11 May 2024


I think I will only mention the weather when the sun is shining otherwise it's getting boring ! Always clouds and grey skies. Monday was not an exception so it was good that we had a slide show of the Landes, a department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Southwestern France, with a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean to the west. We all sat in a circle and looked at the pictures while an unpleasant man who acted as if he had discovered the moon explained the pictures to us.

When he claimed that here was the longest beach in the world (!) and described every picture as if they were wonders of the world,  people started falling asleep after a while , or got up and left. I checked on my mobile phone whether what he said was correct, and of course it was nonsense. He probably thought the old people never traveled ! Finally he was nearly alone and packed his things in a box and left too. He should have showed us another continent and not a part of France which most of the people had seen life. 

We all got together had our coffee and chatted about the travels we had made. That was far more interesting. The 100 year old lady of course hasn't traveled but told us funny story of her youth ! She is very interesting.

The lady to the left is 100 years old and fresh like a rose !

My neighbor from the apartment I lived in for 3 1/2 years had called me that there was mail for me that she has taken. It was nice to see them again, but nothing special has happened there, they are the two who are at home the whole day, in my ex apartment lives a couple now that they have never seen. When I left I was really relieved !

As there was nothing special I went to visit Nicole to see how she is now. I hadn't seen her for 3 weeks. The cancer seems to progress, her brain is still alert and we could talk together, but she often fell asleep. She now sits in a very comfortable wheelchair but all crooked, I was so sad when I saw her. What had become out of this beautiful woman full of life and humor ! It's really hard to see her now, but I think I have to visit her as long as she realizes that I am there. And that she does. I didn't stay long not even an hour because she fell asleep again and I left with a heavy heart. For the first time I thought, will I see her again ? 

It was beautiful the next day and after lunch I tried to walk for half an hour in our park, recommended by my lung doctor, I didn't make it so I stopped sat on a bench and admired the park from the other side !

I was all alone with a lot of birds chirping and two of the castle cats laying in the grass in the sun.

Then we had our daily activity, mimics ! We got a card with a subject written on it for example "baby" and you had to mimic it and the others had to find out what it was.

It was a lot of fun, I had to mimic a model, which was easy, but then roller skates which was more difficult and took a bit of time until they found out.

The week ended then with chatting, coffee and cookies and at 5 pm we went inside.

 While we were playing, a male nurse came with a scale and weighed us all. My weight hasn't changed and one was overjoyed that she had gained 2kg! She was very thin when she arrived here.

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8 May 2024


1. Did you watch the Kentucky Derby this past weekend? Have you ever been to a horse race? Ever ridden a horse? Did you enjoy it? Have you ever been to Kentucky? Do you like Bourbon? 

Of course I haven't watched the Kentucky Derby, because it is not broadcasted here, I hate horse races, I find them cruel. I have never ridden on a horse, because I was afraid of them. I always remember when I had to take my son to riding lessons and I had to walk through the stable with all the horse heads looking at me, I took a deep breath and ran through ! I don't know when this fear disappeared now I bring them carrots and  pet them !

2.  What's something you wish you'd placed in a time capsule fifteen years ago? 

No, I can't think of anything, 15 years ago I was traveling and enjoyed life, didn't think of time capsules !

3. Are you adventurous? Elaborate. 

Oh yes ! very much ! For example I took an airplane (5 places) from Rome to Sicily in 1961 landed in Catania and realized that I had forgotten all papers at home, with address and telephone of my boyfriend who should come and pick me up but didn't come ! But I managed and I am still here !

4. Something you want to make this year? It can be a new recipe, craft, diy project, a milestone you've set for yourself...anything at all. 

I want to make some travels, but I don't know if it is possible because of my breathing problems. I never know the periods I feel "normal" and then after walking a bit completely breathless.

5. Cinco de Mayo was also celebrated this past weekend...do you like Mexican food? If so what's your favorite dish? Have you ever been to Mexico?  Margarita-yes or no?

