16 May 2020


I am feeling as if I would live on another planet. These three month of lockdown have certainly had an impact on me. I always wanted to discover something to go out to have company and now that the end is near (not my end, but the lockdown end) although the near can be far away too.

We were very lucky, just before the lockdown started, our Estate agent found a buyer for our house because since at least two years I always thought "I want to go out of here".

Mr. G had broken his hip last year and although he recovered very well, the lockdown didn't suit him at all, because he didn't move, or yes he moved from computer to TV back and forth and is now bored ! It became worse and worse and when I see him walking I think of a Geisha ! Of course he doesn't want to go to a physiotherapist ! To walk up and down the steps to the basement seems as if he has to climb on the mount Everest.

As a creative person and to make him walk, I send him to do the shopping and always find something that he has to go to the basement to do some exercise on the steps. It is very tiring because he complains loud and angry that he has to walk too much and that I also could go to the basement. Yes that's the joy of 50 years of marriage.

Therefore during the lockdown I went apartment hunting instead of shopping, but always had a shopping bag with me in case the police would asked me where I am going. I drove along the streets where I wanted to live, in the city center which is very cute and green. Waterloo had been a village since two years ago and is no proudly a town ! Not so much for us inhabitants but for the mayor who gets more money for a town then for a city.

Waterloo city

It didn't last long and I found the apartment of my dreams. Of course I only could see it from outside but the location had all what I wanted !  It was in the city I could go to the movie, theatre, boutiques, banks, shops etc in walking distance and Mr. G. had his Whist Club at 500 m away. Ideal for a vintage couple. The apartment was on the fourth floor.

Lookdown or not, I jumped on the occasion, and per telephone and email we arranged a meeting with the owner, the estate agent was not allowed to come of course. It had to look private. With mask and gloves, a bag with cookies and books, I met the owner in the apartment and immediately fell in love with it.

The building

We came to an agreement but had to wait for the signatures until the Estate agents were allowed to work again, which was yesterday. It was the first time in 40 years that we rented, because we thought we are too old now to bother with buying all the paperwork which is involved (at least here) while renting is easy, you pay your rent and the owner has the troubles !

What I want now, is close my eyes, and wake up in the new apartment with all our belongings in place !!

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15 May 2020


On Monday I stayed home, because the second part of the liberation phase started ! That meant that now all shops and boutiques are open except the most important one the hairdresser !  It was the first day the boutiques and shopping centers were open and therefore long lines of crazy peoples queued up in the cold,  for a blouse or something they didn't need. Most of them respected the rules of distances but not all had masks.

Even at Ikea !

Blogger also caused me some worries, because when I wanted to write a new post, the presentation of the Dashboard was "new" so new, that I didn't find the "publish" button. Unfortunately I forgot to make a screenshot, but it seemed very difficult to me. Just before I wanted to ask, I saw the mention "Back to old version" clicked on it and had my good old Blogger dashboard back and could publish my post. I hate when they change without telling how it works.

Our Estate agent came with the buyers and an Expert to see if there was any asbestos in the house and we had to go into our guestroom, because it was not allowed that buyers and sellers were in the same room too dangerous. We all wore masks and gloves and it went very nicely. The wife had already seen the house and had put an option on it, the husband hadn't seen it yet, but agreed to everything. It's a couple in their 40th I guess. So now we have to wait for the notary papers.

We also met at Myriam's and there was a lot to discuss, her daughter expected potential buyers for her house, she had already found a new one here in Waterloo. Today M called me and told me that the house is also sold. I think due to the catastrophic stock market situation people put their money into bricks !

I have got the contract for our apartment to look it through, there are some little changements to be made and tomorrow we will sign and move in on June 15 ! I can't wait and even Mr. G. who was quite reluctant to sell our house is now in a hurry to live in the center of Waterloo, where he can walk to his Whist Club and to all shops ! It's less lonely then where we live now, and above all far more practical, no steps anymore.

We will have 3 bedrooms, a shower and a bathroom, a huge kitchen and living, and a wonderful terrace all around.

We can move in no hurry, because we can have our house up to 4 months. So first we move into the apartment, then make a garage sale  in the house, and when only rubbish is remaining I call a "vide tout" which means "empty everything".

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14 May 2020


One thing makes me really angry when I see a very neglected beautiful building, which stands just there and with the time falls into pieces. I don't know why they are standing there and I don't know either to whom they may belong.

Do they belong to owners who have passed away and the heirs are not interested, or have no money to restore, so they just leave it abandonned and wait until it's so rotten that it is cheaper to destroy it and build a new one. It starts with a modern glass box and slowly slowly a once beautiful city becomes a little Dubai with square glass boxes, round boxes  or glass boxes in gurkin form. The more I visit old cities the more I am disappointed.

Especially in capitals, once you leave the tourist area, you see a lot of neglected houses !

Finally I am happy that I have seen them before their "modernization" ! Slowly, slowly all cities look alike, and lose their charm and identity

I found some neglected building in Brussels, which are just standing there and slowly fall into pieces ...

even a theatre

It really makes me sad.

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13 May 2020


Lustres of the Hermitage Palace, Museum in Russia

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12 May 2020


Created at the beginning of the 20th century, in the Woluwe park, the Etangs Mellaerts  (Mellaerts ponds) park (named after the former owner of the site) is a place for walking and leisure.

Originally formed by the waters of the ancient swamps of the Woluwe, the two ponds are also filled in by numerous springs. On the larger of the two you can do water sports : sailing paddle boating and others. The second is mostly for fishing.  The banks have been redone on gentle slopes which facilitates animals' access to the water. The wet meadows and lawns that surround the ponds develop a particular plant biotope, very attractive for animal life.

This park was an important part of my life when I arrived in Brussels. The German school was very close to the park and we often went there for picnics or just meet there, and later it became a very romantic dating place.

At the beginning of our marriage we also lived very close to this park and I used to often go there with my baby son, to feed the ducks. In winter when it snowed all kids around used the hills to slide down on their sleighs. 

And here I take you along for a walk

Boat renting

A very nice restaurant, which was the mansion of the former owner

A little snack

opening of shops and shopping centers

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11 May 2020




Saturday morning I first couldn't find the way out of my bed, but finally the smell of fresh coffee convinced me to get up. There was nothing special to do, all the things I had to buy for the new apartment I couldn't because the shops are still closed, except of course for food, garden stuff and fabric ! All things I didn't need.

Finally I decided to surf on the net and found the curtains I wanted, in the right color and they would sew it.  I need blackout curtains for when it is dark and when there is too much sun.  I also found the right washing machine which dries at the same time, that is easy because my dryer doesn't fit and the washing machine is quite old. Strangely there is not much price difference between a simple dryer or the all in one machine !

In the afternoon I went to N. because on her terrace it is always warm and we could sit outside. We talked about Mother Day, and how to celebrate, Nicole is the only one who gets her daughter and son coming and the grandchildren too, that makes the four allowed people for Motherday. You are not allowed to receive more. M. and I will be childless mothers, as her son has to go to his MIL and two visits are too much in one day !

And while we were chatting, Isis inspected my shoes ! I have to wear each time another  pair ! She loves shoes !

Sunday was a beautiful summer day real hot ! And while we were sitting at the swimming pool and took a sunbath,  suddenly a magpie landed besides us and sat down.

It was like she wanted to join our conversation

As the magpie had her beak open, the two girls thought it was thirsty and were looking for a bowl and fill it with water. But as soon as they put the bowl in the grass, the magpie flew away without saying goodbye !!

On Monday the shops will open and we certainly won't go out !