5 Sept 2014


1. Ever since I sprained my left leg on Sunday by slipping and falling on the wet pavement of the midi market, I mostly sit or lay and hobble a bit around like a slow rapid. I feel like a prisoner ! Fortunately I can drive, in my automatic car, my left leg is anyway useless ! To change a bit the wallpaper I drove to Nicole to sit on her terrace in the sunshine. She wasn't in a better shape, she has a sciatic in her right leg, and hobbles too, which makes a nice pair of us when we hobble together. Usually her dog Charlie walks slowly behind us, now he walks in front when we hobbled to my car.

2. I take antiinflammatory pills and move as less as possible. I spent my time at the computer and watch TV, and watch our street like Google street watch. Even watching the garbage men became interesting.  When I am fed up I take my car and drive a little around. As it was mostly raining, I couldn't take any pictures either.


My neighbor's car broke down and had to be towed ! Mr. G. was full of compassion. At least I had something to watch ! Otherwise I only see people walking their dogs or some joggers !

I managed to change the bedsheets and dared to do it while cat Arthur was sleeping on my bed. He wasn't pleased and stayed until the last minute when finally he gave up when I tried to vacuum him !

4. My identity card had to be renewed and as my leg was a little better (at least I thought so) I went to the city hall. Of course I didn't find a parking space close to the entrance and when I finally arrived the lady told me that my passport pictures weren't good. I had to hobble across the street to a photo automat, and had pictures made especially for passports and identity cards,

on which you look like "Wanted" because you are not allowed to smile ! The result was this ! Not very flattering ! If ever I will be checked and arrested as a terrorist, I can understand !


My painting class has started a new school year and for this event I offered myself a new school bag with wheels ! My paint tubes became so heavy to carry, in a normal bag, now with the wheels it is very easy ! The blue canvas is a new painting I started.

We were all happy to see each other again after two months, and the coffee break was very long, everybody talked about holidays !

4 Sept 2014


Letter P

Usually the first thing when your child grows up is to teach him to be polite. Usually it starts with learning to say "Thank you" ! The child becomes polite, but some people have forgotten this first rule of politeness when they are adult, and just don't say "Thank you" not even when they receive a card or nowadays a mail. So why do they teach their children to say "Thank you" if they don't do it themselves ??

There are lots of occasions where you have to be polite, you just can't say what you are thinking ! For example

- When I am invited to a party and somebody greats me asking for news about my son and I really don't remember this person, because I rarely recognize a face, I can't say : I have never seen you !

- When somebody asks me what I think about her new dress and it has horizontal stripes which makes her even fatter than she is, I can't say, you look like an oversized cow.

- When I meet people I can't stand at all in a public place, I still have to be at least polite and great them with a friendly smile (at least on my face)

- When I go to a funeral and I know that my friend is not sad at all because her husband died (she had wished his death at least once a day) I can't go to her at church and say : Youpee ! he finally is dead ! No, I have to make a sad face and hug her while she squeezes a tissue against her (dry) eyes.

- When I am invited for a supper and the plate really doesn't look very appetizing and tastes awful, I have to smile and pretend it is delicious.

- When I meet some VIP politicians of the city for an official event and I really cannot stand this guy I have to clench my teeth and shake hands with a friendly smile.

- When a grandma proudly shows me a picture of her grandson, I can't say : What an ugly kid !

- When I meet somebody in the street I haven't seen for a long while and think she really looks like an old wrinkled apple now, I  say : You haven't changed at all !

- When somebody shows me his slides for one hour and you see only children or family in all situations and you have never seen them before, you can't just yawn and say "that's boring can't you stop and show me something more interesting ?"

- When a mother praises the extraordinary qualities of her child and it is just rolling on the floor in a tantrum, I can't tell her that he is a spoilt brat.

- When somebody tells me that she has nearly died again for the 1000 time I can hardly say to her, but you are still alive.

- When somebody tells me 3 or 4 times the same story I can't say "you told me that already 3 times" I just have to wait until it's over.

- When a notorious womanizer marries a girl I know and she says at her wedding "with me he will change" I can't tell her that I have serious doubts.

And now be polite and don't leave me unfriendly comments ! 

Jenny Matlock
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3 Sept 2014


The fate of two poor breams

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2 Sept 2014


When you have a visitor from abroad, you also discover new things in your own town. That happened to me when I wanted to show the ancient Market Hal of St. Géry to a friend.  I had never been there since the market halls had been renovated and the whole area around had changed. The covered market halls stand on a site where once the church of Saint-Géry stood, which was built in the 16th century. Read more here

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1 Sept 2014


What a difference between last weekend and this one ! Instead of sitting outside as it is usually possible in August, even in Belgium, it rained !

It rained so much that I just jumped in my car, in the shop, filled the caddie with food and drove home ! I could have taken pictures of umbrellas in all colors but I didn't.

Instead I took pictures of my cats, I had run out of cat pictures, for my cat blog ! That happens as I was away. I could hardly take pictures of Mr. G. as he is always in the same position, or behind his computer or behind the TV.

Anyway I also did the laundry, baked a bread and discovered photo tools on Internet which I had to try out. And suddenly the day was over.

On Sunday I had to go to the midi market to buy 3 other pairs of my colorful trousers for my friend in Eastbourne. I was lucky to find the right once, apparently they start already with the winter clothes and the summer things disappear. I also bought some fruits and then sat down in my usual café for a tea. There was an English couple who sat at my table and we started to speak, they live already 30 years in Belgium, and just in the next little town besides Waterloo. We were joined by two Philippine ladies who also spoke English. The old accordion man who always plays there each Sunday started to play "Rock around the Clock" and other Rock an Rolls and we all moved to the music on our chairs and we had a lot of fun. On my way back to the bus I slipped on the wet pavement and fell like a hot potato on the ground. A Moroccan lady helped me up and sat me on a bench. The others around just starred without moving. Makes me think that Allah is not so bad !

I had twisted my leg and my foot hurt. After a while I got up hoppled over the street to the next shoe stand and bought a pair of shoes which didn't slip. It was just the end of the market and the guy wanted to get rid of all his shoes so he sold them all for 5 Euros (6.60 $) what a bargain and they are real nice leather shoes. I hoppled back to the bus station and went home.

No Waterloo city street party which took place today, I couldn't walk ! I lay the rest of the day on the sofa and watched TV, only interrupted by Dominique's visit who had come back from Sicily this night and picked up her canary who had spent its holidays in our guest room. Fortunately cat Arthur is so used to the bird now, that he doesn't try anymore to break into the room.

On Monday school holidays are finished in whole Belgium and all my activities start again too. Unfortunately I can't go to aqua gym, because I  can't hop around in the swimming pool ! I have to rest my leg and Mr. G. has to do the house jogging for once.