2 Aug 2016


Each weekend during spring and summer, Napoleon's soldiers perform a shooting show at the Lion's mount, which should attract tourists and indeed it does.

This time there were mostly English tourists sitting on the terrace of the restaurant and watching the show.

The soldiers gathered and

prepared their guns

ready to shoot

A terrible noise let people jump from their chairs or drop things,  fortunately there was no dog around, I thought I would be deaf, my ears were ringing !

The smoke had covered the soldiers and only slowly disappeared.

It stank terribly ! Fortunately not for too long.

Then they had finished and gathered for a chat, before the next performance one hour later

But meanwhile this maid brought them beer in her basket.

It had been nice to watch, but the real battle must have been terrible !

more participants here


diane b said...

It is a good way to bring history alive

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - couldn't agree more - it must have been terrible to live in those days and going to war even worse ... sounds like a good show to see though - cheers Hilary

Lady Fi said...

Thank goodness we live in modern times! Nice pics.

Lea said...

Colorful costumes, but I imagine the noise is terrible.
Hope you are having a great week!

Photo Cache said...

That is very nice. I would love to see that while dining.

Worth a Thousand Words

Fun60 said...

You never think about the sound of the guns. That deafening noise was probably a minor aspect of the war and its horrors.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I don't even like fireworks any more. Getting old. I admit it.