30 Dec 2016


1. After our Christmas festivities I had to tidy up at least the living room, although we three girls hadn't made a lot of dirt and not even dog Charlie. My Polish cleaning lady is unfortunately in Dublin over the holidays to visit her daughter.

2.My son had sent me pictures of Toby, because it was since September I hadn't got a single picture, and  I needed some for my frame where I always put a collage of Toby.

This is the new one which I put in the frame. I keep the old once so I can see how he grows up. Now he is already 6. I say already which is not quite true because my friend Ilona's great granddaughter has the same age ! And my other friends all grown up grandchildren.  But 6 is a nice age, we understand each other very well. Each time he comes here his French improves and he learns new words.

3. I had always wanted to have a reindeer with a slide as Christmas lights for our wall in the front of the house, but they were all sold out when I came back from Egypt. A friend heard this and said she has two and doesn't use them anymore, because her children are grown up and she lives alone in a very big villa and is afraid that somebody would steal them at the entrance which is quite far away from the house.

So we inherited the reindeers and Mr. G. put them up immediately. I took a picture from when it was still day until it was dark. It looks very nice in our street !

4.  When I fell at the Egyptian airport my little travel computer must have taken the whole shock because it broke or was folded in the middle, not vertically but horizontally, imagine what shock it got. When the technician of the shop where I had bought it saw it, he told me that I can throw it in the bin. Fortunately there were only a few pictures in the computer and nothing else, I had put everything on a USB key.

Therefore I ran around to find a new one. The same didn't exist anymore and all the other 11" screen computers are now "hybrids" that means half tablet half computer. It's really a disaster to find a little computer. I don't want a hybrid because I have a tablet and don't need a second one. In the shops I didn't find a little one, there had been one, but all sold out because of Christmas. So I have to wait until January when hopefully there are new models in the shops and on internet.

5. My son had arrived with Toby, to say hello, together with the son of his best friend, Benji. Benji is only a few months older than Toby and they are the best pals.

In no time the living of two quiet, boring oldies was turned into a racetrack and the little cars went full speed. Cat Arthur was happy to see Toby again and said hello. He is not afraid at all of little children and loves the little cars too. I had bought a bonnet for Toby and apparently he liked it so much that he kept it on his head the whole time they were there.

We spent a nice afternoon together and then they left, they both sleep at the friend's house.  This is good so, because I am still not "running" on 100 % with my sprained  ankle and half broken rip 

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Andrew said...

The reindeer are cool. Do you think Toby will stay blond?

Wendy said...

Glad you got to spend some time with Toby.

Mara said...

Nice that you did see him, even for a short time. I love the photo in the collage where he wears a hat. Very grown-up!

Tamago said...

Wow, the new photos of Toby all look gorgeous! I especially love the one he is wearing the hat. He looks so handsome :-) And he is so cute wearing the bonnet you got for him!

Barbara H. said...

Toby is such a handsome boy! I'm sorry about the computer. Hope you can find just what you want soon. The reindeer and sled look so nice!

Fun60 said...

I like the reindeer very much.
Can't really recommend any travel companies or agents as I don't use them in the UK.

jennyfreckles said...

What lovely pictures of your grandson. He suddenly looks very grownup.

Willow said...

Toby is adorable! It was great for you to be able to spend some time with him.
The reindeer are cute!