6 Mar 2015


1. Besides aqua gym where we amused ourselves in the water, the rest of the day not to be in the water again, I stayed home. According to the statistics we had the wettest January/February ever since 1800 something when the weather mesurements started ! And it continued to rain the whole week.

2. I spent the afternoon with Dominique who had her eyelid operation, it starts to look great, the lids are still a little swollen. I helped her with her new tablet and we spent a nice afternoon, while it continued to rain and on top a strong wind !


I am running out of photos for my different photo themes, and had the good idea to go to a second hand store who sells antiques. There I found nearly everything of what I needed, except a blue sky !

4. Lots of clothes I don't wear anymore were in our basement, I sorted them out and packed them in bags and Mr. G. brought them to the Red Cross where they are given to the poors.


In our painting class, Ilona, Nicole and I started a new painting so we were sitting in front of a blank canvas. I started with some blue, but don't know yet where this will end, while Nicole used an old painting she didn't like anymore and wanted to overpaint it.

After class was finished we went to an Asian restaurant, called "Le jardin d'Asie" (Asian garden) and had an excellent meal. Before I returned home I did some shopping to fill in the fridge.

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5 Mar 2015


When I was 13 my parents took me for the first time to the Opera. Today I think it was far too early for a teenager with the head full of Rockn'Roll and Elvis Presley. The only thing which was nice, was that I got my first Cocktail dress, I think it was in light green musslin with perls stitched on the chest.

The music I found boring and the singers awful because in the 60th a singer had to be quite voluminous and that looked ridiculous especially in the Italian operas when young lovers were involved. Voluminous women were supposed to sing better than slim once, which is not true as we can see today.

I quite liked the Italian operas they were supportable, but when it came to others I was really bored.

When we moved to Brussels, my father bought a season ticket for the three of us.

The Brussel's Opera house "La Monnaie" is a beautiful building and the inside were royal !

At that time women wore long dresses and men had black suits. It was a real fashion show when during the pauses we gathered in the lobby and had a drink.

When I got married and my parents couldn't go for whatever reason, we inherited the tickets and went listening Operas.

Ready for the Opera

I think I have seen and heard a great number of Operas, with the result, that now I have an overdose and don't like them anymore. I am especially allergic to the female singers when they sing soprano, to me it sounds as if somebody has walked on a cat's tail.

Of course I appreciate Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. Their voices are wonderful.

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Once my parents had moved back to Germany, we never put our feet in an opera again !

3 Mar 2015


I had heard that there was the famous Lascaux Caves exhibition at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels, after having been in Chicago, Houston, and Montreal. Of course I didn't want to miss that and went with a friend to see the exhibition. It was absolutely great and very interesting. The caves were discovered by 2 teenagers in 1940.
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2 Mar 2015


When I became a grandma four years ago, I had bought a lot of baby things to keep here, to avoid the young parents a whole removal when they would come for a visit.

Unfortunately my good intentions, where not appreciated at all, most of the Baby stuff was never used so finally after having given away a lot of things to other young parents, I went to the charity shop for battered women and brought the rest there. At least the babies of the victims can benefit.

Together with my friend Ilona we went to the "Cinquantenaire".

In one of the wings was the famous exhibition of the grotto of Lascaux which had been discovered in France and showed wall paintings and reproductions of animals and people from 20.000 years ago ! It was a wonderful and very interesting exhibition. I will write about in a later post.

I visited my friend Dominique,who had an eyelid surgery. With getting older her eyelids had dropped and hindered her view. She wore sunglasses when she opened the door, and then she showed me her eyes ! I told her that she had the perfect make up for Halloween, which made her laugh. The lids were swollen and reddish blue. The surgery was done in a couple of hours and she could return home after that. It is considered as a malformation and the health insurance pays for it. In a week she will have beautiful big blue eyes !