26 Jan 2008


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I have been tagged by Deana and herewith do my duty !

1. I love travelling. I feel like Christopher Columbus discovering other countries and cities
I hate to be locked in my house and unable to go out because of the bad weather

2. I love sunshine and a blue sky, and warmth
I hate rainy days and cold, and even snow !

3. I love my car to go everywhere I want to
I hate hiking or walking for nothing, only when I can discover things

4. I love all animals which I can pet mice, rats and snakes included
I hate all insects

5. I love to go to expositions, in the theatre, watching musical shows etc.
I hate to go to fairs of any kind, except maybe antiques

6. I love to chat with everybody, the selection I do later
I hate silence

7. I love to swim in my fitness club where the water is warm
I hate to get water in my face or when somebody is splashing around. I have to admit I swim like an old grandma

8. I love to sit on the terrace of a café and watch people walking by
I hate to sit inside when the weather is nice

9. I love to read other blogs and learn every day
I hate people who only live in the past and refuse everything new

10. I love funny people who enjoy life
I hate people who complain about their health the whole day and have no other subject of conversation.

Please tag yourself, I am too lazy for it.

Yours truly,

Her Royal Highness Gattina the Lush of Happy Bottomshire

25 Jan 2008



Host of this meme is Kelly

When you come into my house the first thing you will see is this glass vitrine where some of the small cat items are shown. They are coming from different countries all over the world. My friends use to buy them when they go travelling or when they find a special cat somewhere.

These little chinese once are very special, they are of porcelain and are very old probably beginning 20th century. I got them from a neighbor whose nephew was working in China in 1919.

See the one on the toilet covered with the bandages ? My son bought it for me when I was sick !
The little cats out of glass came from Venice (Italy)


How many times per day do you usually laugh?

When I read this question I have to laugh, so if I read it all 5 min I would laugh 12 h divided by 5 min. Please do the calculation and you will know how many times I laugh per day. I mean at least this Friday.

What do your sunglasses look like?

On me ?? Very nice ! I look like a star wishing to be anonymous but hoping that everybody recognizes me.

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?

Without hesitation I take the Orient Express from Paris to Istambul in the hope that a murder will be commited just like in Agatha Christie's "Orient Express" but I don't want to be the victim of course.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

The Waterloo Lion ! He roars when real terrorists are coming ! Bush could need one he sees terrorists everywhere.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

It all depends if it is day or night. Please specify.

24 Jan 2008


This is Manneken Pis (Little Man Piss) ! New York has the Statue of Liberty, Copenhagen has the mermaid and Brussels has the ...... Manneken Pis. This little statue is very famous and visited by all tourists coming to Brussels, it is a must ! There are different versions why this little statue had been raised, I tell you the one I like most. A little boy peed on the Spanish invador and therefore he got a statue in his honnor. Manneken Pis owns over 780 costumes which had been offered to him by different countries or associations. You can see all his costumes in the Maison Royal at the Grand'Place in Brussels. Here I show you 13 costumes out of his collection.


Sorry "Scotsman"












22 Jan 2008


New CAT post here

MAKING A BAND (or rather a CD cover), the Band meme and Blogroll are here

Finding funny things on Internet for you will replace the compiled News for some time, as they are really boring for the moment, and crimes, wars and other tragedies are really not funny !

Did you ever hear about The Ig Nobel Prizes ? They are a parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each year around the time the real Nobel Prizes are announced.

I discovered the last once from 2007 :

- Aviation: Patricia V. Agostino, for discovering that hamsters recover from jetlag more quickly when given Viagra.

- Biology: Johanna van Bronswijk, for taking a census of all the mites and other life forms that live in people's bed

- Chemistry: Mayu Yamamoto for extracting vanilla flavour from cow dung.

- Economics: Kuo Cheng Hsieh, for patenting a device to catch bank robbers by ensnaring them in a net.

Linguistics: Juan Manuel Toro, for determining that rats sometimes can't distinguish between Japanese, played backward, and Dutch, played backward.

- Literature: Glenda Browne, for her study of the word "the".

- Medicine: Dan Meyer, for investigating the side-effects of swallowing swords.

- Nutrition: Brian Wansink, for investigating people's appetite for mindless eating by secretly feeding them a self-refilling bowl of soup.

- Peace: The Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, for suggesting the research and development of a "gay bomb," which would cause enemy troops to become sexually attracted to each other.

- Physics: L. Mahadevan for his theoretical study of how sheets become wrinkled.

So don't forget to give Viagra to your Hamster when you travel, pay attention to vanilla flavour it made come out of cow dung and if you have rats, pay attention to the language your are speaking. The poor things may not be able to understand you.

21 Jan 2008


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When I had already moved to my own flat because I was fat up to live with my parents at 24, there was sometimes a period when I had no boyfriend. That didn't bother me especially because I went out dancing with friends and life was fun.

But my best friend at this time was very worried about me ! I didn't lead a normal life for a girl of a good family and I had to get married ! She looked amongst her husband's friends to find an adequate partner for me and asked me if I would agree to a date. Of course she praised this apparantly exceptional male in all his glory and made me curious. I agreed and a date was fixed. We should meet in a little café near her home. I found that very funny, I had never had a blind date and thought about wearing a rose in my hand or a newspaper under my arm.

I arrived ponctual at my date and saw a tall young man who wear glasses and was almost bald, he only had a crown of hair around his head. That already disturbed me a a lot little . But he came over to me and finally I found him quite sympathic. We chatted a while and I immediately realized that he intended to consider me far more than a friend. But as I had time and finally nothing to loose I agreed to a second date.

And that was wrong ! From this time on he persecuted me with marriage proposals, called me all the time and when we walked and he saw a furniture shop he wanted to choose furniture with me for our future house ! He became a real sticker and soon I really had enough. The tip of the top then was when my caring neigbor, an old lady who had nothing to do the whole day then watching my love life, alerted my parents to tell them that I undertained a relationship with an elderly man ! Knowing me, my parents found that rather funny. They knew who the "elderly" man was, the poor guy was only 25 ! But of course looking at his bald crane from the second floor it could be confusing.

I also couldn't stand his cow eyes in love and told him that I only had friendship feelings for him and nothing else. It took him nearly a year until he finally gave up calling me once a week to ask if I was ready for him now . But in between I had dates with Mr. Gattino and other interests and I only wished I had never agreed to this blind date !


Vicky is the host of this week's FUN MONDAY. She wrote a little History Lesson about the Creation of FUN MONDAY a year ago. She askes us to show the view from our front doors.


When I open our front door I can look into my neighbor's kitchen. No burgler can come into my house when she is at her kitchen sink !

When I look to the right I see this. The door is 3 steps higher then the way which leads to the door.

and to the left I see this. The way to our garden. It is separated from the front way by a garden door.

I have got this nice award from Hootin Anni isn't that a nice award ? Thank you very much Anni !