20 Apr 2019


When I was around 15, we talked at school about the creation of the world. I found this story very interesting, it sounded rather like a fairy tale. Therefore I started to read the Bible like a book, but only the first part when it was really interesting ! Not the holy part written by all kind of now Saints and everybody added something or translated it wrong.

According to the Bible’s creation account, after making the heavens and the earth, out of what ?  A certain God who lived I don't know where was bored and created humankind. He must have been a very good sculptor because the Adam and Eve story in Genesis 2 states that God formed Adam out of the dust of the ground, and then Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs. Sculpturing with dust of the ground a body with ribs was certainly not so easy and that's why malicious tongues say that Adam was only a draft, but Eve made out of one of his ribs, was his masterpiece.  It's not certain which rib it was but in my opinion it is right ! Adam was a draft ! There is one question, why did he create Adam with a special outside accessory and Eve without ?? To make the difference more visible ?

There are other things too, Adams have a beard, Eves not at least normally. Adams usually have no bosom, although there are exceptions, while Eves have bosoms in all sizes.

My logic asked me who modelled for God ? If there has never been a male human around ? The woman was easier to make he only had to add a few things. It probably will remain a secret forever.

The whole story was a little strange, when the thing with the apple happened. I eat 4 apples per day, and will probably never get into paradise.

And all this because of a snake ! Snakes have no ribs so how were they created ? Later somebody changed the snake into the devil and now we also have a devil.

We women can be proud that we were created from a rib (not a sparerib) but a real male rib and not from dust ! Men should have a  hole in a rib as honorific sign of the first and last man who gave birth without pain out of his torso and not like we poor women out of the lower body, where no ribs are !

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19 Apr 2019


Weeks are flying by ! When it's Monday it's suddenly Friday ! And I am not the only one who has this impression !

Mr. G is still in his rehabilitation center, but can't do very much as he is too weak and has first to put on weight. He also got two blood transfusions to make him stronger. The surgeon is satisfied with the operation and the hip replacement. Mr. G. is not satisfied because it doesn't go quick enough ! He is very impatient.

I try to distract myself as much as I can otherwise I would get crazy between laundry, driving 40 km, the paperwork (that's the worst) for the insurance and the bills which hail on me instead of the health insurance !

Now we start the week with Scrabble but chatted that much, that we stopped the game earlier !  and... as usual I lost.

We are still friends with a couple since ages, I worked together with the husband he is Indian and she is French. But it was a long time we hadn't seen each other and decided to have lunch together.

It was delicious ! I had the goat cheese and my friend the seafood salad !

Then came the birthday of my dear friend Nicole ! 80 years old now. She is the first one in our group, the next will probably be Ilona and I. But being 80 and looking like Nicole and being in such a good health is encouraging !

Here she is she had prepared everything herself !

Somebody had brought two balloons which should be hung on the wall, but none of us managed to blow up the thing and it ended up in a corner. But we had a lot of fun with that !

There was a delicious birthday cake and 4 others, we couldn't eat it all ! Fortunately after us came Nicole's children and grandchildren and she celebrated a second time. The grandchildren (or rather adults) took care of the remaining cake !

and Isis her little cat kept us company, she loves to be with people and went from one to the other !
Such a cute cat. At one moment we couldn't find her anymore, she slept between the two Teddy bears !

At the end of the week summer arrived, it was warm and so nice that we thought we should go to the Bois de Halle-Hallerbos also called the "blue forest" with carpets of bluebells between the trees.

Usually the blooming of the blue bells starts mid April, but there were far less this year we probably were too early. It is a beautiful forest for walks.

After having seen enough blue bells we were tired and thirsty and looked for a cafe or  restaurant to have a drink.

We ended up in the Golf club of the 7 fountains, where I had been the last time when I was 21 !!
At that time the castle was owned by a Belgian Duke who had married an English Duchess, they had 7 children and the last one was my boyfriend for a little more then a year. I recognized the castle's outside immediately, but the inside had completely changed. The Duchess had sold the castle to a company who had made a Golf Club out of it. The swimming pool had disappeared and the wood at the back of the castle too, the old kitchen was now a modern meeting room, and the wonderful old chimney had been modernized to an awful grey thing.

We sat on the terrace in the sunshine and I narrated my romance with the young Duke, while we watched mostly vintage men swinging their golf clubs. It was an excursion into the past for me and  I enjoyed it very much. Happy with our day, we returned home.

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17 Apr 2019


Grandson Toby

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How to eat Spaghetti ?

