3 Mar 2012


Yesterday after our walk along the sea, we went up to the hills to have a look on some of the beautiful mansions built there, dating from the 19th century. Most of them are now transformed into holiday lets.

This one has become an "Art Center"

and art it was ! Hanging this on your living room wall you can be sure to get mad after a while

or depressed with the black scribblings. To pull out wings of living butterflies and glue them on a piece of paper wasn't to my taste at all ! I prefer flying butterflies out in nature !

The nicest framed pictures were these briefs. Now I really wonder who the heck will buy these ??
Some mentally disturbed men ? Would certainly look nice over the desk of a Bank manager !

We didn't stay there very long, because the windows were closed with stores so we couldn't even admire the wonderful sight on the sea ! We escaped the art and went back to the sea before driving home.

2 Mar 2012


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1. Finally my suitcase was ready and my little baby computer too, plus the instructions to give to Mr. G. although they are always the same. Men have short memory ! So I was ready for the holidays in the South of France.

2. I had a smooth flight and arrived with 20 min advance in Marseille, where I had to wait a little for Claudie and her husband to pick me up. I saw their new built house for the first time. It's very beautiful there are still lots of little works to do but it's perfectly habitable.

3. We went visiting the charming little town of Ollioules (see posts below) and did some shopping too for the house. We bought curtains for the kitchen and other little things. They look very nice.

4. There is a market in the next little town Sanary at the sea and it was very folklore ! We bought fish and a table cloths which while we had coffee on the terrace of a restaurant, somebody stole from me ! So I had to buy a new one ! Disgusting. I had put the bag besides my seat, and somebody just took it !

market, the two of us, the new curtains, fish market and daugher Melissa with a plate of urchins

In the evenings it's a little cool but we burn wood in the oven and it gives a very charming heat.

Claudie had prepared the fish with tomatoes and slices potatoes all together in the stove and the fish was so fresh I thought it would jump off my plate !


Claudie took me to Seyne s/mer a little town near her place with a wonderful white sandy beach. We could sit outside and had a coffee, walked along the seafront and even visited a museum of modern art up in the hills. Apparently I am not intellectual enough, but this kind of modern art looked real ridiculous. There were circles in all colors and framed sexy briefs with nice words like "bitch" or "slut" written on them. Maybe some men want to hang them in their office !

I can only say time flies by too quickly !!

1 Mar 2012


Jenny Matlock
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I am spending a week in Ollioules a charming little town in the South of France, where my friend Claudie lives. We started as blogfriends and became friends. I was already there last year and she visit me in August in Waterloo together with her daughter.

They had moved into their new house who sits on top of hills with a splendid view on the sea.

That's what I see when I look out of my window

a view over the little town

The streets are not really made for old American cars !

There also is a castle which was closed for restorations

Walking along the sea we bought urchins to eat for lunch. I had never seen a real urchin in all my life and knew them only from pictures, and of course I had now idea how to eat them.

But I learned quickly and loved them.

Enjoying the sunshine, it is still a little cool around 15°C

We also visited the market and bought some fish

and I asked a man to take a picture of the both of us !

In the evening we need a little fire, the oven heats very well and I like to keep it running.

It is really a coincidence that my holidays start with an O like Ollioules !!

29 Feb 2012


Yesterday I got up at 4 am to take the plane to Marseille at 7 am. The flight went very smoothly and I arrived even 20 min earlier. Claudie and her husband picked me up and we drove to Ollioules near Toulon in the South of France where they live.

It was the second time I visited them and this year their new house was finished and looks very beautiful. The weather is very sunny and it was quiet warm, we even could sit outside a café when we visited the little town.

Unfortunately internet was out of work, probably because I was there !

I made a little collage to show you where I am. In 1 1/2 h only I went from wet and cool winter into warm sunny springweather, but when the sun disappears it is also quiet cool.

I felt a little lost without internet, couldn't use Skype, and I couldn't post either. Now it is repaired as you can see !

28 Feb 2012


Each year after Rio and Cologne famous Carnivals have finished their celebrations Nivelles (Belgium) starts its Carnival at the end of February ... read more here

27 Feb 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of February 25, 2012.

I went "cat" shopping on Saturday and bought a stock of cat food, because I am leaving on Thursday to the South of France to spend a week with my friend Claudie as I had done last year too. Mr. G. prentends he doesn't know what to buy exactly so of course I have to do it.

I was heartily greeted by this parrot who welcomed me with a loud "Bonjour" and then he told me everything in human language he knew. I really had to laugh it was so funny.

There also were to ladies who collected food for very mishandled and abused racing dogs which could have been saved from their cruel owners. I couldn't look at the pictures it made me sick. I bought a big bag of dog food and chatted a bit with the two ladies.

Then I visited a friend from my painting class in hospital, she has lung and spinal cancer and has to stay for a week to prepare her for the treatment. She is a real fighter ! She told me that she doesn't want to see the roots of the flowers yet and that she has not finished to devil people !

The entrance to the hospital from the parking is "very" welcoming ! You just arrive in front of the morgue ! Fortunately nobody had died when I arrived. But the main entrance is very cheerful. It is a nice and modern hospital with a very friendly staff.

Dominique had invited me for a cup of tea to see her grandchildren, unfortunately the pictures are blurred, only one was good enough, showing little Lucy who is 4 days older than my grandson Toby (15 month).

Compared to him she is very little, but walks around alone everywhere, tries to climb up the stairs and moved a kitchen shelf on wheels suddenly to the living room in the short time I was there.

On Sunday I went to the neighbor town Nivelles because they celebrated a big Carnival. I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some pictures for "Our World" tomorrow. I took the train because that day it is hard to find a parking space.

I arrived at 2 pm when the carnival procession started at the station.

Here are some pictures. (tomorrow I will publish a post for Our World with photos) It was very colorful and lots of carnival crazy people. After witches took of my cap with their brooms twice and I almost got an orange in my glasses, because instead of throwing sweets, they throw oranges, I had enough and called my friend Chantal who lives in Nivelles to pick me up to spent the rest of the afternoon with her outside of all this hurly burly, while her two sons with friends and girlfriends just got ready to celebrate until early morning hours.

26 Feb 2012


One day Blogger's big boss called for a meeting, because he got more and more spams on his blog.

He asked his managers if they had an idea what to do to make comments more difficult. They discussed and discussed and their tongues became dry. Big Boss ordered drinks for everybody as refreshments. They all were very happy about that and drank and drank and finally one had a wonderful idea !

"We only have to change "Word Verification" into "Please prove you're not a Robot", he said and everybody agreed !

he quickly wrote down the words he had in mind,

before he fell over the table in his glass and started to snore. The others found the above note under his right hand !

They looked at it and found it perfect ! Only one suggested sheepish "Isn't this a little difficult, even for a Robot ?" Nobody listened to him, and therefore we all have now to prove that we are human beings and not robots, if we want to leave a comment !


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