11 Sept 2015


1. After the warm to hot summer weather which for once lasted more than a week I find it very hard to get used to cold rainy weather again. Autumn is on the doorsteps and I don't like it at all !

2. School has started again after 2 months, the streets are full again and the whole country seems to wake up ! I had my first aqua gym class and it was nice to see my classmates again.

They were all a bit rusty and had some difficulties to follow our "teacher". For me it was not difficult at all, as I continue my yoga exercises every morning.

3. Nicole since months was looking for a bathroom cabinet with two wash basins. I think she went to all stores and shops here around and as usual couldn't take any decision.  Finally I had enough hearing all the time that she couldn't find a cabinet and took her to Ikea. She was very reluctant, because  in her mind Ikea was a shop with cheap stuff and of not very good quality. When she saw the choice of bathroom furniture from simple to very elegant, she couldn't believe it. Finally we found a nice cabinet in white with dark grey doors. The poor sales girl was extremely kind and patient and explained and explained and even carried the double sink to show her how it would look like. I lost my patience and convinced Nicole to buy this one, which she finally did. Now she is very happy. We had a nice lunch at Ikea strolled a little around and then returned home. Outside it was raining so it was the perfect day for a visit to Ikea.

4. Then the sun came out again, it was too cold to sit on our terrace but Ilona's was perfect. I hadn't seen her for quite a while, so we had a lot to chat. Her grandson got married and she told me about the wedding. I thought we have exactly the same age, her grandson marries, and her great granddaughter has the same age as my grandson whose wedding, if he ever marries I certainly will not see anymore.

Grandson Toby with his Nonno (grandpa)

5. For the last day of the week summer weather showed up again and probably for the last time I could sit outside and do my blogging.

While I wrote my post I watched Oscar the lawn mower robot mowing the lawn, not as a human would do going up and down and cutting the grass in lines, no, Oscar seemed to run on wine, because he was zig zagging across the lawn but at the end the result was the same.

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  1. Ah, Swedish meatballs in the Ikea cafe.

  2. I enjoyed reading your FFF. I'm over here in Croatia and it's pretty chilly and rainy. I don't have a cute little robot lawn mower so at least the cool weather means not many more days of mowing the lawn.
    I also made it to Ikea with week. They have such nice stuff and very reasonably priced for Europe.
    Anyhow, enjoyed your FFF.

  3. I love looking around Ikea but never seem to buy anything, I think I only go for the Swedish meatballs. Wish I had an "Oscar" it must be a lot easier than my new lawn mower I tried to use today

  4. Oscar is so cute! and very handy. Ikea is a great place to spend a rainy day. Nice that your shopping trip was successful.

  5. I have heard wonderful things about Ikea but the closest one to us is three hours away. I hope we get one here some day soon.

    We have both sunny, hot days, and cool, rainy ones this week. I don't mind a gentle rain - not fond of thunderstorms, though.

  6. Great list of faves!! I have NEVER seen a robot lawn mower...i think we need one of those here in New York! It is still summer like here although the days are getting shorter....and I am back to work in the classroom and my youngest is back to school at the high school....grade 11. Time is flying by.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Our leaves are just starting to turn color. We had a VERY hot summer and everyone is guess how much snow we will be getting.
    I just want a white "yule" and the rest of it can stay up in the mountains.

    Coffee is on

  8. You have a good life. I have friends with adult grand children too while mine are just out of nappies/diapers. Nice shot of Toby and nonno

  9. I am glad you explained about the lawn as I thought, "That is a weird pattern." But then when you explained about Oscar - that is a wonderful way to cut the grass I didn't even know that there are robotic lawnmowers.

    Good for you for staying in share over the summer with yoga. I have a tape and keep meaning to exercise along, but haven't yet.

    Sorry that you've been so cold. It sounds good to me as we are still having HOT weather (in the low 100's). I guess we are fickle people and never happy with whatever weather we have.

  10. I haven't been in Ikea in years. The closest one is about 2 1/2 hours away and it is so huge it's overwhelming! But I've they do have nice cabinetry there.

    It's been quite the typical fall weather here. Really cold and rainy last weekend. And super hot and sunny this weekend. One doesn't know how to dress because the warm clothes from the morning are making me melt by afternoon and then I get chilly again in the evening.

  11. I wish they would open an Ikea here. We certainly need one as furniture is very expensive.

  12. Silly Oscar. Doesn't he know lawns should be mowed straight? :) Our friends have a robot floor cleaner. No straight line for Puck either. But he is amusing to watch.
    I love that you have so many options for exercise.


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