10 Feb 2023


After my nice weekend, on Monday I tried to get up and go to the bathroom, but I had to sit down and catch my breath finally I managed to arrive there and it took me half an hour to to put on socks and my bathrobe. I couldn't breath. I don't panic easily, but too much was too much I managed to arrive in the living room and fell down on the sofa. I had to wait a long time it seemed to me until I could take the pone and call my doctor.

She promised to come right away after her consultations, meanwhile I had calmed down, ate my breakfast and as I didn't move, I felt quite normal. Opening the door when she came I couldn't speak and she followed me in the living. She checked me and took a blood sample. What I had was a viral bronchitis and this on my lung problems ! No wonder I was suffocating. She took the time to cheer me up she is really a great girl. She could be my daughter. 

My neighbor, also called Nicole went for me to the pharmacy which is right next door. What a chance I have; that all important shops are around me where you can walk to. The women my age here mostly can't drive, never learned it because the husband pretended they don't need it ! The old generation where I should belong too. But I have it always done my way ! Never become like my mother and be dependent on a man.

The whole week I spent the same way ! 

 watching the TV

I saw him in Brussels at the European Union asking for tanks, airplanes, etc it's a pity that the earthquake happened in Turkey and not over Russia and Ukraine. All these poor people who died one by natural catastrophe and the others because of two fighting cocks..

I had enough, being sick and only see the miseries of the world is too much. I preferred to watch wild animals, and listened to Elvis who reminded me my 13 years ! And the first record I bought.


I took the photos from the screen


Now I feel a bit better, I even managed to do the laundry. At least I can breath, but not walk correctly.

I had called my travel agency to cancel my trip to France, but it was too late. In normal times he would have reimbursed me, but his company too had a lot of losses because of the Corona crisis.

But he said I could go with him, since the excursions are all made by bus and I can sit down in a café when I can't follow. I'll try, every day it's a bit better I'll just wait until the last minute. And I really need to live and see other things. Otherwise I get crazy even more than I am already. And the only one who could calm me down and comfort me is not there anymore.

I am sorry if I am a bit slow in answering comments !

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9 Feb 2023


1. Something you've done recently that might be considered a labor of love? 

When we moved from our house into an apartment, I loved to do all the decoration and change style completely. When it was finished and I got a lot of compliments, it made me really happy.

2. What's one thing you love about being the age you are now? 

At my age (soon 80 only in my passport) I have the impression that we forward to the past ! Everything which was normal to me as a child, no shopping bags, no plastic, only organic food, the word didn't even exist, save water, lots of people didn't even have a bathroom, in short what young people think that all is a new invention, in reality it is the life when I started mine as a teenager. And what is called "organic" has only an organic price. 

3. What do you value more: careful planning or the freedom to be spontaneous? Elaborate.

I have never planned anything besides travels, because I had to do the reservations. Otherwise I don't think, I just jump into whatever pleases me. My dear husband never forgot one event and used it to describe me.

It was when I needed a new hood filter. Only the filters, nothing else. Therefore he was waiting outside in the car and when I got out I had the filters in my hand,  but I was followed by a young man cariing  a new TV much bigger than the one we had.  He loaded it into our car and Rick laughed his head off. He was not worried about the money because he knew that I was not one who would throw our money out of the window.  In fact the TV had a special discount !

4. A home cooked meal or a fancy restaurant? pink or red? watch the sunrise or watch the sunset? wine and cheese or champagne and chocolate? 

Now I don't cook anymore for me alone it is not worthwhile. I would prefer a fancy restaurant and eat all things I don't know, except roasted worms, insects or animals, but chicken and turkey and fish. 

I always loved red and many of my clothes are red and in our house the kitchen was red too with white elements.

I love both sunset and sunrise, and I can see spectacular once from my terrace on the 4the floor. Often I don't know if it's sunrise or sunset !  

5. What's your definition of romance? Are you a 'romantic'? 

Yes I am very romantic, unfortunately I won't show it, I am afraid of hurtful words. I like the smell of the forest, I love mountains and beautiful landscapes but also the desert, the sea, rivers 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I have a viral bronchitis and no other thoughts in my mind  than to get well soon, as I want to go on a 3 day trip to France next week.


8 Feb 2023


 Little devil Arthur, I doubt that he is with the angels !!

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7 Feb 2023


When I stroll through the streets today, many men wear beards, which was actually not fashionable at all in the past. Today the beardless can be counted on 10 fingers, the majority, old and young, wear a beard. Not a long one like my grandfather, where the soup always got stuck. That's probably why I don't like beards. 

But now since a while I also noticed that men also wear buns. My aunt Justine, my grandmother's sister, had a bun on her head pulling her hair back. Since she had huge sticky out ears, I was always afraid as a child that she would fly away. 

Last week I read an article about cavemen with a lot of pictures. And now I know where this fashion comes from ! Only 2,45 million years ago ! As we say fashion always comes back. Only I didn't know that it goes back so far ! 

2.45 million years ago



6 Feb 2023


The field with the cows has disappeared and a house is built ! Arthur checked if the work is done properly. 





For me the first weekend after this horrible January was real nice ! My son and Toby came on Saturday noon and brought Hamburgers along, as unfortunately I had a real strong asthma attack, and the lightest effort left me breathless. When I didn't move it was OK. Anyway I absolutely have to go to the lung doctor. 

I was really sad that this had to happen to me this weekend. But still we happily ate our  hamburgers, then we chatted and laughed and Dario did all the little jobs I couldn't do, like lifting heavy things, opening stuck faucets, tidying up the basement a bit and then was dinner time.  

Fortunately I had 1 kg of Gnocchi in the freezer, with mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes etc, definitely a very filling dish. I had to put it in a huge salad bowl, and they ate it all !! What an appetite, I wasn't used to that anymore ! After supper they both went to the cinema, I preferred to stay home because I feared to get breathing problems and found it more careful to stay home. 

On Sunday we made it cool, everybody ate what he wanted for breakfast, Toby a yogurt, I my oat with blueberries, and Dario liked croissants. My son absolutely wanted to vacuum, which I thought was very nice of him, 

For lunch they both got a gyros plate from our Greek restaurant. The portions were huge !

Nonna and Toby show what they can do with their fingers !

Mother and child !

and so ended a nice weekend with doing nothing, at least I did nothing, but we had fun and that was good for all of us