18 Jan 2020


Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “movie title.” Take the title of the last movie you watched (just the title, not the premise of the movie), and base your post on that title. Have fun!

The title of the last movie I saw in a cinema was "Joyeuse Retraite" which means "HAPPY RETIREMENT"

When I hear women talking about retirement of their husbands I noticed that the retirement is not so happy at all ! The most difficult thing is that she has to get used to have him in her feet the whole day around and he if he has no special hobby is turning around like a tiger in its cage.

To keep himself busy he suddenly is very interested in how a broom is used, where to start with the vacuum cleaner or how to peel the potatoes ! Not that he wants to take over these chores ! Far from there, but as he thinks he is a household specialist he as to give instructions of how to use these utensils or work efficiently. As in his head everything is theoretical and in her head practical, this brings troubles and quarrels. Suddenly he is surprised that the floor becomes dirty when you come in with dirty shoes and that the bed has to be made every day if you don't want to sleep in an unmade bed. For him of course it was made every night when he went to bed. 

It takes some time until both parts come to an agreement. Some man think it is totally normal that he enjoys retirement life, while she also retired, has suddenly more work to do if he sits the whole day and watches TV and waits for meals.

Some men want to help but are not allowed, because she of course does everything better. Others think that cleaning and working in the household is not a work for men.

Apparently it takes more or less 3 years until the couple, often married since 40 years or more find a compromise to live in peace together or they just divorce, that happens too !

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17 Jan 2020


I think each year it is the same, after all the festivities, celebrations and events in December, January is rather boring, if only the weather would be normal, I mean cold, and sunny and not still  warm temperatures and tons of rain. Plants start to bloom and to my great grief the weeds start to grow in the red gravel ! It has been the warmest month since there are weather stations.

Most of people are feeling not well, mentally or physically, lots are sick. I had sometimes asthma attacks but rather seldom and not worthwhile to mention but since more then a month I really have them more and more often and cannot do physical work or long walks and certainly not quick, I have to walk like a snail, only that a snail doesn't walk.

Fortunately the week started with our Scrabble group and as usual it was fun and as we all were a bit morose it really lifted our mood. Laughter is the best medication !

The game lasted until 5 pm so we just had some cookies and coffee and as usual cat Arthur was so happy to have company that he sat between Nicole and Myriam.

Unfortunately the next day I had an asthma attack, I don't know why and it was difficult for me to breath. I couldn't do any physical work and have absolutely to find a cleaning help at least for the tiles and parquet. My cleaning lady is in Ireland helping her daughter who expects a baby in the next days. She will stay 5 weeks ! Good for her, bad for me.

I found a good occupation where I didn't have to move, I photographed old pictures from the 80 from the dog Bianca and the cats Mitzi and Max we had in the 80th.

Except the dog who became 8 years old the cats made it all to 20 or nearly 20. The rapid was not ours, it was the rapid of the school and my son had asked me if he could keep it during the school holidays. Which of course we did with pleasure. I was an only child and never allowed to have an animal, so I started with one cat when I lived alone, then we got a second and the dog and at one moment we had the dog, 4 cats, 1 guinea pig and the school rapid. Nice was that they all went very well together and even played together.

On Wednesday Mr. G and I went to the hairdresser, we have the same in the Carrefour store and after that we had lunch which was nothing special but good.

Then we had to go to the social services to ask for a nursing aid for Mr. G to help him in and out the bath. We were lucky we got one from Monday on. I think because they know us quite well, because Mr. G. taught people how to work on a computer there and me from the painting course. Now he doesn't need a nurse anymore, his hip has healed perfectly, but the bathtub is too dangerous for him (and me) to get in and out safely.

Arthur now likes to jump behind the Television since we have the new furniture, or he helps Mr. G. to read a notice for a weather station !

My asthma wasn't better the next day so I only went to our painting class to take photos and forgot to take them, then we went for lunch because at 2 pm we had a theatre play.

It turned out that it was two ridiculous guys who mimed different situations for which we four were too stupid to understand. On stage, the duo laughs at ordinary situations: shooting a Penalty, sawing a tree, catching a fly, picking up a phone… All without a word, but body expressions ! Nicole after not even 10 min fell asleep, Myriam was bored and tried to sleep, I started a Scrabble on my smartphone but the lady behind me was disturbed by the light, so when a few laughed I decided to try out if I can still whistle, I tried it 3 times without success but then it worked and a loud whistle woke up the seniors !

That made my 3 girls laugh so much that we left the theatre one hour before the end. We would have died of boredom. We were not the only once as the lady at the exit told us.

This was really the very first time in 10 years that the play organized by the city for the seniors was such a flop !

