12 Feb 2011


Thanks to these ads my generation is getting old and older ! We have already more than 1000 people over 100 in Belgium !

I think there we wouldn't agree anymore

Ad during prohibition

If I was a men I would get drunk before kissing those lips ! No danger for these women ....

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11 Feb 2011


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1. The most important thing for me which happened this week was the arrival of the first part of my Blog book "My Cats and funny Stories" I had just printed 1 year and I have to say it's really nice, I didn't expect such a good result. All pictures even cartoons or designs came out well.

and so it looks ! I think when he is grown up, my little grandson Toby can read about his grandma and her cats.

2. I had to go shopping and couldn't go through Waterloo the whole main street was closed and police and firemen were blocking the center. The school had been evacuated and all the students were gathered in the Waterloo park. I first thought it was a demonstration, but it was a gas leak and nobody knew from were it came. Indeed when I was in the Gallery I could smell it a little.

Finally they found the leak and cars could go through Waterloo again and nobody blew up !

3. In my painting class the theme was "Surrealism"

I painted this one eyed cat woman and my class mates said it would be a nice target for darts. Maybe I should paint it on wood.

4. The whole week the painters were busy and we live in a mess, fortunately it doesn't smell and the weather is not too cold even the sun is shining so that we can open a window.

For a change I have repainted just one wall in a deep red, here it looks still too red, but it is not yet finished.

5. The rest of my time I spent with collecting cats and put them in this laundry basket, they were all standing in my room, besides the once on the chair.

My room looks quiet empty now. I hope they can start tomorrow with the rest of the rooms.
Mr. G and the cats are very disturbed in their daily routine !! Mr. G. even more than the cats who always find a little napping place and just play deaf.

10 Feb 2011


Jenny Matlock
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I suppose that everybody amongst you had to repaint or renovate your house or flat. Since Monday Mr. G. and I sit in a big mess because we have all rooms in our house repainted.

The first day the cats disappeared in all directions because there were two human invaders in their territory who on the top made terrible noises with strange machines. The only one who wasn't bothered by their presence was cat Arthur who had to supervise the whole repainting.

Mr. G. doesn't know where to put himself and moved downstaires into the guest room, while I am still sitting in my room which meanwhile contains the paintings of which I had cleaned the frames. And you can imagine around 20 cats of all sizes and sorts from ceramic to wood which are piled up on the Sofa in Mr. G. office. Twice he said "hello" to a white ceramic cat which looks like Arthur and wondered that the cat didn't answer.

That's like it looks now in the whole house, we eat our supper on the sofa in front of the TV from which we remove the bedlinen which covers it during the day. Isn't it cosy ?

When this is over I think I need a renovation !

9 Feb 2011


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Son and grandson Toby

7 Feb 2011

MY WORLD - Waterloo and Braine l'Alleud

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It's so stormy outside that it is impossible to visit something more interesting so before I was blown away I took these pictures while I was shopping in Waterloo and Braine.

the City hall

little shopping streets

The main church where wounded soldiers were brought in during the Waterloo battle

An English shop, with only English products

The little neighbor town Braine l'Alleud

and the old city hall

with these old doors (the main entrance had been modernized)

and if you want to try all sorts of tea this is the place !


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The weekend started very nicely because I went to the movies together with two friends and her son, to watch the latest French comedy "Rien à déclarer" (Nothing to declare) which already had an enormous success since the movie came out last week. The cinema was packed and we laughed the whole film long !

In fact it was not a stupid comedy it went much farer and was very subtile concerning racism. It was the story of a Belgian customs officer who hated the Frenchs with all his heart. The film played at the time when there was still a border between France and Belgium and which had been abolished because of the European Union.

The funniest thing was that part of the film was done a couple of streets farer from were I live. I remember last year I had seen a stop sign saying that a film was made in this street, but thought it was a publicity for the city. Of course I went there today to have a look and find out in which house the Belgian officer "lived". But I didn't remember exactly, they all look so very much the same. (on the picture, the left officer is the Belgian and the right the French)

Besides this little walk, I couldn't go much outside. I went to the market in Braine l'Alleud which is the next little town after Waterloo and bought some apples and two collars for my cats. It was so windy almost stormy that my beret which usually is like nailed on my head was blown away and I had to run after it. Some people were really amused and laughed when they saw me running behind my red beret rolling fast on the street.

As on Monday we expect a painter who will paint all rooms and doors in our house, I already started to take off my cats and other decorations.

This is the first cat pile.

My neighbor came also over for a cup of coffee, tomorrow I have to drive her again to the hospital for her eye treatment.

6 Feb 2011


When I go out my mobile is always in my purse or in the pocket of my coat or whatever I wear. But at home it's another story. Normally I keep it besides me, but more often I forget where I have put it and this happened yesterday.

That it is Easter the whole year long in my house is normal, only I don't search for eggs, but for keys, glasses and .... my mobile phone. I started to check first my room, then the kitchen, then the living room. Nothing. I asked Mr. G. to call my mobile number, so I could find it more easily. The phone rang quiet close to me who was standing in the kitchen. We both looked around, on the table, besides my purse, besides the sink, it was still ringing but we couldn't find it. The ringing stopped.

Mr. G. called again, again it was very close, but we couldn't find out from where exactly the ringing came. Meanwhile we were in the living room and the phone still rang. It was bewitched ! The ringing stopped. Suddenly Mr. G. looked at me and said "Do you have your mobile in your pocket ??" I was offended, no, of course not ! Nevertheless I checked the pockets of my jacket. Nothing. "Maybe in your trousers ?" Phew, I sighed, but I checked ... and there it was ! Of course it was ringing wherever I went !

By the way, while I am writing this, it makes me think where did I put it now ? Not in my pockets, that's for sure ... and the worst, I had put it on "silent" because I went to the movies yesterday evening !