16 Jun 2023


The heat wave continued also on Monday and Domi and I went to my neighbor Nicole (there are a lot of Nicoles who are in their 80, the name was so in fashion !) she wanted to bring her a bouquet of flowers, because she could leave her car on Nicole's space in the garage for the 12 days we were away on the cruise. Nicole has no car and it's her family who uses the space. As it was so hot, Nicole told Domi to put her car in the garage, so it would not be so hot standing the whole day outside in the sunshine.  

We chatted a bit and then we had lunch together, we didn't go nowhere else, the streets were empty, I think people were all inside or in the surrounding woods and parks where it was more fresh. Domi returned home late afternoon in a nice cool car ! and I continued to hang around. 

The next day I was looking where I could go to cool down and looking in the mirror I thought I really need a haircut ! My hair is very punctual all  6 weeks I have to have it cut. The hairdresser has her saloon in the Carrefour supermarket and there it was nice and cool ! Fortunately there was only another lady and nobody was in a hurry so we chatted all together and even when one's head was finished she stayed continuing to chat with me who enjoyed my haircut. It was quite funny and now I have a new head we also were refreshed !

I had the visit of a fire controller, he checked all entrance doors to see if they are fire proved,  mine was.

The days flew by always the same, blogging in the morning or surfing the web, or pottering around,  and in the afternoon when it was so hot I went "shopping". I was looking for some light summer trousers, and found nothing, but yesterday when I  was looking for something else I found one real nice !

My actual office

I got a call from a lady with an English accent asking me if I had any vibrations in my apartment. But I didn't have anything not even a ghost and switched to English because my  neighbor who is very curious, gets angry because she doesn't understand anything (am I not naughty ?) But I like to speak English because I only write, and the lady on the phone was happy that she had not to speak French. So we were both satisfied and instead of talking to each other for 5 minutes, we talked for half an hour about the people who live here and everything that doesn't work in the building and our lives of course. She knew about Rick's passing and was very compassionate. She is married to a Belgian and plays the supervisor for the building. Good so, my DIL would say (only in Dutch). We learned it from her. Even Rick : Buono così.

Too hot to play !



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15 Jun 2023


1. What does productivity look like to you?

No idea ! I have to be honest, I'm not interested in productivity anymore, I'm much too old for that !

 But this here is not a bad idea for my productivity !

2. What was your fondest (or one of your fondest memory of High School? 

I finished High School in the German school of Brussels. That was the best high school years of my whole life ! So funny and we were German teenagers from all over Germany. And as there were not enough students for two schools, boys and girls were in the same class. In 1959 in all European countries the two sexes were strictly separated. I was the 199 student of the whole school !!

3. What did you do the summer after High School? 

Probably a lot. At that time school in Germany finished at Easter and started 6 weeks later. We were hanging around, giving parties, and had fun ! When I had finished High School at Easter I had quite a long time to wait to start in a Belgian Business School,(Administration, Management and Human Resources) and as it was a French speaking school I learned my French there too.  All Belgian schools started in September. 

4. June 14th is National Strawberry Shortcake Day...are you a fan, and if so will you celebrate? How do you make yours? Have you been strawberry picking? If so what do you do with all those berries? 

We don't have National Strawberry Shortcake Day, but I am a fan of strawberries.  I like to eat them with a bit of sugar, it depends the years, sometimes they are so sweet that you don't need sugar. I prefer them without anything, but sometimes I would eat a strawberry cake.

5. What's something you always splurge on? 

on nothing, that's not my style.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

We have an unusual heatwave so early in the year, and as only the shops and malls have air conditioning and not a lot of private buildings or houses, I sit inside with closed curtains and windows to keep the heat out thinking that just takes the biscuit, because when it is cold I sit inside too, only the curtains are open.



14 Jun 2023


one ship was leaving and the next one took its place

During our cruise on the Danube we had to stop for the excursions and since there wasn't enough space, sometimes 3 boats were anchored side by side. The people on the excursions then had to go through the other ships to get outside, those who stayed on board, when we were between two boats had the beautiful view of unmade cabins or the ship's side. 


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12 Jun 2023



3 months old Lea, my son's dog tried to swim for the first time in her life ! and of course it worked
immediately (not like us humans who need lessons and lessons and lessons and then still struggle !

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It was unusually hot here more than 30°C, that may be normal for some of you but not for us who are always locked in because of rain and cold, and now we are melting locked in with windows and curtains closed ! Too much is too much ! I just visited Nicole in her retirement home where it also was very hot inside, there is no  air conditioning as they usually need heating. This heat will probably last a few days and then you can take out your pullover again ! 

My friend Domi, with whom I was on tbe cruise, was supposed to come on Saturday, but her car had stood in the sun and was hot like an oven, so she called me and told me that she is not feeling well in this heat and doesn't dare to drive. I thought that too, because she has to be very careful with her Parkinson. I was hanging on the sofa and watched TV and regretted that there was not enough room for me in in the fridge ! 

On Sunday Domi came early morning when it was not so hot, but we were now two hanging around, it was too hot to move. I only hope that I don't melt too much and that there are only a few bones and hairs remaining ! I thought of Rick, he never cared about heat, he could have lived in Africa !