31 Jul 2020


I sincerely hope that our move is finally finished. Our new appartment is wonderful and everything is in its place I mean at least the furniture and it looks nice.The house is nearly empty I only have to move my paintings into my ancient neighbor's basement. Some books are to be taken along and some personal papers we have forgotten. And then on Tuesday the "Empty All" comes and will empty the house completely. It will probably take 3 days, as I have left quite some furniture behind and only taken along small things. We have also been in the City Hall to change our address and Mr. G. had also gone to the post office. So for 3 months our mail which still comes to the house will arrive here. Today it is very hot 35°C but our new home is nice and cool although I can't see any aircondition. From next week on, or a week later or later I will empty the boxes and suitcases and fill in the wardrobes, desks, and other furniture. Only the kitchen has everything in place. And then I can pick up my old life ! not really because we have a kind of second Coronavirus wave in Belgium. Our town is quite safe, but we have to wear masks outside and do a lot of things online. And we are the only country which lives in bubbles, that means you are allowed to receive 5 people (a bubble) besides the family members who live under one roof. That's quite ridiculous because if you live in a big house keeping the obligatory distance you could have more friends or guests then in a one room dwelling ! My bubble doesn't change we were always never more then five. Other countries call us "Bubble Belgium" which is quite funny ! It's a strange life ! I am sitting on the terrace and overlook the gardens. Our closes neighbor is far away.

I only saw that there were people when I zoomed Our finished living room, the curtains are very nice they keep out the heat too

On the other side through the huge fir I can see the swimming pool with full of laughing kids, must be the grandchildren The only door in the house I hate to open is the room where we put everything which still had to find its place in the furniture ! But for the moment I can live with this, I think after all these months lockdown included I earn a little break ! It took me the double of my usual time for a post to get not used to this new Blogger thing ! I don't see any difference only complications !
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