30 Jan 2023


Test for those who forget to wash their feet !





Saturday morning Maria came to clean the apartment, she prefers to work on a Saturday because then she is sure that there are no strikes. Except the trains, they like to spoil the weekend of people. 
I had not slept very well and each time I tried to watch TV I fell asleep. Therefore I moved to the computer wrote some posts, and then digged out old pictures from  the past, which Rick had scanned out of an Album, page per page and not photo per photo So I had to cut out the photo and tried to make it better than the original. That took quite some time, interrupted by a phone call from Isabel who wanted to know how I feel, she is such a sensible girl ! and then another "girl" I know who wanted also to know how I felt, but only to talk for an hour about her broken hip, her blood tension and the whole medical folder, which I knew already by heart. I think she just needed to talk. It didn't matter if I listened or not. The good thing with a smartphone is, you put it besides you and continue what you are just doing in my case, I cut out the photos. I hope I will never become like that !
Amongst the photos I found one of my son in a costume of Superman which I had done myself for the Carnival at school.

For us it was not at school but on the street, I had bought the two wigs and we had a lot of fun.
On Sunday I read the notice for the step counter which I had bought on Internet last week. It is like a USB stick and I charged it for a few hours until it was fully charged. Then I did a reset and tonight I will see how many steps I have done. For one km I need to make 1200 steps. I have already done 350 steps in 2 hours only walking around in the apartment. 

There is a clip attached to it and I clipped it on my trousers. To make this photo I had to do like a contortionist.

Then two of my neighbor friends came and we watched together on YouTube, the River Cruise I will do in May. And then we chatted about the building what should be repaired, what had been done. The afternoon went quickly by and now the day is over.


  1. The river cruise will be fun. It is nice that you have people around you even if they call to talk at you, they are still a friend. Those wigs are pretty funny!

  2. Love the cats and I was thinking about stinky feet too. Made me laugh out loud with the last two shots of the cat. Fresh air please.

    I wear a Fitbit everyday and walk 10,000 steps each day, six days a week. I started off slow like you're doing and you'll be surprised at how much you're doing if you keep it up. It becomes addictive.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  3. The wigs are terrific - you look like Smurfs, though not blue!

  4. Love the picture of the pair of you in the wigs :)


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