12 Jun 2008


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Some bloggers are in such a hurry to visit a maximum of blogs and do a real blog marathon so that they have no time to read or look what is in the post. This causes rather funny comments !

13 inappropriated comments

1. My childhood was a long river without rocks
comment : Grandparents seem to be a big part of the joy of life.

2. A picture of a flower covered coffin
comment : beautiful flower box ! very creative

3. Describing a painful divorce by showing a wedding picture of a happy beginning ....
comment : happy wedding anniversary

4. An old painting of a blogger's ancestor
comment : nice painting of George Washington

5. Describing a fishing day with husband and showing his picture
comment : I also loved go fishing with my father

6. A picture of a terrible hurrican
comment : I love sunrises

7. A blogger had a terrible car accident and his car was completely demolished, but a picture of the car before the accident was shown
comment : Nice car, when did you buy it ?

8. Very sad and upset a blogger wrote that his cat had disappeared since 3 days and showed a picture of the cat
comment : Your cat is very cute, does she often sit on your lap ?

9. Somebody wrote about her grandma's dead and showed her last picture
comment : My grandma too loves reading books

10. A blogger wrote that unfortunately she can't have children and showed a picture of the neighbor's kids.
comment : your kids are beautiful

11. A blogger who uses a Braille keyboard wrote about her life as a blind person
comment : Come and see my entry

12. A nurse described how 5 people had to hold down a patient with a violent crisis in a psychiatric section of her hospital
comment : my son also does judo

13. Showing a picture of her son with a pony tail and a guitar
comment : my daughter too plays guitar

It probably also had happened to me but not because I didn't read, but I misunderstood !

Now be careful to what you will comment !


Charlotte said...

This is so true. I often get comments that make me wonder if they even read what I wrote.
Goodnight. Or maybe it's good morning where you are.

Junebug said...

I'm trying to be quiet as I read this because it is late and my husband has gone to bed but that No. 11 almost made me crack up laughing. I had to hold it in. Hee hee. I have received a few inappropriate comments occasionally. Some are funny. I have also read a few at other's blogs. i commented on someone's comment once because it was so funny and wrong. I guess I shouldn't have but I couldn't resist. :D

Betty said...

This was so funny. I hope I've never left an inappropriate comment such as these on anyone's blog. I guess it could happen if you misunderstand what was said.

My TT is my #15 and it's 13 things about me beginning with the letter "O". Hope you can visit.

Ctina said...

You are silly! :) Its been a while since I've done TT, but its good to see that you're still Thursday Thirteening it up!

Barbara H. said...

True, sometimes people only skim and don't get the real meaning. I've had some "off" comments but nothing as funny or sad as those!

Picturing of Life said...

nice post...

Mine in here Thanks

Mar said...

ROFL!!!I made sure I read every single line so as not to leave a dumb comment - at least here!
Have a wonderful Thursday.

(Sohnemann wird mit Freunden dann feiern, wenn wir im Urlaub sind,d.h. in 10 Tagen.)

shoshana said...

It's amazing how many inappropriate comments out there. I think it's because people rash and leave comments forgetting to read the post.

Shoshana said...

This is very funny though. Where did you get all these?

forgetfulone said...

What can I say? I must be careful so as my comments are not inappropriate! Clever idea for a post.

Leora said...

I like that you don't take the inappropriate comments to heart. Sometimes when someone leaves a comment that is off topic on a post that I have taken a while to write, I feel kind of lousy.

colleen said...

Did you get some of these comments? Some people don't read; they just look at the pictures!

Melli said...

LOL! I'm sure it has happened to us ALL at one time or another - but I really do TRY to read every post. I don't always visit everyBODY - but when I do visit, I TRY to pay attention to what you've had to say!!! I have had totally inapporpiate comments on my blog though too. It happens. The ones that aggravate me more are the ones that leave what I call "canned" responses. ONE comment that they just copy and paste into EVERYONES blog! I think THAT is just rude! There was one guy I noticed who did it EVERY week for the Photo Hunt. So I started copying HIS comment and leaving it back in HIS blog! He stopped visiting me. LOL!

Adelle said...

It's not funny, but I couldn't help but laugh. I too have had such comments. Happy T13!

Maribeth said...

Yes, I think sometimes people just see certain words and forget the rest.

WillThink4Wine said...

What a great T13, Gattina! I've gotten quite a few comments that would certainly qualify for your list! It seems many bloggers are more concerned with quantity than quality!

Wystful1 said...


I'm here visiting today because I've received complaints about the bloggers over 50 blog roll having members on the list not having the blog roll or the link to the blog roll's home page on their blog.

If, when a week's time is over, I'll stop by and re-check to see if you've updated your sidebar on your blog, including a link or the blogroll itself.

If it's not visible, I will assume you no longer want to be part of the over 50 bloggers membership and take your blog link off the list.

Sorry, but in all fairness, the instructions do say you must have this included on your blog somewhere for others who are using the list to visit. It should be accessible somehow.

[PS---I'm taking your link off the blog roll today because it's an outdated link...if you wish to be added to the blog roll again, you need to add the roll itself, or a text link with the graphic.]

Gypsy Princess said...

You hit my biggest fear! I always read before posting, and if I have no idea what the post is about i skip the commenting part, but I am always afraid that I may have misunderstood what was written at some point and make a stupid foot in mouth comment!

I love melli's comment though!

vlado&toni said...

oh no! are these real? some are funny but some are really a bit offending to the blogger who wrote the post.

Siani said...

LOL - I've had a number of comments that seemed to bear no relation to my blog posts. A long time ago, I posted a pic of my cat, who had just died. What do I get? A comment that says 'Wow. He's fourteen. Looks good for his age. Hope he lives for 14 more years'. Aaaarrggh! Happy Thursday!


Oh holy~moly !! I can so relate to your list. I have gotten some weird comments in the past, and I knew that the person had not even read what I had written.

I enjoy reading what others share, in fact you could say I sometimes live vicariously through all you guys! So in my chaotic life...if I only have time to read one or two blogs, so be it...I can only hope I have never left unrelated comments or weird ponderings...if I do I'll blame it on the PD! LOL

Great T13 !

Brenda ND said...

What a funny 13! Thanks for sharing.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL---I rarely stop and read the comments. Don't have the time, and besides I think that is more or less between the blogger and the commentor.

I DO however remember one of your comments you left me in FRENCH!!! I had to go back about 45 years in time and try and remember my French. LOL

Great t-13

the teach said...

This is very funny, Gattina! Hope you didn't just write you broke your leg... LOL! I've tagged you at my blog.

Norma said...

Very funny--especially George Washington. I really laughed.

My TT is up.