with her fall but a black eye is no fun. Your slipper socks look very cosy and I'm sure Rosie is as good as a hot water bottle! Have a good weekend.

  3. In these parts we keep getting snow and plenty of it.

  4. Wow … 102 with a solid thinking brain. There's hope! It is satisfying to stick with a problem and then solve it. Although it's wise to ask for help when needed, it's best to count on oneself. :)

  5. Slipper socks are a good idea but not very practical if you need to go outside quickly, as so often I have to with Gilbert! January does seem to have been very cold and not at all inviting to go out. Cold with sun is fine, but cold and grey is miserable. Not long until May!

  6. Not sure February is going to be better. So far we had nice weather, so hopefully February is going to behave itself.
    Anyway, Spring is not far behind.

  7. Our weather was miserable this week and the grands even had a snow day off from school. And so I need to look back at last year as you did.
    It is so good for you to be able to visit Nicole.
    Yay on you for figuring out the computer issue. That is a true Fave.
    Have a good weekend.


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