9 Feb 2021


What a surprise when I openend the curtains ! It had snowed !! 

The last time we really had snow in Belgium far more then today was in 2012 ! Ever since a few snowflakes dropped from heaven from year to year and disappeared the next day ! 

Of course in a country not used to snow or maybe a little bit in the Ardennes, which is a small part, it is the chaos when only three flakes drop ! Not organized at all, although the weatherman had announced snow for 10 days, they hadn't prepared the trucks which salted the street. Probably nobody believed in snow anymore. The main street  in front of our building,  a so called Boulevard was full of snow and the cars drove like snails. 

The view from our living room was beautiful ! Sitting in my sofa and looking outside I nearly thought I would be in wintersport, without the sport fortunately !

From the side the "Boulevard" to the city center at 10 am !

Love the white roofs


Our garden furniture wrapped for the winter, my little cat statues wear all a white bonnet !!

My neighbor in the next house cleans his entrance in shorts and slippers ! But .... he wears a scarf !

Madame gives instructions from the kitchen window !

I had to drive Mr. G to his Whist group and even  the street where the St. John's school of Brussels is located was not cleaned ! Hope that no child has broken his leg !

There are many offices in the Waterloo office park on the right, it was very slippery !

I was happy when I arrived home safe and sound and of course I preferred to see the landscape through the window and the people walking with their dogs in the park.

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mamasmercantile said...

My goodness your neighbour made me feel cold clearing snow in his shorts and slippers yikes!!!!

Andrew said...

It looks wonderful, while you are warm and cosy inside. If it is hot here, public transport and roads fail. If it is wet here, public transport and roads fail.

William Kendall said...

That is a pretty sight!

Klara said...

can you imagine, there is one guy (lives close to my work) who is ALL THE TIME in his shorts - summer, winter....
southerner in me just cringes ;-)

Mara said...

So you did get some snow then? It all looks very pretty.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Snow is always wonderful until you have to go anywhere....
I loved your neighbour's optimism in summer clothes and a winter scarf! I remember we had some snow days in Belgium which was always exciting.
Stay warm
Wren x