4 Aug 2016


When you read this I am sitting in the Eurostar on my way to London where I will meet with Marie before I continue my way to Eastbourne, as I do each year.

I leave at 9 am and arrive shortly after 9 am,  there is an hour difference between London and Brussels.

Victoria station

and at 5 pm I arrive in Eastbourne !

I'll post from there.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - good luck with the travel ... hope it all goes smoothly - then welcome to Eastbourne - grey and cloudy so far! Meant to get considerably better later on and tomorrow should be lovely. Cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Pass on our love to Marie. Your holiday sounds just great. Enjoy yourself.

Loree said...

How nice, I wish I was in England again. Enjoy it.

Barbara H. said...

Have fun!

diane b said...

It would be fun to meet Marie. I just missed her when she visited Sydney.