13 Apr 2019


I don't take the bus very often from Waterloo to Brussels, because it is a little bit like Russian roulette : comes, comes not, comes etc. But this time I had to because around the South Station in Brussels it's almost impossible to find a parking space.

So I took the bus which was quite empty, a few elderly ladies with their shopping bags and a few men. Then the bus stopped in front of a school ! The bus door opened and at least 15 to 20 young students around 14/16 stepped in and fell on the empty seats ! I pushed a big sigh (inside) and thought now my peaceful trip will come to an end and they will shout and make a lot of noise. To my surprise I heard nothing ! Not a single  sound. I think I starred at them it was so unusual and then I saw what happened, they were talking with the hands, like Italians do and I thought the school from where they came must have been an Italian school ! They gesticulated in all direction and made big movements with their lips. Suddenly I understood this was a group of deaf teenagers who communicated with hand and lips. I became very curious because I had seen lip reading in movies, mostly when a murder was planned and recorded and the police had to hire a lip reader.

Finally I asked a young girl articulating with my lips and asked her if it would be difficult to learn lip reading. Stupid me, she couldn't speak and I couldn't read on her lips ! We both laughed. Then a young man came who could speak and translated. Apparently it is not so difficult. I wished I had learned it when I was younger, would be so nice to read on lips and know what people say even through a double glassed window. A part from that I am not curious at all !

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12 Apr 2019


A weekly routine had moved in ! Except that I started the week with work outside the house. Two men came put a new lamp with movement detector over the entrance door, and one over the garage.

They also replaced the wooden  border which was completely rotten. Now it looks nice !

We agreed that I am visiting every second day otherwise it is too tiring and I have no time to do anything else. I have to do the laundry, shopping etc.  On my "free" day I went to Myriam and we had a nice Scrabble. Laughing with my friends was real good for me, even if I lost as usual !

Mr. G. has gotten used to his new life and starts to feel better. He is still to weak to start the reeducation only a few movements and massages.

The view outside the window. In spring and summer it must be a very nice view. I even saw picnic  tables and benches.

Twice per day he has to wear this oxygen mask I don't know really why. Anyway something very positive came out of the whole story, he, who smoked like a chimney and since months had tried to stop or at least to reduce, doesn't smoke anymore and does not miss it either ! That's very good !
I only hope that he won't start again at home, then you will read in the Newspaper that a wife killed her husband by throwing lighters and cigarettes at his head !

Soon he will have his birthday and I created a birthday card for him !

Arthur says "Happy Birthday to my beloved servant"

The last time I was there I got into a terrific traffic jam, lost one hour and came home half dead ! I hope it won't happen anymore !

We have Easter holidays here and therefore I have no aqua gym and no painting course. Instead we went to an Asian restaurant which has delicious food and "all you can eat" formula. We were 5 and had really a nice time. I was almost exploding when I came out.

In the evening we watch TV together, one cat on each side.

and then go to bed, Arthur at my feet, Rosie at my head ! Normally Arthur sleeps with Mr. G and Rosie with me, so she was not so keen to share my bed ! But now they are used to.

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10 Apr 2019



This is Mr. G with his cat Arthur, renamed "Brexit"

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What thinks a cat about the Brexit ?

Since motnhs they have asked to get out and now that the door is wide open, they stay put and fixate the door refusing to go out ! The truth is, I would do exactly the same in this particular situation.

People who know cats, also know that if a cat wants to go out, she stays half in half out thinking the situation over. Just when you think she will go out, she turns around and comes in again. Or it happens the other way around ! That's why some cats have been renamed "Brexit"

Arthur, renamed Brexit, has decided to go back to Europe, (for how long ?)

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8 Apr 2019


What did you say ?


I went to visit Mr. G. in his rehabilitation center, the way til there is beautiful, all countryside, little villages, cows and horses, sometimes wearing a coat. This time Nicole came with me. As much as I love to drive for the moment I need a "holding hand". He is still very weak recovering from the flu and the surgery but has started "Gymnastic".

We had to laugh because doing gymnastic was turning the head from right to left and the other way around, and move a bit the legs ! As soon as he is a bit stronger and not a skeleton anymore, the therapy really starts !

After the visit we sat a bit on the terrace of the Clinic's café and had a drink before returning home. We were both exhausted and our legs hurt, the corridors are sooo long !

Sunday I did laundry and in the afternoon my friend Ilona came for a big  little chat and then I went early to bed.

Rosie comforts me ...