12 Feb 2021


On Monday when I looked out of the window my world was white ! See here ! It was years that it hadn't snowed like this ! Usually we have a few snowflakes which last two or three days and then were gone.

Snow is very beautiful for some people, but not when you have to drive and just on this day it was the Whist day of Mr. G. The man who takes care of our building had salted the snow, which of course hadn't worked at all because as soon as the snow had melted it started to freeze again which was even worse. Unfortunately the exit was not flat, but I had to drive up a little hill. I tried three times without success. Then Mr. G tried and managed, of course he is used to mountains when he lived in Italy. 

The streets were not cleaned at all and I was relieved when I dropped him off and returned home. I managed to drive the car into the garage and thought, that's a day to stay inside, which I did !

Next day was Scrabble day and we went to Myriam. She had prepared her table to make a very big painting for her daughter. It's 2 m long and 80 cm large ! Fortunately she has enough space !

The canvas were still white, she just had got the colors. It will become a landscape in France. The snow was also covering the swimming pool which was frozen

After scrabble we celebrated Chantal who had become grandmother for the first time, just when she arrived at the door, her son called her from Canada to tell her ! Of course Myriam opened a bottle of Champagne and I had brought all kind of little cookies which were delicious. Of course Chantal was very happy. Another boy in the family !

When summer was finished I stated that in Mr. G's room the balcony door didn't close correctly. It didn't matter when it was warm but when it became cool and then cold I had absolutely to find somebody who repaired the door. I was lucky, I asked the man who always helps me with everything and who is an allround man, he repairs everything. In only an hour he arrived, and repaired the door, there was only a screw broken, and as he was already here, he also repaired a board which was loose in the kitchen. The next day the temperatures dropped to - 10 °C rather seldom in Belgium, so I had the door repaired just in time before Mr. G. became a frozen statue !

The next day I had to drive Mr. G. to the kinesitherapy, he hadn't walked enough since he broke his hip and had stopped kinesitherapy too early, then came the first lockdown and then the second which was not really ideal for a even in normal times lazy  jogger ! 
The waiting room was very pleasant I thought I was sent back into an earlier century. Apparently the young man came twice to Waterloo for his patients and had his office in his parents house. That explained it all. After half an hour exercise I drove an exhausted Mr. G back home, where he sank immediately on the sofa. 

I then did my shopping ..... Usually it's always him who does it, but he has to take a medication and is not allowed to drive. That's why I have a new job I became chauffeur !

And as this time of lockdown is not really funny, I found a mask with smilies  !

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11 Feb 2021


1. Something little you are loving right now? 

Not only right now but forever, my little cat Rosie

2. Red roses or pink peonies? Red wine or pink lemonade? Red lipstick or pink polish? A cotton candy colored sky or a fiery red sunset? A book-movie-song you love with the word red or pink in it's title? 

I definitively like red, you will find a lot of  red in my home and also a lot of red amongst my clothes ! I prefer red roses by far and also red wine. I never wear lipstick and certainly not red that would be a too intens  color, I would rather wear pink if I had too and I also like pink polish on my finger nails. I love fiery red sunsets they are so romantic and beautiful. I love the song of Rod Stewart "Put your red shoes on" ! Out of the song "Let's dance" ! 


3. What's something you currently have your heart set on doing-going-seeing-or experiencing? 

Currently I have really nothing my heart is set on ! We are in Lockdown here and I am bored to death I want to go out in a restaurant, have fun and then I can set my heart on a lot of things ! I have a lot to catch up on  !

4. Who would you most like to have a heart to heart with right now? Is that possible? 

If it would be a human with nobody ! It would be possible of course with cats

5. Write an acrostic for the word L-O-V-E. 

I had never heard this word and therefore googled what I found was this 

Don't really agree with this, but didn't find anything better. This whole Valentine uses are getting on my nerves. Especially this year, when it is impossible to celebrate nicely ! you can't even go to a nice restaurant, and eating at home is not the same.   

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Our lockdown is getting too long, I think I loose months or even a year of my life ! In the morning when I wake up I think what should I do the whole day ? There is nothing cheerful to looking forward too ! Everyday is the same the only interruption is our Lockdown babble club ! 

I just want to do like Freddy Mercury :

I want to break free 




10 Feb 2021


During my stay in Egypt we saw quite often belly dancers. There always was a show in the hotels in Egypt, Morroco and Tunesia and the Belly Dance was a must to be seen by the tourists. 

According to some, the dance form that today many call belly dance is extremely old and traces of it can be found up to 6,000 years ago, in some pagan societies who used to worship a feminine deity, to celebrate women’s fertility as something magic. This should be an example to the Western men !!


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9 Feb 2021


What a surprise when I openend the curtains ! It had snowed !! 

The last time we really had snow in Belgium far more then today was in 2012 ! Ever since a few snowflakes dropped from heaven from year to year and disappeared the next day ! 

Of course in a country not used to snow or maybe a little bit in the Ardennes, which is a small part, it is the chaos when only three flakes drop ! Not organized at all, although the weatherman had announced snow for 10 days, they hadn't prepared the trucks which salted the street. Probably nobody believed in snow anymore. The main street  in front of our building,  a so called Boulevard was full of snow and the cars drove like snails. 

The view from our living room was beautiful ! Sitting in my sofa and looking outside I nearly thought I would be in wintersport, without the sport fortunately !

From the side the "Boulevard" to the city center at 10 am !

Love the white roofs


Our garden furniture wrapped for the winter, my little cat statues wear all a white bonnet !!

My neighbor in the next house cleans his entrance in shorts and slippers ! But .... he wears a scarf !

Madame gives instructions from the kitchen window !

I had to drive Mr. G to his Whist group and even  the street where the St. John's school of Brussels is located was not cleaned ! Hope that no child has broken his leg !

There are many offices in the Waterloo office park on the right, it was very slippery !

I was happy when I arrived home safe and sound and of course I preferred to see the landscape through the window and the people walking with their dogs in the park.

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8 Feb 2021


Arthur loved to ride in my car and everybody in the other cars admired him !




Lockdown weekends are especially boring. Usually there is nothing on TV but children things or bloody crimes, I could choose a film on YouTube but then I prefer to work a bit with my photos.

On Saturday we were invited to a café at a Whist friend of Mr. G's and chatted all afternoon. For the Xth time the Weatherman had announced a snow storm and when I woke up Sunday morning there were a few snowflakes laying around but nothing exciting impossible to make a snowman !

Sunday was really a day to stay home but I had to do some shopping and near us is a little supermarket which is open on a Sunday, all others are closed. It was very cold and I hurried up so now I hope I am well equipped if ever the weatherman is right ! 

My son called me in the morning from Amsterdam and showed me his street and garden. There was a lot of snow, in fact so much that all trains were cancelled. Finally a lockdown weather in the Lockdown !

 A beautyful sunset through the melted snowflakes covered window !

and a happy cat who loves the lockdown !

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7 Feb 2021


I am still busy with my folder "Failed Photos" which I had kept for a special meme, in case I was asked to show pictures I really don't remember what it was, and can only guess 

 An eye carved in wood

Night traffic in rain

Can only be modern art because I have no idea what these two photos mean, and where I took them !

In my painting class we had started modern painting before the lockdown started, now when I look at these photos it's also a kind of modern art, and I am glad that I didn't throw the pictures away !!

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