Can't say anything about "Cinco de Mayo", but I like Mexican food ! Favorite dish ?  Tacos I think, unfortunately I don't remember the names of all the dishes I ate

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I think I am really lucky to be here in my "castle" ! There are no restriction here, my son and grandson came to present me their 1 year old doggy whom I hadn't seen yet. Dogs are allowed also in the restaurants the room and of course can ran around in the garden. 

My son with his dog trying to get the two dogs together to play, but it didn't work ! The employees too can bring their dogs if they need to. 

My 13 year old grandson played with all of us a funny game, he had asked if he could participate and had a lot of fun. I was pretty proud because he was so patient with a 94 old resident when she told him for the 4th time that she has 5 children and now wants to visit her mother ! He told me later that it had been a good experience for him. There are no visiting hours, everyone can come whenever he wants. Coffee and cookies and fruits are offered, and everybody is welcomed. I don't think that in other senior residences it's the same. I have to say we have a lot of space too !

The lady at the left is 100 years old and participates in all activities. She sits in a wheelchair but not all the time and is perfectly clear in her head ! Under these circumstances I have nothing against the fact to become 100 !


The Hallerbos is the most important and vast forest area near the town Halle on the Flemish part of Belgium and is not far from Brussels. The forest is a crowd favorite thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of wild hyacinths, which bloom around mid-April. The varied relief provides wonderful hiking opportunities and makes a visit to this forest more than worth it. I have been there twice it is really very beautiful.

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6 May 2024


Pookie who shared our life from 1998 - 2017





This weekend was very nice, my son, grandson and "grandog" came for a visit ! Fortunately dogs are allowed here everywhere and Leia was very happy when she could run around in the huge park !

They brought me a beautiful bouquet of tulips (from Amsterdam, lalala) and then we sat in the restaurant near the door, to allow Leia to go out when she wanted. 

 She couldn't go into my room, because I had to protect my little grandma Rosie, who is too old to handle a dog, and I want to keep her as long as possible ! 

My grandson had grown again and nearly caught up his 2 m long dad ! the residents greeted them and couldn't believe that Toby is only 13 years old. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the three ! That's a crime, I completely forgot !

But here is our animator talking with my son and they tried to get the dogs together so that they could play, but Litchi was too afraid (although a border collie) and Leia too young and wanted to play, so when she started barking they took them apart.


Then started our daily game, and I told my guests that we could go somewhere else but they wanted to stay and 13 year old Toby wanted to participate ! He had so much fun I have never seen him laughing that much ! 

He handled the once who had hearing problems and shouted answers in their ears and little Rina told him for the 3rd time that she had 5 children and asked him if she was in a hotel etc. He answered real well, and told me later that it was a good experience for him. I must admit I was proud that he accepted so easily the fact that old people sometimes become like children. It was really a nice game. Then we had coffee with the others and they were "interviewed" my son too, maybe he is impatient with his mother but with the others he had a lot of patience. I got a lot of compliments the next day.

For  supper we went to the Italian Restaurant "La dolce Vita" which Rick loved so much and had good Italian plates. Leia, very brave, lay under the table and didn't move.  And then it was already time to say good bye, and when I got out of the car and took the first step, I fell gracefully into a large puddle since it had been raining all day. My son picked me up, luckily I had nothing (as always) but I was wet from head to toe and my clothes were full of mud! After checking and asking me if I was really alright we said goodbye and I went into my room changed and watched a movie. Then I went to bed and didn't sleep very well because I had cramps in my legs. That stopped when I had the idea to shower my legs with hot water. Next day I read that this was an old grandma recipe and not an invention of me !

The next day still nothing hurt, but I felt as if somebody had knocked me out ! My head felt like I had been knocked out. I quickly said good bye to Irma who went back to her home in France after her husband had passed away before she could drive him home ! She was such a nice woman and I will certainly miss her. 

In the afternoon we played 

archery and laughed our heads off ! The arrows landed everywhere but not on the large plastic bottle that was set up as a target. In the first round I was not so bad at least I touched the bottle but the second round my arrow landed nearly in the kitchen and "killed" a girl who brought the coffee ! So the day went quickly by and outside it rained, but it was not so cold. It was a very nice weekend.