26 Dec 2016


Our young friend Jean, who is only 3 years older than our son, came to wish us a merry Christmas. He also needed badly to talk, because he had finally found a job and 3 months later they told him that he is overqualified (!!!) and out he was. At the same time he also had private worries, so it came all together and he said it does him good to talk to a woman (that's me). He stayed the whole afternoon and finally left at 5 pm.

Arthur  loves him, or rather his shoes, he always wears very expensive leather shoes and apparently they smell so good. As soon as he sat in the chair Arthur run over to sniff the shoes, but when he wanted to sharpen his claws in the precious leather, Jean protested and throw his legs in the air, but Arthur is stubborn and tried again each time Jean put his feet down. Finally he took off the shoes and we laughed our heads off.

For Christmas Eve we dressed !

Monique a friend also came and Nicole and Charlie too, of course Charlie has discovered very quickly that Mr. G. can't resist his huge brown eyes who look as if he hasn't eaten for at least a week !

I promise they are not boxing but only discussing !

Our meal was very good, we had scallops in a white sauce, and then Sushis ! As desert we had a Tiramisu but with fruits and not chocolate.

Then we were all full, Charlie included, he should pose with the little angel, but instead he nearly ate it ! Just could save it in the last minute !

We spend a nice evening chatting, and talking and at 11 pm they left.

2. I hadn't slept very good this night which usually doesn't happen to me, so on Christmas day, we were both very lazy. The weather was also awful grey, humid and depressing !

We got a few phone calls from Italy and Germany and also from friends here, when I had to think already to take out the food for tonight. Duck confit, broad bean à la provençale, and vegetable potato cakes.

Our Christmas supper

and how it looked like cooked ! It really was delicious

Pookie already on the sofa can't wait to get a piece of duck, while Arthur for once waited under the table. And herewith ended our Christmas 2016, which was the first one we celebrated without family.

We both were very tired although we hadn't done nothing the whole day and at 9 pm we went to bed.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - glad you were able to help Jean ...that's important - gives him another perspective. Then your festivities - look fun and seem to have been delicious ... cheers Hilary

Mara said...

That's the best thing about living in Norway: no broad beans! Never liked them.

But it looks like you had a nice Christmas anyway, despite being on your own on the day itself.

Jo said...

What a lovely evening (and afternoon) you had with Jean, Monique, Nicole and Charlie visiting. Your vegetable potato cakes look yummy. As you know, we also had a lone Christmas but enjoyed our meal at midday on 25th. We also got lazy and slept in the afternoon - first time in about ten years. Today it's all back to normal on the farm.

Tamago said...

Kitties seem to have a thing with feet and shoes :-)
Love your Christmas Eve outfit. You look so pretty! And oh that Christmas supper looks super yummy :-)

peppylady (Dora) said...

Looks all wonderful. It been a while since I heard someone been overqualified on job.

Coffee is on

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your meals sound wonderful, both the party one and the one for just the two of you. We are by now used to non-traditional holidays, so it all sounds fine to me. Happy New Year!!!

Wendy said...

Glad to see you had friends around on Christmas Eve so that the time didn't seem too quiet. We had a quiet Christmas Day (just 6 of us) but then spent Boxing day with many extended family members.