1 May 2015


1. After the rainy weekend it was still very cloudy and cold so I spent a lazy day and did some laundry. I wanted to have everything clean for my holidays in the south of France. I packed my suitcase and went to bed.

2. The next morning Mr. G. drove me to the airport unfortunately far too early. He turned around me and told me all 5 min that it was time to leave. I suspect he wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible ! Finally  I had enough and got in the car ! Instead of arriving at one I arrived at noon and hang around in the airport !

While I had a little lunch I watched the airplanes. It was cold and very cloudy. I arrived at 4 pm and met Claudie who had come to Marseille to pick me up. It was so nice to see her again !

3. I was rather tired when we arrived at her home, where her husband, daughter and boyfriend were already waiting. Of course we had a lot to chat, but after supper I went to bed,  I was exhausted ! It's better to travel in the morning and arrive early !

4. When I woke up and opened the shutters, a beautiful blue sky and sunshine greeted me ! The air was smelling so good !

In our kaftans and uncombed we sat at 8 am in the garden and had our first cup of coffee ! What a difference with home were the heating is still on !


The property around the house was in full bloom, I walked a little around and admired all these trees and flowers which are not growing in Belgium.

In the afternoon we went first to the school where Claudie works as a teacher for the little once. It was a beautiful and very cute pink building. She had to feed the silkworms in her class ! I had never seen a silkworm in my life only the cocoons for producing silk.

Then we sat at the seafront and had a coffee. When we arrived home her husband had prepared a delicious supper with fresh asparagus.

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  1. What a splendid first day you had! Love the little school, admired the shadows of the reed-thatched pergola, so unique.

    Enjoy your stay in the south,

  2. What nice girls we are freshly wake up in our kaftans !

  3. Your trip sounds like such fun. I LOVE that seaside view!

  4. Oh what a great getaway! You have the perfect hosts in the perfect place obviously. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. (As we retired folks here say: 'it's tough work, but somebody has to do it!').

  5. How wonderful to sit outside and feel the early morning warmth of the sun on your face.

  6. What a lovely place you get to visit. Soak up that sunshine.

  7. What a beautiful spot in the world! Enjoy! Coffee at the seashore sounds perfect.


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