3 Feb 2024


It's still grey and not very mood lifting ! In the morning I did my blogging and in the afternoon we celebrated the birthdays of all who are born in January. This time they had hired a singer who imitated all famous French singers like Charles Aznavour, and Adamo, the others are probably not known except maybe in the French speaking part of Canada. 

Of course we had coffee and cake and some danced, the nicest couple was a lady of maybe 1.65 and the black nurse of 1.90 m

They had a lot of  success.

It was time for the hairdresser and between two showers I went and usually you get the latest news there. For the moment the farmers are on strike for once in all European countries, which causes a mess on the streets, highways and even airplanes, because the people can't arrive on time. 

My poor hairdresser a young woman took 4 hours to arrive at work, usually not even 1/2 an hour. Everywhere these enormous tractors drove in snail speed and nobody except a bike could overtake them.

I agree with them, but they should drive into the parliament or the politicians private houses and block them and not us the poor people, we always have to pay the bill. The politicians take a helicopter  and off they go .... to the beach (?) Anyway they have to eat too, and now everywhere the shops and supermarkets have big holes in their shelves, because they don't get their goods. I saw it when I wanted to buy hooks to hang up my paintings !

Here I see nothing but cat Rosie's TV

Wednesday we did a game you had to draw something and the others had to find out what it was. That was hilarious, because we all did "modern" art, and sometimes it was difficult to find out what it was.

After coffee and cake and chatting I returned, I prefer to take my meals in my room.

In France and Belgium it's the use to celebrate Epiphany which is a catholic holiday. Very thin pancakes (crepes) are made in families, schools and even offices. 

you put whatever you want on them, sugar, jelly, honey, Nutella and make a roll. I like them with brown sugar. As we were too many, Amandine reduced them to pancakes, which of course you couldn't roll up.

A pancake device made 7 at once which were quickly gone. For once my 100 year old friend complained, the "crepes" were too small and too thick  ! That her mother did them differently. We all laughed and believed her.

And so the week went buy, I had to go to the health insurance to drop a paper in the mailbox, and of course I had forgotten it at home. As I was a little worried to meet all the tractors, they had crossed Waterloo too on their way to Brussels, I returned home. 

I also had sorted out the thick pullovers and only kept two cardigans because it's so warm here that I would cook. Fortunately I can order what  I need on Internet so I don't need to carry the stuff.

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31 Jan 2024


 1. January 29th is National Puzzle Day. Do you enjoy puzzles? What kind (crossword, jigsaw, sudoku, etc)?  How often do you work a puzzle? 

I don't like  any of the above mentioned games. I never made crosswords, jigsaw (I don't even know) and Sudoku, I only saw people playing. But my grandson was a fan of puzzles and at 5 he made whole landscapes or complicated designs which were for 18 year olds ! He is the opposite of me, I have not enough patience, however I like to play Scrabble and learned now Bingo !

2. Something you currently find 'puzzling'? 

Yes, since I discovered the family church in the castle I want to discover other treasures or maybe a ghost in the attic or the basement ! 

3. What's your go-to dish to take to someone who needs a meal (new baby, bereavement, etc)? 

I would bring Belgian wafels, that's what everybody likes. On the street I would buy a Hamburger with fries, or hot wafels ! 

4. Do you watch any HGTV and/or The Food Network? If so, what's your favorite program there? 

Of course we don't have HGTV here, but what I like to watch is "Escape to the country" or "House under the hammer" I love to decorate and with these houses there is a lot of possibilities ! Both are on UK channels.

5.  Wrap up your January in five words, with a five word phrase, or with a five word sentence. 

 Put pullovers on and off

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Now that I am really feeling at home here, I often sit at the window and look over the park and imagine how it will look when spring starts. It is so peaceful. Coming home now is a pleasure, I love my flat the way I decorated it, and the compliments I get ! I have another name now too, "Madame Rosie", cat Rosie is the darling of the castle ! Sometimes people pop in just to see her ! (not me !) 

 If I want company I just have to go out of my room there is always sitting some people in corners or in the library, and when I want to be alone, I just go into my cozy room.




 A horse trip around Antwerp

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28 Jan 2024



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The Monday morning passed so quickly, that I got the impression that I just had breakfast and now again lunch. The Breakfast for me and especially for British and American people is awful ! 2 or 3 slices of bread, butter, 3 different kinds of jelly and then coffee or tea. Besides the coffee I had never liked or eaten breakfast, but since 3 years I do, I eat a Muesli with grapes or mandarines.   

In the afternoon I went to my friend Laura for a coffee and at the same time she wanted to check with me all the errors my landlord or his expert had done in their estimate of the repairs that I should pay. And while we compared each point, we stated that he had counted twice the cleaning of the apartment, twice the bathroom, as if the bathroom is not part of the apartment and a lot of others things. He even sent me an invoice for redoing the parquet for a room and when I looked closer it was for another person !! He really thinks that I have lost my mind and I will pay all his invoices. 

Now I have to write a nice letter and then I will see what he says. The answers which I good from Facebook I have written crossing out the names so that only the text remains. He probably will get a heart attack because he was treated with wonderful names, and  he wants so much to be a gentleman !

On Sunday it was beautiful 15°C and sunshine ! I saw a few people sitting in the park. I started to write the letter, but then I thought the weather is too nice, so I went to Nicole, it was a while I hadn't been there because  of rain, snow and cold. I didn't stay long because she apparently was not too well, she laid on her bed and answered my questions, laughed about the stories I told her, and then suddenly I realized that she had fallen asleep. So I took my coat and left. It makes me so sad that she suffers now for so long not so much physically, but mentally, now it would be time that she should fall asleep for ever.

To not make holes in the wall I had glued my paintings on the wall, and during night I heard a first "boom" then a second and then I switched on the light to see what it was, all my paintings one after the other had fallen from the wall. Poor Rosie had left my bed in a hurry and went under the bed ! 

And so another weekend went by, next week I hope I will get my new feathers (clothes) my clothes are all far to warm for here. Anyway I had to get rid of them some were 20 years old, which I noticed when I looked at old photos still with the same pullover !