25 Aug 2023


My cousin who had arrived yesterday decided to add another day because we got so well together. We had a lot of laughter because of our complicated families.

I thought I was an only child and had no relatives anymore and then I discovered a whole bunch, from my grandma and grandpas side, whose parents were very fertile ! 12 children on both parts Of course it's impossible that I know them all, but still I inherited a young cousin of 86, a direct one ! 

For  the first time in a camper !

We went to the Lac Genval and tried to put our relatives together. There were a lot of "family secrets" coming out. She knew a completely other version of her parents, which I didn't know, I knew a completely different, because I was there life. It was hilarious what people did, to keep a posh version of their lives. Then we returned home and continued to dig out stories. 

I knew that my great great parents had a huge farm in what is today Poland, so in some way I have polish blood in my veins. Again because of politicians who change borders, like on a game. One of the brothers also had a Circus !! apparently we were all very talented !

The next morning she left in her camping car and I had the blues. I really missed her. So I went to the hairdresser. I did nothing special, I copied Rosie and rested in my "basket" 

Whenever I have many plans, the result is I do nothing. I turn around. My neighbors were out shopping, it was hot and sticky. After having discussed with Nicole's daughter for an hour, I suddenly remembered that my laundry was still in the machine. So I took it out and hanged it in Rick's room. Then I collapsed on the Sofa. To my surprise I wasn't breathless and I walked like a human being. 

I forgot to tell a sweet story. While A was there her son called. I understood some words, like post, envelope, address and wondered what problems he had. And then she told me, her son the future doctor had to write (write with his hand) on an envelope and wanted to know where he has to put his address, (on the top, left she said) and the address of the company it was addressed to, a little further down on the right side. The stamps (don't forget) on the top of the letter, right side. It was so unbelievable that we burst out in laughter and reminded our school days where we learned all in handwriting, because computers didn't exist. I am sure the next time he will know where to write the addresses. 

I found my cousin very cool, instead of scolding him that he doesn't know something so simple, she explained it to him. It's not his fault if he never learned it.

After the beautiful weather we had while she was there, now I am sitting in the rain again.

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24 Aug 2023


1. What's your earliest memory?

I must have been two years old and what is engraved in my memory is the noise the tank treads  made, when they broke into the streets. It was the day the American soldiers entered our small town. It probably wasn't the noise at all, but rather the fear I felt  around me. That was the beginning of the occupation

2. What's something about you today that the old you would find surprising? 

I don't understand the question, because I am 4x20 and supposed to be old and nothing surprises me anymore.

3. Do you like to fish? Are you a fish eater? Favorite fish (to eat)? Favorite way to prepare fish?

I am a fish eater and even like it very much ! But fishing ??? I would get bored and fall asleep. And I would pity the poor

4. What's your biggest first world problem? 

I only have personal problems, the world I leave for the politicians. The little me can't change the world anymore. We tried that in the 60/70 with the result you know.  

5. What one word would you use to describe your year thus far? 


6. Insert your own random thought here. 


23 Aug 2023


Often Dentists have aquariums in  their waiting rooms, fishes are supposed to calm you down.



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21 Aug 2023



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Saturday I had a visitor. It's very complicated to say if she is a cousin, an aunt a little cousin or I don't know what. In short, my grandpa married my grandma who had a niece who married the brother of my grandpa (they were 11 children. They had a daughter who was the aunt and cousin to my mother. This daughter had again a daughter who was what ??  And I in the middle ? I think she is a cousin and an aunt is 4 years older than my son. So you know. Last time I had seen her she was 10 years old. She had the glorious idea to come to Waterloo and pay me a visit. She seemed to be funny on the phone and I thought why not ! And it worked !

It's strange I go well along with people who could be my children or with very old once but those of my generation rather seldom. 

She arrived at noon in a camping car !! I told her that she can sleep in my guest room without any problem, which she did, in the case we didn't understand each other she could always escape in her camping car !  Clever idea, could have been from me !

As it was quite hot, we went tot the Lunch Garden, nice and cool and ate the Belgian national dish "Moules, frites" (mussels with fries) They were absolutely delicious ! Fortunately because my cousin had never eaten mussels in her whole life !!

After lunch we went to the Waterloo Lion or from what was left and had a coffee there. 

Then we returned home and looked in the fridge, because I hadn't done any shopping, but it was enough. We were both lazy and practical, each took a tray and a large plate on which we threw the cheese and the grapes and apricots, then we collapsed on the sofa and watched "Escape to the country". A. also likes this show very much and we were also able to dig up family stories that I had long forgotten or that A. didn't know because she wasn't born yet! I was skanalized!!! What family did we both come from! We laughed our heads off. At 10 pm we fell in our beds.


A. is an early riser, while I am rather a morning grouch. But that didn't matter at all, because she wanted to walk to the Lion (10 km there and back). Then she was a bit tired. 


In the afternoon we went to Lac de Genval, a small lake, but very pretty. Actually I walked quite a bit and I have to say it went well.

The lake, we had real wonderful weather

For the first time in a camper ! With a special exit for "handicapped" people !

We stopped in a Brasserie and had a drink, before we returned home. It was a real nice afternoon.