13 Jun 2008



Yesterday I said good bye to my car with which I drove around for 7 years. Cat Arthur apparently is very happy to get rid off it. Me too !

and here is the new one, also a Opel Corsa with a lot of new stuff which I don't really need.
When I picked up the car, inside was a bottle of champagne and a beautiful flower bouquet !

Today of course I will drive around and try it out !


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This time I really have something special to show (and tell) ! Last tuesday I went shopping and when I put my bag in the booth (trunk) suddenly the door banged on my head, exactly over my eyebrow and I was more than lucky that my glasses didn't break and hurt my eye. I heard birds singing and was a little knocked out, then climbed back in my car and returned home. I was swearing (nobody heard it anyway) and furious against this bloody car ! It was 7 years old now and unfortunately looked still very good and had only 25.000 km on the counter ! But I also had troubles when I wanted to close the doors I had to click 5 times on the remote control and sometimes I found the car still open when I came back, a ghost had opened it again !

While I was driving I also heard a strange noise when I used the brakes. At home I used an ombrella, which was laying around to keep the door open to take my shopping bag out.

Still furious and with a hurting eye now, I told Mr. Gattino that I was fat up with this car and when one trouble starts others will follow that's for sure !

Opel just had made publicity for selling 2000 cars they had in stock to a very interesting price, so we went there right away and one hour later came out with this !

or rather I will get it this afternoon !! Meanwhile my eye has turned blue , it really fits to my new car !

I also celebrate the "Gotcha day" (Blogging cats call the day they arrived in their homes like this)
It was today exactly 1 year ago, I brought this little kitten home and we called her Rosie !

Rosie when she arrived

and Rosie today (more about Rosie is here

I think my Friday 13 will be a very nice day. The car seller asked me twice if I was sure to want my car on a Friday 13 !!

12 Jun 2008


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Some bloggers are in such a hurry to visit a maximum of blogs and do a real blog marathon so that they have no time to read or look what is in the post. This causes rather funny comments !

13 inappropriated comments

1. My childhood was a long river without rocks
comment : Grandparents seem to be a big part of the joy of life.

2. A picture of a flower covered coffin
comment : beautiful flower box ! very creative

3. Describing a painful divorce by showing a wedding picture of a happy beginning ....
comment : happy wedding anniversary

4. An old painting of a blogger's ancestor
comment : nice painting of George Washington

5. Describing a fishing day with husband and showing his picture
comment : I also loved go fishing with my father

6. A picture of a terrible hurrican
comment : I love sunrises

7. A blogger had a terrible car accident and his car was completely demolished, but a picture of the car before the accident was shown
comment : Nice car, when did you buy it ?

8. Very sad and upset a blogger wrote that his cat had disappeared since 3 days and showed a picture of the cat
comment : Your cat is very cute, does she often sit on your lap ?

9. Somebody wrote about her grandma's dead and showed her last picture
comment : My grandma too loves reading books

10. A blogger wrote that unfortunately she can't have children and showed a picture of the neighbor's kids.
comment : your kids are beautiful

11. A blogger who uses a Braille keyboard wrote about her life as a blind person
comment : Come and see my entry

12. A nurse described how 5 people had to hold down a patient with a violent crisis in a psychiatric section of her hospital
comment : my son also does judo

13. Showing a picture of her son with a pony tail and a guitar
comment : my daughter too plays guitar

It probably also had happened to me but not because I didn't read, but I misunderstood !

Now be careful to what you will comment !

10 Jun 2008


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Diamond handbag? That will be £1m (1.2623 €, 1.97511 $ )

Consumers have been buying ever more expensive designer handbags
For most women, a dependable handbag is de rigeur, but for fans of designer couteur, the ultimate accessory has just arrived in the UK. Valued at £1m, the diamond-encrusted platinum handbag will go on display at jewellery shops around London to mark the inaugural London Jewellery Week. Created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, the bag has been set with more than 2,000 diamonds. That's not very practical, I woul have to hire body guards or walk around with a copy. So I better stay with my Kipling purse, there is only a monkey to be stolen.

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Paris Hilton launches her own line of hair extension (a bosom extension would be more appropriate !)

