31 Dec 2016


The first time I rode on a motor bike, I was not so much convinced, in general I am not a bike fan, but I was young and wanted to prove that I too could ride on a bike not as driver but at least sitting on the the seat behind. The engine was very heavy it was a Harley Davidson and belonged to Mr. G's friend in Italy.

As soon as I sat on the seat, I wanted to go down again, but there was no mean to escape and I gripped my driver at his legs to keep me in the seat. Then with a big noise we shot away, I thought he would propel me already into heaven but we stayed on the street. We were at the Garda Lake and he wanted to take me up into the mountains. It was terrible the streets looked like snails gliding through the mountains and I had the impression that we were rather laying on the bike on one side then on the other, depending the curve !

When finally the ride was over and we arrived safe and sound at the café where we met the others, I climbed from the seat with shaking legs, my hair was in the air line and behind my ears, so that everybody laughed. I was not laughing, I still had to recover. Our poor friend when he saw his legs he had bruises on both legs which my fingers had left !

 Not me !!!

When I had recovered I swore to myself and to the others, that this was the first and the last time I would ride on a bike !!

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30 Dec 2016


1. After our Christmas festivities I had to tidy up at least the living room, although we three girls hadn't made a lot of dirt and not even dog Charlie. My Polish cleaning lady is unfortunately in Dublin over the holidays to visit her daughter.

2.My son had sent me pictures of Toby, because it was since September I hadn't got a single picture, and  I needed some for my frame where I always put a collage of Toby.

This is the new one which I put in the frame. I keep the old once so I can see how he grows up. Now he is already 6. I say already which is not quite true because my friend Ilona's great granddaughter has the same age ! And my other friends all grown up grandchildren.  But 6 is a nice age, we understand each other very well. Each time he comes here his French improves and he learns new words.

3. I had always wanted to have a reindeer with a slide as Christmas lights for our wall in the front of the house, but they were all sold out when I came back from Egypt. A friend heard this and said she has two and doesn't use them anymore, because her children are grown up and she lives alone in a very big villa and is afraid that somebody would steal them at the entrance which is quite far away from the house.

So we inherited the reindeers and Mr. G. put them up immediately. I took a picture from when it was still day until it was dark. It looks very nice in our street !

4.  When I fell at the Egyptian airport my little travel computer must have taken the whole shock because it broke or was folded in the middle, not vertically but horizontally, imagine what shock it got. When the technician of the shop where I had bought it saw it, he told me that I can throw it in the bin. Fortunately there were only a few pictures in the computer and nothing else, I had put everything on a USB key.

Therefore I ran around to find a new one. The same didn't exist anymore and all the other 11" screen computers are now "hybrids" that means half tablet half computer. It's really a disaster to find a little computer. I don't want a hybrid because I have a tablet and don't need a second one. In the shops I didn't find a little one, there had been one, but all sold out because of Christmas. So I have to wait until January when hopefully there are new models in the shops and on internet.

5. My son had arrived with Toby, to say hello, together with the son of his best friend, Benji. Benji is only a few months older than Toby and they are the best pals.

In no time the living of two quiet, boring oldies was turned into a racetrack and the little cars went full speed. Cat Arthur was happy to see Toby again and said hello. He is not afraid at all of little children and loves the little cars too. I had bought a bonnet for Toby and apparently he liked it so much that he kept it on his head the whole time they were there.

We spent a nice afternoon together and then they left, they both sleep at the friend's house.  This is good so, because I am still not "running" on 100 % with my sprained  ankle and half broken rip 

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28 Dec 2016

27 Dec 2016


The public retirement home of Waterloo, is a very nice place compared to other cities or municipalities. It is modern well equipped and the personal very friendly. I know it because I go there every week on Thursdays for my painting class which is in the "Party Room" of the home. Here dancing classes take place, birthdays are celebrated, films shown and a lot of other activities. Our class is very grateful that we are allowed to use this room without any fee.

For Christmas the whole house was nicely decorated !

The party room's walls

A nice Christmas tree

other once in the corridors

Sometimes artists expose and sell their works

Like above. The residents too can sell what they have knitted or made during the year, so you can buy nice bonnets, scarves, or little dolls and figurines. Unfortunately there was nothing left when I took the pictures. 

The pictures above show the entrance hall, when visitors come they can chat together with the residents.

This wall carpet was made out of wool balls of all kind of colors by the residents and shows the name of the home "Gibloux"

Here too the walls are decorated

This is a real amazing picture made of thousands pieces of cork, matches, paper and pins

A more detailed picture

This wall picture too was made out of different materials always in the DIY classes. Really very beautiful !

Another Christmas tree in the corridor

and decorations above the lifts

and even in the offices, little Christmas trees on the desks.

Everything is done so that the residents feel as much "home" as possible.

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26 Dec 2016


Our young friend Jean, who is only 3 years older than our son, came to wish us a merry Christmas. He also needed badly to talk, because he had finally found a job and 3 months later they told him that he is overqualified (!!!) and out he was. At the same time he also had private worries, so it came all together and he said it does him good to talk to a woman (that's me). He stayed the whole afternoon and finally left at 5 pm.

Arthur  loves him, or rather his shoes, he always wears very expensive leather shoes and apparently they smell so good. As soon as he sat in the chair Arthur run over to sniff the shoes, but when he wanted to sharpen his claws in the precious leather, Jean protested and throw his legs in the air, but Arthur is stubborn and tried again each time Jean put his feet down. Finally he took off the shoes and we laughed our heads off.

For Christmas Eve we dressed !

Monique a friend also came and Nicole and Charlie too, of course Charlie has discovered very quickly that Mr. G. can't resist his huge brown eyes who look as if he hasn't eaten for at least a week !

I promise they are not boxing but only discussing !

Our meal was very good, we had scallops in a white sauce, and then Sushis ! As desert we had a Tiramisu but with fruits and not chocolate.

Then we were all full, Charlie included, he should pose with the little angel, but instead he nearly ate it ! Just could save it in the last minute !

We spend a nice evening chatting, and talking and at 11 pm they left.

2. I hadn't slept very good this night which usually doesn't happen to me, so on Christmas day, we were both very lazy. The weather was also awful grey, humid and depressing !

We got a few phone calls from Italy and Germany and also from friends here, when I had to think already to take out the food for tonight. Duck confit, broad bean à la provençale, and vegetable potato cakes.

Our Christmas supper

and how it looked like cooked ! It really was delicious

Pookie already on the sofa can't wait to get a piece of duck, while Arthur for once waited under the table. And herewith ended our Christmas 2016, which was the first one we celebrated without family.

We both were very tired although we hadn't done nothing the whole day and at 9 pm we went to bed.