2 May 2015


The morning we spent at home, Claudie did some household scores, and I did some blogging. After lunch we went to St. Cyr a charming little town at the sea.

There was a watercolor exhibition of different artist. It was very interesting.

Then we went a little further to visit a mill which unfortunately wasn't open because it was the 1st of  May an official holiday. But the shop was open and we looked at all the local products and also souvenir articles and artwork.

The habor of Sanary

The weather was cloudy but not cold and we drove to Sanary to have our traditional cup of coffee at the habour. There were many people and a biking show with strange old bikes and little cars for the younger kids. It was nice to watch the tourists.

When we returned home, her husband had prepared

this delicious plate of chicken with lots of vegetable it was ready for the oven.

We had a nice supper together with the whole family watched a little bit TV before we all fell into our beds !

1 May 2015


1. After the rainy weekend it was still very cloudy and cold so I spent a lazy day and did some laundry. I wanted to have everything clean for my holidays in the south of France. I packed my suitcase and went to bed.

2. The next morning Mr. G. drove me to the airport unfortunately far too early. He turned around me and told me all 5 min that it was time to leave. I suspect he wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible ! Finally  I had enough and got in the car ! Instead of arriving at one I arrived at noon and hang around in the airport !

While I had a little lunch I watched the airplanes. It was cold and very cloudy. I arrived at 4 pm and met Claudie who had come to Marseille to pick me up. It was so nice to see her again !

3. I was rather tired when we arrived at her home, where her husband, daughter and boyfriend were already waiting. Of course we had a lot to chat, but after supper I went to bed,  I was exhausted ! It's better to travel in the morning and arrive early !

4. When I woke up and opened the shutters, a beautiful blue sky and sunshine greeted me ! The air was smelling so good !

In our kaftans and uncombed we sat at 8 am in the garden and had our first cup of coffee ! What a difference with home were the heating is still on !


The property around the house was in full bloom, I walked a little around and admired all these trees and flowers which are not growing in Belgium.

In the afternoon we went first to the school where Claudie works as a teacher for the little once. It was a beautiful and very cute pink building. She had to feed the silkworms in her class ! I had never seen a silkworm in my life only the cocoons for producing silk.

Then we sat at the seafront and had a coffee. When we arrived home her husband had prepared a delicious supper with fresh asparagus.

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30 Apr 2015


In case you don't know an X-ray machine lets take pictures of the bones inside your body. X-rays are a special kind of light which go through all of your body except your bones and other hard parts of your body, so the bones show up as white on the X-ray and the muscle in between shows black.

The only X-ray I had recently was yesterday when I went through 


My x-ray showed that I was not carrying a gun or bomb sewed on my bones

I was very cooperative

In the last minute I wasn't sure about the gifts I carried along

When I was through the X-ray control I got  on my plane to Marseille in the South of France, where my friend Claudie picked me up for a holiday week in her home.

And here I am from today on !

29 Apr 2015


No, I wasn't boozed but the stone gray elephant in front of "my" Indian shop, was suddenly painted in pink !

I am sitting in the plane flying to the South of France and

from tomorrow on I will start working like this !

28 Apr 2015


The weather was sunny and warm so my friend Ilona and I decided to go to Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is not very far from Brussels, only about 100 km (62 miles). It is located near the German and Belgian border, continue to read here

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27 Apr 2015


The whole week the sun was shining, but as soon as the weekend arrived it started to rain. Poor people who only have their weekends for going out.

In all side streets of Waterloo the Japanese cherry trees are in full bloom and it looks really very beautiful.

Unfortunately the snails like this spring weather too and started to invade our yard and eat every plant they can find. The leaves of my rhododendron were full of holes, so it was an emergency to buy the snail killing product. It's unbelievable what damage they can cause, they even once ate up an invoice in the letter box !

After shopping I stopped at Nicole's for a coffee. Charlie had a paw surgery a nail had been taken out and she has to disinfect the wound. Charlie is an angel, he doesn't move during the whole procedure.

Sunday evening we went to the cinema and watched the Marigold 2. The room was packed with vintage people who laughed their heads off during the movie ! It was absolutely hilarious, and full of very good humour. We enjoyed the movie very much ! After the movie we went to our usual Pub "La pomme" and had a drink there. We really had a very nice evening.