Actress, businesswoman, and fashion icon Paris Hilton announced that she has partnered with Sally Beauty Supply to design a collection of chic, high-quality yet affordable hair extensions. Available in ten natural looking shades. What a neat idea of her ! that must be the beginning for her personal creation of a brain extension, badly needed in her case.

Binmen refused to take rubbish
BINMEN refused to take a disabled pensioner’s recycling rubbish because it contained a TEA BAG. Donald MacKenzie, 74, had sorted plastic, tin and glass into his grey wheelie recycling bin but the tea bag became mixed up with it. Binmen refused to remove the bag – or the other rubbish. Instead they left the bin untouched and posted Donald a note saying it was not collected due to “food waste”. Strange, I didn't know that tea is considered as "food" ? Maybe the binmen only know beer and whisky and thought the tea bag is something to eat as a snack ??

That's a big chopper
PROTEST thong . . . Hundreds stripped off to lay bare the joy of bikes and warn drivers to look out for them. Riders daubed slogans on their bodies like “Burn fat not oil”. The slogan is very nice, but to see all the fat hanging bellies (and other things only hanging), no, thank you I better stay home and watch TV.

Kickers or I'll kill thief jailed
A BURGLAR who threatened to kill a student unless she gave him the knickers she had on has been jailed for six years. Kevin Dickinson, 39, woke the terrified girl as she lay on a sofa and demanded her undies — saying: "Co-operate or I’m going to kill you." She screamed and he fled — but returned two days later, stealing knickers from a drawer in the house in Headingly, Leeds. He later grabbed 15 sets from another student house nearby. That would never happen to me, my underpants are all in boring white. (Now you know !)

Barak Obama is a living doll

A GERMAN doll-maker has produced a 14-inch figure of Barack Obama – complete with a Stars and Stripes lapel pin. Creator Marcel Offermann says the Obama doll’s black suit and sky-blue tie resemble the outfit he has worn in many of his US presidential campaign appearances.
Offermann’s Puppenklinik shop is selling a limited run of 999 Obama dolls online for $219 each.
Now isn't that a nice Christmas gift for your children ??

9 Jun 2008


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The word under didn't inspire me at all ! For help I looked under "under" in Google, but there was nothing special besides some boring websites. I then looked under "under" in my dictionary to find an inspiration but nothing fit !

I am not under fire and am not under represented. There is nothing I could plough or plow under in my garden. I didn't break under a lot of work and despite the fact what Jehova witness always preach the world didn't go under either. We are still there.

My cat Arthur was looking under the TV board for a Tennis ball he had seen on the screen during a match, but it wasn't there either, which disappointed him very much.

He had looked enough "under" !

But I think I did my duty and used enough under for "under".


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Robin asked us as assignment : tell us about a happy memory from your childhood. If you have pictures, please show us your pictures.

It's sad to say but since a few days I rack my brain to remember a happy memory of my childhood, but really nothing special comes into my mind. It's also a very long time ago, but that is not a reason, happy moments you always remember.

I spent part of my childhood with my grandparents until I was 6 and then with my parents. But besides playing with my friends, going to school and upset my teachers, nothing really special happened. I had my gifts every birthdays and Christmas and always what I wanted so there was no surprise either. Now trying to remember, it seems to me that my childhood was like a long quite river with no rocks. I can't even remember that I had been especially happy or unhappy at one moment, the years just went by and I grew up.

Real nice and unforgettable happy memories came much later when I was around 20.


I found a photo it was probably taken at Carnaval, because I have a costume. But really I don't remember where and when. I am the 3rd from the left with the white stockings.

8 Jun 2008



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Thursday I visted the Chateau de Vêves, near Dinant, a Walloon city and municipality located on the River Meuse in the Belgian province of Namur. It is a beautiful little town and sticks right away to rocks. See post below. The castle was constructed in the 15th century and looks like this :

Unfortunately the day was grey and without sunshine.

This bell hang at the big entrance door

copperplate prints at the wall

A poor deer's head was hanging in one of the rooms

displays of prints and coins

a nice and comfortable suit for shopping !

A huge fireplace with beautiful rough mosaic on the floor

The staircase

stone bullets

a place to play cards

The dining table

a little chapel

An old squeezing machine for cider

the kitchen with an open fire

and the blower

Today the owner's family still lives in there, but in a modernized part of the Castle of course.