29 Jan 2023


Since May 29, 2022, on each 29 I am feeling sad and unwell. It was on the 29th of May last year, that Rick passed away and left me alone. I thought with the time it would be better, but I notice that the grief gets worse. One friend told me that this is normal, she had the same with her husband, the first months I was so busy with the administration papers that I had less time to think, mull over, and having this stitch in my heart. 

Therefore my Sunday Selection concerns our life together and our happy marriage which lasted 54 years   

 As  young, parents and then grandparents

How it started and one of the last pictures. He had Parkinson/Alzheimer and was 81 years old



  1. That makes sense to me. You are so busy after your loved one dies as you deal with processes, you don't have much time to grieve and feel sad.

  2. It's understandable that now you have less to do administration wise you will have more time to think and miss what you had. 54 years is a long time but also a great achievement. Lots to be proud and happy about. A friend of ours who lost her husband (to suicide) over 20 years ago posted this week how grief never really goes away and can rear its head at any time but I think over time you will get better at coping with it.

  3. PS January is often such a miserable month weatherwise too so that doesn't help our moods.

  4. Such precious memories. And yes, when the busyness is gone, grief finds its way in.

  5. I wish I had magic words for you.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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