5 Jan 2019


Through Wendy's blog I found this "Just jot it "meme" as they say in Blog language, I would rather say "theme", but never mind you also say "lol" instead of laughing out loud !

As English is not my mothertongue I have learned a lot of vocabulary through blogging. I have always worked with languages during my working career, but when you work for a fabric producer you learn specific words and not necessarily every day words and the abbreviations in messages and blog language not at all. I had to ask what it meant !

Now I am again in this situation. I read the prompt list for January, and first didn't know why the word prompt is used, but Google explains everything. So I decided to participate but was confronted with another obstacle, the word (??) SoCS prompt for January 5. I have no idea what SoCS means and when I googled I got so senseless answers like SOCS = Security Operation Center solutions, System on a chip, Supressor or cytokine signalling which refers to family genes or "Socials" as meant in "The Outsiders". Socials, are as stated in the book and movie, "White trash with Mustangs and Madras shirts" or in our case, the rich kids. The opposition of the socs are the greasers".

I am quite sure that I don't have to write about anything which is listed above, anyway I don't know Security solutions, supressors or cytokine in family genes etc etc. I could write about rich kids, but this has certainly nothing to do with the prompt either.

Then I thought if I don't know a thing, I just can knit a story about the lack of knowledge due to my language skills.

One language of English origin is very hard to understand for me, the "Lol cat bible", even described in Wikipedia !

A book version of the website was released in 2010, containing selected extracts such as the stories of the creation of the earth, Adam and Eve, and Noah.

In the process of adaptation, various changes are being made to the source material, for example, changing the main characters to cats – e.g., Jesus Christ becomes "Happy Cat," God the "Ceiling Cat," and Satan the "Basement Cat" – while the "gifts" and "blessings" of God have become "cheezburgerz", and people in general have become "kittehs".

For example :

In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs n stuffs

Giv us dis day our dalee cheezburger
and furgiv us for makin yu a cookie but eateding it.
and we furgiv wen cats steel our cookie

 Now I wonder if there would be more people reading the bible if they would buy this version.

4 Jan 2019


As the New year (post here) was celebrated on a Monday, for me the week started on a Tuesday with the impression that it was Monday and I only realized the difference when I looked around me and saw a dormitory

At 11 am still sleeping, Mr. G. and the cats ! I answered a few emails and then fell on the sofa and watched TV. I was not tired just very lazy. I also made a few phone calls for the New Year and that was it. At 9 pm we both went to bed. A few years ago we recovered more quickly !

On top all shops were closed for the 1st January and it was grey and wet outside, so the best place was anyway to stay inside.

On Tuesday I had a bit more of energy and made two new headers for my blogs.

That's something I like to do and time went by very quickly ! I also changed my profile picture and changed the usual cats to the camel Oscar.

Sales should start on January 3 and not before (otherwise you get a fine) so the streets were empty and only a few window shoppers were looking for the prices, to compare them with the sales prices the next day.

As I badly needed little boots, my old once fell into pieces, I went to the shoe shop and was told that I could get the "Sales" price if I buy two articles. But I didn't want two pairs of shoes. I told the girl that I would come back the next day, but she said, you can buy them now and take a pair of stockings or something little then you have two articles !

Good idea, I choose a black beret got on the two the "sales" discount and returned home. That way I avoid the mostly women "rush" on bargains, the crowd and the traffic !

Now that finally the year end's festivities are over I had enough of looking at my Christmas tree, the angels, garlands, father Christmas etc etc. Together with my cleaning lady we put everything away !

Now the room looked normal again and ready for my Scrabble girls, as it was my turn to receive them. 

For once I was second which was really surprising. Then we had coffee and cake and I showed my new beret and boots to my friends. They all liked the beret and wanted to buy one tomorrow. Myriam tried it on and it suited her very well. It was a very pleasant afternoon !

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1 Jan 2019


Due to the bad and humid weather my world is mostly inside now ! I ended 2018 with friends and started 2019 ! In a year we will have a round number 2020 !!

Since a few years we are always the same group getting together for New Years Eve each time at somebody else'. This year it was Chantal who received the group.

We guests had all brought some zakouski (canaps) and our own drinks. Usually it is a cold buffet and we also bring different salads. But this time we were asked to only bring something to eat with the aperitif.

Each of us also had brought 3 little gifts which lay there. One had to take a package and we others had to guess what was inside. The one who found the right content, got the gift ! Nicole was very good in guessing and got the most, I only got one, little espresso cups.

Miss Sheena was very interested in the zakouskis and managed to steal a few, until Monique started to protect our food and was the only one with enough authority to make Sheena sit on her sofa !

Chantal had prepared a beautiful table and decorated the living room very festively

We had a cheese fondu but also with different sorts of ham and baked potatoes. It's a lot of fun to gather around the table and prepare your food yourself ! It was so good that not very much was left.

At midnight we got messages and had to answer them. Sheena was disappointed that the table was empty !

And to finish the evening at 2.30 am, we played a very funny game and laughed a lot. It was a real nice start in the new year !

Mr. G was the only rooster in the chicken coop, but that didn't bother him at all !

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Hate fireworks !

is there a bone inside ?

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31 Dec 2018


When I think that we will enter 2019 and that it is already 18 years ago that from one day to another I went into another century ! The last person I know who had this chance was my grandma. She was 6 years old when from 1899 she arrived into 1900 ! And then me. Both of us if I think had a lot of changes and inventions in our lives. She unfortunately had to go through two WW, while I was lucky, I was born in the century of inventions. From washing machines to bread baking machines, from travelling in trains and then being able to buy a private car which only had been possible for rich people.

What is new in this 21 century is that we are not going "back to the future" as in the movie but far more to the past. We want to grow our own vegetables again, only eat organic or bio, and after having been forced to use plastic for all kind of things, now we are told that it is not good and spoils the environment.

This last weekend 2018, was grey and humid and foggy in the morning. The market in Waterloo had only a few stalls the others didn't even come. It was the same in the next little town where a lot of stalls were missing too. The boutiques were closed, although they had a special permission to open on this last Sunday, but anyway nobody would go shopping because Sales start on January 2, and of course nobody wants to buy anything for the full price if 2 days later they can get the same thing for half.

We were all hanging around and rather lazy finally Nicole had the good idea to hang around together and called two other friends so we were four to share a good fruitcake and coffee. For all of us the year had been rather good, except for two who had some health problems. But there were no family problems.

On Sunday I thought the sun would come out and went to the market but as there were only fruits and vegetables for sale and nothing else I returned home after half an hour.

The rest of the day I spent with phone calls to wish a happy New Year to those who live far away or I haven't seen for a while. For some the year had been very bad for others good.

Now I will see what this year brings !

The market wet and empty !

To all of you