7 Nov 2009


On wednesday I really felt in prison. Outside it was raining cats and dogs and the wind blow the so said beautiful yellow and red leaves around. I decided to spent a visit to Ikea. There it's warm and I can walk around. On top I needed a lamp for the guest room, which had given up it's soul.

When I opened the garage a bunch of dead yellow leaves stormed in, I quickly got in the car and closed the garage door.This time I arrived at Ikea without any problem and even without my Madame GPS.

The parking with more or less 1000 places was full. Rather amazing for a day in the middle of the week. Instead of turning around I stopped and had luck, somebody had finished its shopping and left me the space.

Inside it was the same. Ikea was full, it seemed to me that everything was free today ! In the restaurant no place either. I decided to first go to the restroom. There was a long line of women at the entrance door. I found this strange because the restroom is quite big. Under furious eyes of some women I walked up the line, went inside and found an empty restroom ! I asked the young woman who stood there at the entrance why she didn't go inside and make room so that the other don't have to stand outside, she looked at me very surprised with big brown cow eyes and said : "But I don't have to go, I am just waiting for my friend who is inside !"

For a second I was wordless, but only for a second. I told her she could have waited inside and then shouted at the line of these patient sheeps that they could go inside the restroom and all toilets were free (except one) ! Then arrived a basket ball sized black man with huge toilet paper rolls under his arms and shouted with a big smile "Where is paper missing ?"

I found my lamp, meandered through the crowd to my car, while the wind blow off my beret and I had to run behind, and finally arrived at home.

What happened there, gave me an idea. Next time I go shopping I will just stare at the ceiling and then I will see how many people will do the same !

6 Nov 2009

SHOW & TELL - My Grandma and I

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When my grandma still lived, and I had the occasion to ask her about her life, I didn't do it. I just didn't think of asking her. Now there are so many things I wished I could ask her about her life, because finally I only know very little.

Yesterday I was looking for a picture and stumbled over these pictures of my grandma in 1907 when she was 21 years old.

I love these old photos where you had to dress up, go to a special photographer who put you in a pose, and then you had to stand still and not move a bit, otherwise you could get 10 heads instead of one.

and here I am at 21 not dressed up and on a bike, but we look very much alike I think.

The typical family photo, my grandpa of course stood straight up, because he was a little smaller as my grandma and a man of course had to be taller. My grandma was a quite tall woman, for that time, actually she had the same size as I.

and again the two of us at the same age.

5 Nov 2009



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13 events this week.

1. I have to start a new painting and have the syndrome of a white page or I should call my picture "White cat in snow"

2. I bought the classical witch hat for a Halloween party, changed my mind in the last minute and created a new hat. Black beret with enormous spider. I was afraid of myself.

3. I asked my Madame GPS to direct me to the Halloween party which she did, but it was so dark in the street that I didn't know where to stop and find house n° 9. She told me 3 times that I arrived at destination, but there was no house. I continued and she told me 3 times "recalculating" so that I thought she is as bad as I in maths.

4. Finally I saw the house, which looked completely different in the night, but it was the same

5. I was angry with myself because I hadn't stopped and asked a policeman for the street, I would have had a lot of success with my spider hat, and he probably a heart attack, because Halloween is not so well known.

6. My hat was greeted with a lot of ooohs and aaaws, and got immediately stuck in a huge spider net. But it stayed on my head, although I hadn't fixed it with a nail.

7. On the way back I sincerely hoped to get stopped for a alcohol control, but no policeman around to admire my hat.

8. My neighbor went to Lisbon for a week and had left her window wide open. I noticed it and told Mr. G. to close it. He forgot that the alarm was on and the whole street was alerted, he found the code and silence moved in. Our cat Arthur too, he had to get him out of the house before putting the alarm on again.

9. One of my cats had thrown up in the garage and I slipped on it and nearly (only nearly) broke my neck. I don't know who was the culprit, because it was not signed, and for a DNA test I was too lazy.

10. Yesterday my room suddenly filled with smoke. I checked the ashdray (I don't know why) there was nothing in. It got worse and worse

11. I went to the kitchen and noticed that the whole house was full of smoke

12. The coffee thermos on the electric stove was melting peacefully and a basket besides just turned into red ! I took a towel and throw both items in the garden, put a little water on the stove and then I got my shock.

13. Cat Arthur had checked if there was some food on the stove, had pushed over the thermos and I don't know how had touched the ignition. And I was just about to leave for the hairdresser ! Later I checked our fire insurance, just in case ....

Arthur the lovable terrorist

3 Nov 2009

MY WORLD - Halloween in Waterloo

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Since 3 years I go to the Waterloo city park to take pictures of the Halloween festival and I noticed, that each year there are more and more people coming.

This was my world on Halloween !

more and more people

more and more decoration

and more and more people and children in costumes.

and if you want here are more

In the evening for the first time in my life I was invited to a Halloween party, given by my classmate and friend Christiane and her daughter. It was absolutely great !

Beautiful and scary decoration

the two of us

lots of fun !

a delicious meal, a soup made with carrots, potatoes and curry, followed by special Belgian grilled sausages and pumpkin puree

and these absolutely gorgeous (and delicious) cakes, baked and decorated by her daughter.
I tried them all !

2 Nov 2009

FUN MONDAY - To know you better

Mariposa our host this week, wants to know :

(1) Share something which you wish your readers would know about you. It could be something you feel you might need to clarify/ share, etc.

(2) Ask three questions to your readers, and I mean all readers, whether participants of Fun Monday or not. The questions should be generic so that all your readers can answer them and that it will help you get to know your readers more.

My readers .... I don't have the pretension to have my own readers. Over the three years I am blogging now, I made blog friends. That's how I call them and I think they know enough about me to stay friends ! It would be nice to meet them in real life one day. Although it also could be a big disappointment. Some could have strange habits, which you don't see through your blog, like looking for fortune in their noses, or let you pay everything and don't even offer you a coffee, but I am sure the once I want to meet are not doing that.

I don't need to clarify anything about myself, I am an open book and my cat collection I shared already with the whole blogworld !

Now to the three questions ! That's kind of difficult too, because I don't know what I want to know. I blog for fun and honnestly I am not so sure if I want to know "my readers" more then I do already.

N° 1 : What did you do last thursday between 5 and 7 pm (just in case you need an alibi ! you never know !)

N° 2 : Had you ever fleas ?

N° 3 : When did you get drunk the last time ?

Now I am curious to read your answers !

and here are a few cats out of my 450 cats collection. That's also me !