16 Apr 2011


I will be away for a week visiting my blogfriend Claudie in the South of France near the "Côte d'Azur"(French Riviera).

Here she is and the city Oulioules Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, were I will stay with her and her husband. It's near Toulon. Whenever I have time I will write my adventures with Claudie !
Today I am in my suitcase preparations and stuff to do before I leave tomorrow morning at 5.30 am !

15 Apr 2011


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This has been an awful week without any favorite fives !

1. I started sneezing and my nose ran

2. I got fiever and felt lousy

3. I filled myself up with a whole pharmacy

4. After 2 days of antibiotics I felt a little better

5. I am so worried that I am not in a good shape because on Sunday I will leave for Marseille/South of France where my blogfriend Claudie picks me up to spend 5 days of holidays together, and I am so looking forward to see her and have fun together.

So wish me luck that I am in full shape and can jump to the ceiling on Sunday morning !

14 Apr 2011


Jenny Matlock
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Letter A

In a discussion with my acqua gym group we discussed when exactly are you becoming an adult ? It's not so easy to know. When you listen to children psychologists, psychiatrists or childhood analysts, you get the feeling that they all entered the world as adults and had forgotten that once they had been babies too.

To know exactly when I became an adult I asked my good old friend Mr. Google and he gave me the following explanations.

The term adult describes any mature organism, but normally it refers to a human: one that is no longer a child / minor and is now either a man or a woman" In short, when your sex organs outfit is completed"

Now here I have serious doubts because at 13 my organ outfit was there, but I certainly wasn't an adult yet. Not even at 21 when I had the major age, and today it is even reduced to 18. When you see 18 years old, who lives already of his own and takes his own responsibilities ?

and then it's specified :

....sex characteristics form such as Body hair and facial hair, Voice lowers in pitch (especially noticeable in men), and Menses begin (women).

So I am still not adult because I don't have a moustache and long hairs coming out of my nose and ears.

But good old Google comforted me with the following very intelligent answer

"One thing people don't specify is what (Psychologically) an adult is. A common theory is that adulthood is the real test or life, to experience the world from a first person stand point instead of you parents. Then you can pass those experiences down to the younger people and then they can experience it when they grow up".

But there is something wrong too, if you try to pass your experiences down to your own children they send you to hell because they know everything better, as we probably did with our own parents too. It only works with younger people other than your own.

"Adult" also means "not considered suitable for children", such as adult entertainment, adult video, adult magazine, adult bookstore".

Have you ever noticed that when people are at the end of their arguments, just tell you that you behave "childish" ?

13 Apr 2011

11 Apr 2011


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I still don't know what is the difference between "Bio" or "Organic" other than these products almost cost the double of the "normal" food. Bio shops are growing like weeds in Waterloo, and as there was a new one which just had opened I went there to have a look.

Fruits and vegetables looked suspiciously fresh or they should look a little tired without chemical products.

First thing I saw was a deep freezed Bio Pizza with a proud price of 4.69 € (6.79 $) instead of 2.80 € (4.05 $) of the same not "Bio", but the best according to the consumer test magazine.

For your precious bottom you have 4 rolls of Bio toilet paper for 3.35 € (4.85), I wonder how bottoms survived when they were cleaned with old newspapers, because there were no toilet paper.

What really knocked me out was the "Bio (Organic) cat food wet or dry in small cans for nearly 3 € (4.34 $) per can ! When I think that my first cat lived for 20 years with no can food or dry food because it simply didn't exist. I cooked chicken liver for her together with a potatoe or bread or left over from us, that was probably real bio food.

The tip of the top were Bio dolls ! I didn't find any Bio toys for boys so I wonder if there is not some discrimination. I bed this shop will not last for long, or people are really stupid to fall into that bio trap.

In the afternoon I mowed our lawn with an electric lawnmower which at least is very ecological.

On Sunday I woke up with a running nose and feeling not so good I probably had catched a cold with this rollercoaster weather, 0° in the morning and 20°C in the afternoon . I took some medication against flu and cold and stayed

mostly in bed, reading but without the smile on my face, like the woman on the picture !
Fortunately I have a week to get rid of this, before my holidays to France.

10 Apr 2011


The last weeks I am so distracted that I forget everything. I don't know if it has something to do with spring or age ! I forget where I put my glasses, my keys and lately even the remote control of the garage door. Easter is only in two weeks but I am celebrating Easter the whole year. I am not looking for colored or chocolate eggs like the kids, no I look for other things like my mobile phone, which I finally found in a trouser pocket in the laundry. Fortunately you can call yourself and follow the ringing. With glasses it is different especially when you are shortsighted, because you don't see anything.

Usually I always find my things after a while and in quiet strange places. The remote control for example I found in the box of my car door, where I usually put it, but it was hidden under a bottle of water. I prefered to look under the seats and under the carpets, it never came to my mind that it might be at the right place. My little camera is also a disaster, each time I want to take a real nice and funny picture of cat Arthur in his special poses, I don't find it. Even doing logical thinking where I had used it the last time, doesn't help, because I also had forgotten when I used it the last time.

After my shower I used a body cream as usual, but found it a little liquid and it also had another smell. Looking at the label, I realized that I had used the liquid soap instead of my body cream. Result I had to take another shower to get the soap off ! I swear, now I am more than clean !

The worst thing is that I also forgot about what I wanted to write today ! I had a real good (at least in my opinion) subject in my mind but it must be hidden somewhere in a corner of my brain and probably comes back when I just have clicked on "Publish Post".

Apparently it is not a question of age !!