2 Oct 2020


The weekly Scrabble on Monday was very much reduced, from our club of five,  two were sick, but not as it should with the Coronavirus, but with an ordinary cold and kidney aches.

So Nicole and I went alone to our friend who lives near Brussels in Nivelles, which is not far from Waterloo. We played at three, I lost once again and Sheena Chantal's dog was watching us ! 

She was not so interested in the Scrabble but in the cake which followed ! The beautiful summer weather we had last week was definitively gone and everybody had to turn on the heating ! It was really cold. 

It was quite a long time I hadn't done any shopping, Mr. G. likes to do that, but this time I had to buy things he always forgets like Orange juice or fruits and some other stuff. As there had been a few more Corona infected people, they had started again with the old rules, which means, everybody has to take a caddie, even if he only buys an apple, to keep distance, wearing the mask of course and desinfect your hands, follow the lines and arrows and pay with the card and no cash anymore. Then I heard that not all shops are following the rules besides the distance and the mask and where I was it was an exception. 

I think in winter we will look all the same with bonnets and masks and some people wearing glasses and you won't recognize your own husband anymore !

During our move Mr. G had found a long forgotten coat which our son had brought him from Australia so that he could look like Crocodile Dundee.  I had told him that if he wears that when I am with him,  I will walk a few steps (keeping sanitary distance) behind him and pretend that I don't know him ! It was maybe nice when he was in his 50 but now .... I took these pictures when I picked him up from his Whist club and strangely since that day the coat had disappeared again probably somebody had told him that carnival is not yet there.

After my shopping experience where I forgot the most important thing, poo bags for Rosie, I was disgusted and decided to buy now everything on Internet ! It went so smooth with the tensiometer and yesterday arrived the chest I had ordered for our Balcony to put the cushion and all "garden" stuff in there. Mr. G. and I tried to put it together, but we didn't manage and finally gave up. 

This is not my coffin, but the chest, which my cleaning lady had assembled without any problem ! I was really thankful, because it's nice that the things arrive in small boxes, but if you have to assemble them it's another story. Now I wait until everything is dry and then we can put the chest in this corner where now the cat with the flowers sits.

The chest is lika a bench and inside very spacious. Now I am thinking if I shouldn't buy a second one to keep my paintings.

I ended the week with a treat for myself, I went to a young woman who had just opened an anti-stress massage salon, with reasonable prices and as I needed something against stress, I booked an hour with her. She was very, very good and I felt a lot better when I came out.

It had rained cats and dogs and I just made it home and was not too wet ! Rosie was happy she loves rainwater to drink went on the balcony and had her drink ! 

As she washed behind her ears we can be sure that it will continue to rain for some days or weeks, Rosie is better then all weathermen ! 

This promises a boring weekend with nothing going on,  the few entertainments they had programmed (outside of course) will certainly be cancelled not due to the virus but the rain ! What a year !  

Last year at the same time there was a big pumpkin market with shows and music and this year ...... masks, umbrellas and empty spaces even in the city center !

The Corona show



30 Sept 2020


When my world was still normal, during summer and october we had a lot of events going on in my town. This year thanks to the Coronavirus, everything had been cancelled ! And this was the yearly Falcon show, which took place in the park of the retirement home, but all these homes private or not are closed to visitors, only one family member is allowed to go, and it is easier to visit somebody in a prison then in a retirement home !



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29 Sept 2020


The Sahara is extended over several countries, Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia. It covers 9 million square kilometres (3,500,000 sq mi), amounting to 31% of Africa. 

I have been visiting the Sahara in Tunesia, Egypt, and Morocco. Each hotel where I stayed offered sunset rides on a camel to the Sahara. Here are some pictures of the part in Morocco

We first drove in these jeeps to the point where we met our guides with the camels

One Berber teached us how to put the scarf around our head in a special way so that we were protected against the wind  and the sand  before we climbed on the camel !

In front of their straw houses two little Berber children

The way the families live, all in one huge tent together with the animals. The Berbers are all dressed in blue djeballas with the blue scarfs which sometimes covered the face until the eyes. I once experienced a sandstorm in the Sahara and we had to protect ourselves from the sand in a Berber tent. We had to pull the scarf over our noses to our eyes, the sand stitched like a thousand needles.

The Berbers were very friendly and invited us for a cup of tea

The goats stayed with us near the tend

Although there is nothing but sand and hills covered with sand there are beautiful shades of different colors

Here we are resting with our camels and wait until the sun goes down

I have no idea why I wore a red scarf

and while we were waiting for  the sun to set behind the hills,  there was no sound around us, it was so peaceful, you could hear the Sahara whisper in your ears. A wonderful experience !



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28 Sept 2020


In which flower pot should I pee ???


It takes her hours to buy a dress !

And the copyright ???




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I wonder when finally this Coronavirus circus will be over !  It doesn't look like, because after having announced that wearing masks outside is not necessary anymore, only inside or if there are groups of more than 10 people or so, it has changed again ! I must admit that it is not easy to follow the rules because they change all the time and you have to be a genius like Einstein to understand !   

As usual there was nothing, but really nothing going on ! Everything had been cancelled again ! Yes I could go to the cinema but see what ?? old movies from 2013 ! I can watch that for nothing at home on TV ! The streets are empty although it's a shopping day, but it had rained so much that you almost need flippers to walk and we also had had a storm during night and branches were laying on the street ! I had to put earplugs in my ears, because the wind made such a noise ! The only activity I made this Saturday was some shopping for cleaning,shower and shampoo products. I had lost all my socks and stockings during the move, lost maybe is not the right expression I had given them away with a bag of clothes !! Therefore I bought new once, socks, stockings etc because the temperature had dropped drastically and we had to put the heating on for the first time !!

From 30° a few days ago we had just 15 in the afternoon, during the night it had been very cold !

Rosie had to change her habits and stayed only for a little walk on the balcony then she decided  to better go inside and continue her naps.

Sunday was a bit better because our little group had decided that each time the weather is bad and Corona has cancelled the activities we wanted to do, to get together for a chat instead of staying home alone and get bored and depressed !

Nicole feels well for the moment, she is home and has no treatment for her brain tumor for a month. She is full of energy and had invited us all, and her cousin, who had been a baker had prepared delicious "Merveilleux" for us !

And here we are all sitting together and enjoyed the marvelous "Merveillleux" ! 

We are all feeling tired and without energy, this ubnormal life where even shopping becomes a burden, and nobody had bought a cloths since March, gets everybody on the nerves !