11 Sept 2015


1. After the warm to hot summer weather which for once lasted more than a week I find it very hard to get used to cold rainy weather again. Autumn is on the doorsteps and I don't like it at all !

2. School has started again after 2 months, the streets are full again and the whole country seems to wake up ! I had my first aqua gym class and it was nice to see my classmates again.

They were all a bit rusty and had some difficulties to follow our "teacher". For me it was not difficult at all, as I continue my yoga exercises every morning.

3. Nicole since months was looking for a bathroom cabinet with two wash basins. I think she went to all stores and shops here around and as usual couldn't take any decision.  Finally I had enough hearing all the time that she couldn't find a cabinet and took her to Ikea. She was very reluctant, because  in her mind Ikea was a shop with cheap stuff and of not very good quality. When she saw the choice of bathroom furniture from simple to very elegant, she couldn't believe it. Finally we found a nice cabinet in white with dark grey doors. The poor sales girl was extremely kind and patient and explained and explained and even carried the double sink to show her how it would look like. I lost my patience and convinced Nicole to buy this one, which she finally did. Now she is very happy. We had a nice lunch at Ikea strolled a little around and then returned home. Outside it was raining so it was the perfect day for a visit to Ikea.

4. Then the sun came out again, it was too cold to sit on our terrace but Ilona's was perfect. I hadn't seen her for quite a while, so we had a lot to chat. Her grandson got married and she told me about the wedding. I thought we have exactly the same age, her grandson marries, and her great granddaughter has the same age as my grandson whose wedding, if he ever marries I certainly will not see anymore.

Grandson Toby with his Nonno (grandpa)

5. For the last day of the week summer weather showed up again and probably for the last time I could sit outside and do my blogging.

While I wrote my post I watched Oscar the lawn mower robot mowing the lawn, not as a human would do going up and down and cutting the grass in lines, no, Oscar seemed to run on wine, because he was zig zagging across the lawn but at the end the result was the same.

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10 Sept 2015


When I started Latin at school, I wondered why I should learn a language which nobody spoke anymore. To me it made no sense and my grades where accordingly. At that time it was very posh when a girl learned Latin that's why I had to learn it too. Besides the pope and some priests there was nobody I could chat with and these old guys were not very interesting for a young girl. At least I learned one sentence which I liked "Quo Vadis". Apparently it refers to Saint Peter who met Jesus while fleeing from Rome and asked him "Quo vadis ?" He probably didn't ask in Latin but more logically in Hebrew, but that was inacceptable for the Roman catholic church.

From the one year Latin lessons I suffered at school there is not much left. Still some vocabularies.

Later I learned about the Roman empire and I thought that today's languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc must be a dialect from Latin and especially the Italian one, because they were the old Romans.

I kept "Quo vadis" in my mind and occasionally I ask when somebody intends to go to the toilet "Quo vadis" ? Then of course people think that I am a very savant woman !


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9 Sept 2015


Nose cleaning

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8 Sept 2015

7 Sept 2015


This weekend we had the visit of our son and grandson. We hadn't seen Toby life since April, only on Skype and I was surprised that he had grown so much ! He is not yet 5 but has the size of a 7 - 8 years old boy. They arrived Friday late evening.

Next morning we had breakfast watched by cat Arthur who always hopes that something falls from the table !

Mr. G had bought a garage for Toby and the three generations were busy to assemble the whole thing. This took quite some time. After lunch they went visiting some friends and we watched TV a bit.

In the evening we went to a restaurant, which had delicious mussels, that was perfect for me the men had steaks and Toby as all children Spaghetti ! I had taken a drawing book and colored pencils with me, so the waiting time didn't seem too long.

I gave him one shell and he ate his spaghetti with the shell which of course was a lot of fun !

On Sunday morning it was cold and rainy, no way to play in our garden.  But there is the "Kid's factory" a covered playground nearby. So the three of us went there. But before we had to fill in his "Friend's book" !

Mum, Dad and friends had put their photo in there and had filled in a questionary. I found the one of my son, and he found long forgotten school friends in it.

In the Kid's factory, Toby had a lot of fun !

He had an ice cream and we a coffee while he was running and playing around.

In the afternoon the three generations watched Formular 1 and I answered comments ! Then it was time for them to return to Amsterdam, Toby has to go to bed early, tomorrow school starts again.

We rested for the rest of the day, and all cats showed up again,  Besides Arthur they are not so keen on visitors !

6 Sept 2015


Sometimes my nights are very agitated. Not like you might think, but according to my vintage age !

Yesterday night I woke up because I heard a loud snoring in my room ! I was a bit surprised, because Mr. G. doesn't snore anymore since he started to talk and fight with to me unknown people and that in all languages. Old cat Pookie too has started to curr like a pigeon in her dreams, it's a strange noise for a cat,  I wonder if she was dreaming to be amongst pigeons.

While trying to switch on the light,  I knocked over the water bottle on my bedside table. It wasn't closed properly so when the light went on, a big puddle was in front of my bed ! I jumped over it and checked on my two noise makers,  although talking and meowing they slept peacefully. I listened to the mumbling human, but unfortunately I couldn't understand a word.

After some investigations I found out that the snoring came from my closet. I opened it and saw cat Arthur deeply sleeping on my pajamas and snoring like a power saw ! Amazing what a loud noise came out of this compared to a human' size  rather small cat ! He didn't even wake up ! I had to touch him then he stopped, opened one eye and continued to sleep. This time without snoring.

Then I went to the kitchen to take a cleaning rag to wipe up the water in my room. Unfortunately one of my cats had barfed on the tiles and of course I had to step in it ! Some unladylike words escaped from my mouth and I hobbled into the bathroom to wash my feet. Finally I returned to bed, sighed and tried to fall asleep again which I apparently did, because when I woke up again, it was morning.  

That's exactly how Arthur snored !