4 Jan 2019


As the New year (post here) was celebrated on a Monday, for me the week started on a Tuesday with the impression that it was Monday and I only realized the difference when I looked around me and saw a dormitory

At 11 am still sleeping, Mr. G. and the cats ! I answered a few emails and then fell on the sofa and watched TV. I was not tired just very lazy. I also made a few phone calls for the New Year and that was it. At 9 pm we both went to bed. A few years ago we recovered more quickly !

On top all shops were closed for the 1st January and it was grey and wet outside, so the best place was anyway to stay inside.

On Tuesday I had a bit more of energy and made two new headers for my blogs.

That's something I like to do and time went by very quickly ! I also changed my profile picture and changed the usual cats to the camel Oscar.

Sales should start on January 3 and not before (otherwise you get a fine) so the streets were empty and only a few window shoppers were looking for the prices, to compare them with the sales prices the next day.

As I badly needed little boots, my old once fell into pieces, I went to the shoe shop and was told that I could get the "Sales" price if I buy two articles. But I didn't want two pairs of shoes. I told the girl that I would come back the next day, but she said, you can buy them now and take a pair of stockings or something little then you have two articles !

Good idea, I choose a black beret got on the two the "sales" discount and returned home. That way I avoid the mostly women "rush" on bargains, the crowd and the traffic !

Now that finally the year end's festivities are over I had enough of looking at my Christmas tree, the angels, garlands, father Christmas etc etc. Together with my cleaning lady we put everything away !

Now the room looked normal again and ready for my Scrabble girls, as it was my turn to receive them. 

For once I was second which was really surprising. Then we had coffee and cake and I showed my new beret and boots to my friends. They all liked the beret and wanted to buy one tomorrow. Myriam tried it on and it suited her very well. It was a very pleasant afternoon !

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Wendy said...

I don’t enjoy shopping in the sales. It is always so busy but nice if you get a good buy. Have a good weekend.

Maribeth said...

This year I do not have to shop the sales. There is nothing for me to buy. Besides now I want to not spend any money before my trip. AT this time, in two weeks, I will be on a plane heading to Florida and Disney World!

Faith said...

I LOVE shopping sales!! But imdo mine online as i can't stand going to the mall anymore. I must be getting old. Ha! The only time i like the mall is when they first open in the morning but i sleep in or have church on the weekends and during the week, i still go out to work to teach so...l,online sales!! Sounds like you made out well though.

I love getting the Christmas decor out in early December but come the end of the year i do like getting the clutter put away.

Happy weekend and happy belated new year!!

William Kendall said...

I had need of a fresh pair of boots, so I picked up a pair after Christmas.

The cats look quite comfortable snoozing.

Barbara H. said...

It's been hard the last couple of weeks to keep up with what day it is. I always love getting the house back in order after Christmas, too. I'm glad you found some good items plus a sale price without having to wait.

Willow said...

I don't like shopping any time and shopping during sales is even worse. Lucky you to get your boots and beret without the rush of shoppers.
Your New Year's day sounds like a good way to begin the year.
Congrats of coming in second on the Scrabble game!

Susanne said...

So very different from here that you're stores are only allowed sales at certain times. I don't blame you for not wanting to go when it's rushed and crowded. That was great that you got what you wanted and a cute beret to go with it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nice week! We actually stayed up until after midnight on New Year's Eve... here in Florida they shoot off fireworks starting then. We were with our boating friends and it was fun !