The first time Mr. G took me to Italy to present me to his family, I saw how people even kids manipulated with elegance a fork and winded up the Spaghetti. I had always seen people cutting them and eating with the fork or even with a spoon.

In Italy Spaghetti are served with a fork and a spoon in restaurants (for tourists) Italians eat Spaghetti with nothing more than a single fork. 

Catch a few strands of spaghetti in your fork. Point your fork into the side of your plate.
Turn the fork to "wind up" the spaghetti, lift the bundle into your mouth. Tourists turn them on the spoon.

It was always very funny to see tourists eating Spaghetti ! Some lifted their plate up to the mouth and shuffled and sucked the Spaghetti into their mouth.

One day we were in a very beautiful restaurant, right at the Garda Lake. It was full and the couple besides us ordered Spaghetti. When they arrived the man tried to wind them up and looked around how the others did. Whatever he tried he didn't make it, they always fell back into the plate.

Suddenly he put his hand  in the pocket of his trousers, looked carefully around as if he wanted to hide something and suddenly I saw a pair of scissors in his hand, quickly pulled out a bundle of Spaghetti, cut them into small pieces, looked around again and put the scissors back.

We laughed our heads off especially because the guy looked very posh and behaved badly with the waiter. The waiter had seen this manipulation too and smiled at us and blinked with an eye !

 Before pretending to be a VIP better learn the way of eating in a foreign country !

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16 Apr 2019


Coming back from visiting Mr. G in hospital, we were looking for a typical café in a little village and as we drove through Lasne near Waterloo we saw from far what we were looking for.

Lasne is a French-speaking municipality of Belgium located in the Walloon Region in the province of Walloon Brabant. It has about 14,000 inhabitants on an area of ​​4,700 hectares. It takes its name from the Lasne River and the valley.

The town and its neighborhood were the scene of the Battle of Waterloo, which saw the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte against his Prussian and British enemies.

In 2012 the municipality of Lasne was the eighth richest commune in Belgium ! And that we could see. Most of the farms were now very elegant villas, horses standing outside in the fields and big cars in front of the houses.

The countryside is really very beautiful and so close to Brussels ! Ideal for people who love the country and work in the city.

The church of Lasne

and the city hall

Inside the café "La Tartine" which means "A slice of bread" old photos from Lasne were hanging on the wall. I put the old and the new once side by side.

Apparently there had been a beach there too, but I couldn't find it, has probably been filled in with soil

And here was "La Tartine"

The room was old and looked as if the time had stood still. The open fire gave a nice heat.

The two owners were very funny and faked that they didn't want their picture taken !

There were many autographs hanging on the wall and in one menu card Belgians famous cartoonist Philip Geluck

His cat drawings and stories were translated into several languages and he is one of the best cartoonists in Europe.

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15 Apr 2019


Taking blood pressure

too high !



Apparently I have a little burn out and have to take some meds. So I take it easy to recover anyway the worst is behind me. I went to the drugstore to buy my medication and thought poor people are not allowed to be ill, for 4 different things I had to pay 70 € (79 $)  ! Included was the anti flee pipette for my cats 20 € !! I don't know why medication has increased that much ? Next time I will buy the flee thing on Internet it is cheaper !

Some kind person has broken the rear view mirror, but only the mirror ! To replace a simple mirror they asked a fortune, so my practical friends told me to have cut a piece of mirror and glue it on the broken one ! We will see how it works. The afternoon I spent with Myriam and she showed me her last painting and also the basement she is busy to paint in yellow. Looks very nice.

On Sunday we decided to have lunch together and then visit Mr. G. in hospital. It was really cold. Initially we wanted to visit the near by University town, but it was too cold to walk around.

You really need a GPS to find the rooms as the numbers are not following or they are but nobody understands. With my orientation problems it was normal that I strayed around, but not Myriam ! After 15 minutes we finally found the right room nr. 204 besides 211 (???)

We stayed for one hour then he was tired and we returned home. As it was so cold I thought I will take all little streets leading through the countryside with it's cute little villages. Mrs. GPS for once fulfilled my wishes

We even found a nice café to have a drink and learned later that it was THE café for artists, that's why I saw so many autographs hanging on the wall. We decided to return, because it was real nice and the people all so funny !

Arriving in Waterloo it started to snow !! not a lot but a bit !

When I came home, Rosie ironed Mr. G's jogging trousers and after a little supper we all went to bed, which means cats Arthur, Rosie and myself !