10 Aug 2019


When I saw that our tour also included a visit to Auschwitz my heart sank ! Long forgotten memories suddenly came up again. As a child and adolescent, I had seen and heard so much of it and attended an exhibition with the school, as there was no Auschwitz Museum back then.

I remembered people coming back from there as skeletons,  but as a kid I did not understand anything, that came later when we visited this exhibition. It was terrible. I was in such a shock that I got a high fever and had nightmares, I saw skeletons with huge eyes standing in each corner of my room. So I told our guide that I would wait in the bus or next to the bus along with others who did not want to go either.

and today

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9 Aug 2019


Nothing special happened this week,

It was my turn for Scrabble. Mireille, the one who looks like an eagly on the board,  always wins, although she is half blind, but the letters are especially big for visually impaired people. I had bought English cakes, an apple pie and fudge of course my Scrabble girls love it; This time I was second ! We were 6 and played outside on the terrace. Cat Arthur is always supporting us !

I had cleaned the house as my cleaning lady is on holidays and found a lot of things to do in the basement, but didn't have the courage to start. But I started to sort out cats from my cat colletion which I want to sell, because I have so much, there is no space anymore !

I needed some material for my painting class, where we have a lot of fun with "pouring" ! Pouring means to mix colors together and pour them on a canvas ! The results are amazing ! I got everything I needed and returned home.

The next day I thought I need a chair a foldable one which you can carry along with you in the woods or park. That's very practical for our weekly Waterloo Apero, because the deck chairs are quickly taken. If I bring my own chair along then I don't have to arrive too early. I found a red one exactly what I wanted ! Now I can sit down everywhere !

Behind the North Station in Brussels is a street with only Moroccan or Turkish shops ! They sell everytging ! From carpets,  kitchen ustensils, over shoes to clothes and furniture to very cheap prices, the rue du Brabant has everything. It is as if you enter another world. All shops belong to Moroccans or Turks. You find local Morrocan clothes or western once. The people here are a hodgepodge of all colors ! They are all very friendly and very cheerful too ! 

It is always a very busy street !

Before we started our shopping we went for lunch in a Moroccan restaurant.

It was delicious ! As starter we had salad, two of us had a seafood plate and two roasted liver ! It all was prepared with special Moroccan spices. We enjoyed our meal very much.

And nearby in the next street is the red light district, where the girls sit in the windows and wait for customers. We didn't go that far.

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8 Aug 2019


When we stopped in Prague for 2 days it was full of "good old things", in fact inside the city there was nothing else.

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7 Aug 2019


Isn't it nice to get real dirty ? Vintage ladies and "pouring" painting

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6 Aug 2019


Ready for the start !

The first stop of our tour was N├╝rnberg.

Nuremberg is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Bavaria after its capital Munich, and its 511,628 inhabitants make it the 14th largest city in Germany. We stopped there for a few hours.

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5 Aug 2019




Just for the weekend the sun came out and we could go to the weekly Waterloo Apero where the people of Waterloo gather for a drink in the park.

And each time we eat a box of Belgian Fries (I refuse to say French fries, because they were invented in Belgium) which are especially good and tasty. Later we were joined by my neighbor and her niece and at 8 pm we returned home. It's always very pleasant.

The official "Sales" ended on July 31, and I hadn't bought anything because nothing was to my taste ! But one boutique, the one I like the most, had officially closed the "Sales" (that's a law) but in a corner of the store were all clothes with reduced prices by 50 % ! A real bargain. I bought the T-shirt and the pullover and I had cleaned the house over the weekend because my cleaning lady is on holidays for 3 weeks and thought that I really had earned to buy them. Apparently the good Maria (that's her name) misses her old couple (us) because today she called from Poland only to say "Hello" and ask if everything was OK ! I found that very sweet !

On Sunday it was again very warm and I went to Ilona and we sat in her garden and chatted about nothing and everything.

On my way home I stated that all trees have a real lush green after the two days of rain. This is the main road leading from Brussels to Waterloo. A lot of the woods on both sides have disappeared and restaurants or other stores had been built along the street.

Only one farm has resisted to the promoters and is still standing there, it is very old and has probably seen Napoleons or Wellingtons soldiers marching buy !  There was another one which had been transformed to a luxurious retirement home.

All in all a quite weekend, if you don't listen to the News !!