1 Aug 2016


On Saturday afternoon, I did some errands for my forthcoming trip to the UK, there were many people in the town, which surprised me, but then I understood, it was the end of the month and the people had got their salaries ! That's always the same at the beginning of the month the shops are full and at the end rather empty !

After that I went to the Lion where now each weekend a show is going on. This time there were more soldiers and they did it far better too ! The noise of the guns were terrible, and the smell too, I thought those who had survived the bloody battle must have been all deaf !

There were mostly English people sitting on the terrace and a lady besides me jumped up with the gun shots and throw her plate on the floor. Of course we had all to laugh.

Sunday I spent the whole afternoon with Nicole on her terrace. A lazy Sunday !


Andrew said...

While when I first started work, we were paid weekly. It then went to fortnightly and that is how most Australians are now paid. It does even out the shopping out.

Terra Hangen said...

That would be fun to see the battles; that poor lady who jumped up was taken by surprise.

mamasmercantile said...

What a shock for the poor lady, sounds like a great event.

Gracie said...

It's the same here, malls are really crowded about the 10 of each month because at that time almost everyone gets the wage..