6 Aug 2016


After having missed my train on Thursday because I had mixed up the arrival time with the departure time, I had to take the next day, Friday, and unfortunately missed Mary who was away this day.

So as I only had half a day before I took the train to Eastbourne, I took the opportunity to visit Buckingham Palace where a special exhibition of the Queen's dresses took place.

From the Eurostar terminal St. Pancras I took a bus to Victoria Station to leave my luggage there, before continuing my journey to Eastbourne. I love to take the Bus it's kind of sightseeing for me, in the tube I see nothing, just like a mole. And I am not in a hurry !

I stated that each year I come to London things have changed and more and more glass boxes are built ! Much to my sorrow !

After having dropped my luggage I tried to find my way through the construction side to the Buckingham palace. Rather difficult !!

As I had booked my entrance ticket at home and printed out, I had no difficulties at all to get into the exhibition. It was very well organised. I had lunch at Buckingham palace (how does that sound) although the Queen missed me !

Until it was time to get back to the station, I sat in the Buckingham park on different benches and enjoyed this beautiful place !

The train arrived in time and Doug picked me up. We had a lot to chat of course. That was my first day ! Tomorrow I am off for my tour to Scotland !

4 Aug 2016


When you read this I am sitting in the Eurostar on my way to London where I will meet with Marie before I continue my way to Eastbourne, as I do each year.

I leave at 9 am and arrive shortly after 9 am,  there is an hour difference between London and Brussels.

Victoria station

and at 5 pm I arrive in Eastbourne !

I'll post from there.

2 Aug 2016


My camera case


Each weekend during spring and summer, Napoleon's soldiers perform a shooting show at the Lion's mount, which should attract tourists and indeed it does.

This time there were mostly English tourists sitting on the terrace of the restaurant and watching the show.

The soldiers gathered and

prepared their guns

ready to shoot

A terrible noise let people jump from their chairs or drop things,  fortunately there was no dog around, I thought I would be deaf, my ears were ringing !

The smoke had covered the soldiers and only slowly disappeared.

It stank terribly ! Fortunately not for too long.

Then they had finished and gathered for a chat, before the next performance one hour later

But meanwhile this maid brought them beer in her basket.

It had been nice to watch, but the real battle must have been terrible !

more participants here

1 Aug 2016


On Saturday afternoon, I did some errands for my forthcoming trip to the UK, there were many people in the town, which surprised me, but then I understood, it was the end of the month and the people had got their salaries ! That's always the same at the beginning of the month the shops are full and at the end rather empty !

After that I went to the Lion where now each weekend a show is going on. This time there were more soldiers and they did it far better too ! The noise of the guns were terrible, and the smell too, I thought those who had survived the bloody battle must have been all deaf !

There were mostly English people sitting on the terrace and a lady besides me jumped up with the gun shots and throw her plate on the floor. Of course we had all to laugh.

Sunday I spent the whole afternoon with Nicole on her terrace. A lazy Sunday !