10 Jun 2008


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Diamond handbag? That will be £1m (1.2623 €, 1.97511 $ )

Consumers have been buying ever more expensive designer handbags
For most women, a dependable handbag is de rigeur, but for fans of designer couteur, the ultimate accessory has just arrived in the UK. Valued at £1m, the diamond-encrusted platinum handbag will go on display at jewellery shops around London to mark the inaugural London Jewellery Week. Created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, the bag has been set with more than 2,000 diamonds. That's not very practical, I woul have to hire body guards or walk around with a copy. So I better stay with my Kipling purse, there is only a monkey to be stolen.

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Paris Hilton launches her own line of hair extension (a bosom extension would be more appropriate !)

Actress, businesswoman, and fashion icon Paris Hilton announced that she has partnered with Sally Beauty Supply to design a collection of chic, high-quality yet affordable hair extensions. Available in ten natural looking shades. What a neat idea of her ! that must be the beginning for her personal creation of a brain extension, badly needed in her case.

Binmen refused to take rubbish
BINMEN refused to take a disabled pensioner’s recycling rubbish because it contained a TEA BAG. Donald MacKenzie, 74, had sorted plastic, tin and glass into his grey wheelie recycling bin but the tea bag became mixed up with it. Binmen refused to remove the bag – or the other rubbish. Instead they left the bin untouched and posted Donald a note saying it was not collected due to “food waste”. Strange, I didn't know that tea is considered as "food" ? Maybe the binmen only know beer and whisky and thought the tea bag is something to eat as a snack ??

That's a big chopper
PROTEST thong . . . Hundreds stripped off to lay bare the joy of bikes and warn drivers to look out for them. Riders daubed slogans on their bodies like “Burn fat not oil”. The slogan is very nice, but to see all the fat hanging bellies (and other things only hanging), no, thank you I better stay home and watch TV.

Kickers or I'll kill thief jailed
A BURGLAR who threatened to kill a student unless she gave him the knickers she had on has been jailed for six years. Kevin Dickinson, 39, woke the terrified girl as she lay on a sofa and demanded her undies — saying: "Co-operate or I’m going to kill you." She screamed and he fled — but returned two days later, stealing knickers from a drawer in the house in Headingly, Leeds. He later grabbed 15 sets from another student house nearby. That would never happen to me, my underpants are all in boring white. (Now you know !)

Barak Obama is a living doll

A GERMAN doll-maker has produced a 14-inch figure of Barack Obama – complete with a Stars and Stripes lapel pin. Creator Marcel Offermann says the Obama doll’s black suit and sky-blue tie resemble the outfit he has worn in many of his US presidential campaign appearances.
Offermann’s Puppenklinik shop is selling a limited run of 999 Obama dolls online for $219 each.
Now isn't that a nice Christmas gift for your children ??


Anonymous said...

Huh. I carry a bag I made myself. It probably took me all of 5 bucks to put together. My nickers are little-old-lady-white and quite expansive. I think I'm safe from the undies thief unless he needs a sail for his boat.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again...I just answered your question in my comments. Regarding the doll.


Melli said...

Goooood grief! If you're going to make a DOLL of a man - at least make it LOOK like the MAN! That doll looks like a black Gerber Baby! LOL!
It will sell though... people buy ANYthing!

I'm waiting for the knock-off version of the handbag! I want only rhinestones! ;)

the teach said...

Great news, Gattina! Funny! That poor guy with the teabag... I heard another story about how strict the garbage men are in Britain. Now another in your country. My guys are great they take anything... That doll of Obama looks NOTHING like OBAMA. What is that guy thinking who wants to sell it for $200+?

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Being an admirer of lovely decolletage, i must agree Paris Hilton sports a great plain.

The Obama doll looks more like a house slave doorman doll. More like one of those lawn jockey ornaments people feel they must have. A few years ago a fellow was stealing all those jockeys and leaving note proclaiming "Free the slaves." I think the doll maker just had some extra heads kicking around he darkened and sold them for Obama babies.

claudie said...

The doll of Obama doesn't make me think to Obama! Juste au petit poupon noir qui se trouve dans ma classe dans la maison des poupées!

Maribeth said...

I with Melli on both the doll and the bag. Doesn't look at all like him.
I do like the bag, but will have to wait until Wal-Mart makes a cheap knock-off!
Again. Love your compiled news!

Lifecruiser said...

I'll recieve the handbag and will carry it - to the jewellery auction to sell it and travel for the money! *giggles*

Paris don't do so good marketing for her hair extensions - I don't think her hair look good in that photo. Poor Paris.

Love the protest thing of course - at a distance at least, I'm not sure if I wanna come closer....

Obama looks like a little boy toy.... *giggles*

Suzanne R said...

If someone wants to make and sell a doll claiming it's like Obama, it should look like Obama! LOL! Thanks for letting me know about it. With my arm, I haven't been getting around much.

raqgold said...

bloghopping from toni :) very interesting and funny stories here. that obama doll looks like an obama who gained weight. my bag contains cookie rests, sand, stones and dirty socks from my girls :D

Liz said...

Why would anyone want to ride a bike in the nude?!!!!