It was so boring and ridiculous, not even a two year old would have laughed.

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16 Jan 2020


I was visiting my son in Amsterdam when he still lived in a little flat in a row house. The houses looked all the same and I felt sorry for the mailman to find the right address !

During my stay he had another guest, a very friendly to me unknown mixed dog breed which belonged to one of his colleagues who was away for a few days. I am more used to cats who go in and out as they want, but a dog in a flat has to be walked outside to do his business.

As I was the first up,  I thought I can walk the dog and let the others sleep. Which I did. Sam immediately took me to a place which was used also by other dogs as toilet, which was very generous of him, because otherwise I had to pick up what he had to do and put it in a plastic bag. As soon as he had finished he wanted to return home. Me too. So we stood on the sidewalk and I realized that I had forgotten the house number and my mobile ! How could I find the right house if they looked all the same and the doors too ?? I asked Sam, he is supposed to be a guide, other dogs do that too, but he looked at me with question marks in his eyes and wiggled with his tail. I told him to find the right entrance. I remembered that we had walked along at least 3 or 4 houses and at the fifth I walked up the steps, because not only the houses looked the same, but they all had steps to the main entrance door. Sam followed me and while I read the names on the doorbells he lay down and waited.

I became angry and told him that he is a stupid dog and he should find the entrance there was nobody around it was too early. With a deep sigh I climbed up the steps of the next house, again wrong, down we went and up we went at least 5 times and meanwhile Sam also wondered why it took so long to return home ! And then a miracle happened, instead of laying down and waiting for me reading the names, he went right away at a door, looked at me and wiggled its tail and the whole back with it ! We had arrived at the right address ! Even the key fitted ! I was exhausted, all this adventure without a coffee before ! I just had left the house in my nightgown and my coat, thinking I would be back in 5 minutes ! Instead it had lasted at least half an hour and my family was already wondering where I had vanished.

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15 Jan 2020


A Balloons day parade takes place in Brussels each year

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14 Jan 2020


Due to the awful weather we have, which forces me to be prisoner in my own house, I take you on a virtual walk (without umbrella) through Brussels.

Canal Albert which leads from Brussels to Antwerp

The motto of Brussels

Galerie de la Reine (Queen's Gallery)  with beautiful boutiques and restaurants

As souvenir, little dolls in lace. Brussels was also a lace producer

Brussels Flea market surrounded by very old restaurants and bars

Old shop at the flea market

and restaurant

The Cinquantenaire built for the 50 anniversary of Belgium by King Leopold II

Vue from the Cinquantenaire

The Atomium still standing from the World Exhibition in 1958

Breughel festival on the "Grand Place"

The Christmas tree of 2012 had to be dismantled right after Christmas because of protests and threats to demolish it. I have never seen such an ugly thing.

The famous flower carpet on the Grand' Place each two years

Chinese New year celebration on the Grand Place.

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13 Jan 2020





Imagine a slowly walking vintage lady in a bathrobe with a cup of coffee in her hand walking from her bed to the living room and fall on the relax of the sofa. There she thinks what to do today.

In her head is a looooong list of things to do, so long that she decided not even to start she would never have the time to finish all before noon. While thinking she sorted out a few pictures for the Blog post and by then it was noon. Outside it rained. She decided not to go out, but put on her training and prepared a few sandwiches for lunch and then she dropped again on the sofa. All this had costed so much energy that she was just able to watch a movie on TV.

After the movie, there was a bit Blog work to do and then another film to watch. And between the time it costed her to do all this she was thinking of the work she should do.

Suddenly the day was over, supper, TV, bed.

On Sunday our little group of 5 met in front of our house, we intended to go shopping in the Moroccan area of Brussels.

In fact it is a street where one Morrocan shop is besides the other and you feel on holidays. Only the sunshine was missing and of course the summer temperature. As usual I was the driver which doesn't disturb me at all, I like driving a car (not a horse carriage). We first had lunch in the same restaurant as usual called "Le Bienvenu" (the welcome) and had a plate with lentils and lamb. It was delicious.There are several spices in the lentils which gives them a special taste.

Then we started our shopping each of us had a list. I needed trousers, a pullover, bedsheets, the others almost the same plus spices and Nicole also bought a beautiful Caftan to wear at home. As the average price from all articles is 5 € we bought with pleasure ! So cheap ! Unbelievable. Loaded like donkeys we met in a cafĂ© and had mint tea with Moroccan crepes,

they were covered with cream cheese and honey. I had never eaten such a crepe but it was really very good. We stayed there for a while and chatted and were happy about our bargains. Before it became completely dark we returned home.