14 May 2020


One thing makes me really angry when I see a very neglected beautiful building, which stands just there and with the time falls into pieces. I don't know why they are standing there and I don't know either to whom they may belong.

Do they belong to owners who have passed away and the heirs are not interested, or have no money to restore, so they just leave it abandonned and wait until it's so rotten that it is cheaper to destroy it and build a new one. It starts with a modern glass box and slowly slowly a once beautiful city becomes a little Dubai with square glass boxes, round boxes  or glass boxes in gurkin form. The more I visit old cities the more I am disappointed.

Especially in capitals, once you leave the tourist area, you see a lot of neglected houses !

Finally I am happy that I have seen them before their "modernization" ! Slowly, slowly all cities look alike, and lose their charm and identity

I found some neglected building in Brussels, which are just standing there and slowly fall into pieces ...

even a theatre

It really makes me sad.

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  1. It also makes me very sad to see such buildings in disrepair and decaying. It is especially bad in third world countries where once grand houses of the rich deteriorate (they are probably living in a glass tower in London). Coincidentally today I read about Belgium's abandoned Chateau Rouge.

  2. I hope everyone's safe and staying safe. I just read that the virus is mutating and getting much more dangerous. I don't want to alarm anyone but it's time to get right with God, cause this is getting downright scary! Stay home and stay safe, guys!

  3. Unfortunately it happens everywhere :(

  4. Such a shame but money is always a factor in the upkeep of these fantastic buildings.

  5. I agree with you. I know it musf cost a lot of money to maintain these buildings but many have a rich and interesting history thaf should be preserved for future generations.

  6. I think the cost is the major reason for those buildings being neglected. It is sad indeed.

  7. What beautiful buildings. I wish they could be restored.

  8. That is really sad to see ... especially the theater. In this area, nothing is that old to begin with, but we do see abandoned barns and homes. They can be very photogenic, but I always wonder what the story is. What happened to the people who loved and cared for that building once? It is, as you say, sad to see.


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