11 Apr 2011


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I still don't know what is the difference between "Bio" or "Organic" other than these products almost cost the double of the "normal" food. Bio shops are growing like weeds in Waterloo, and as there was a new one which just had opened I went there to have a look.

Fruits and vegetables looked suspiciously fresh or they should look a little tired without chemical products.

First thing I saw was a deep freezed Bio Pizza with a proud price of 4.69 € (6.79 $) instead of 2.80 € (4.05 $) of the same not "Bio", but the best according to the consumer test magazine.

For your precious bottom you have 4 rolls of Bio toilet paper for 3.35 € (4.85), I wonder how bottoms survived when they were cleaned with old newspapers, because there were no toilet paper.

What really knocked me out was the "Bio (Organic) cat food wet or dry in small cans for nearly 3 € (4.34 $) per can ! When I think that my first cat lived for 20 years with no can food or dry food because it simply didn't exist. I cooked chicken liver for her together with a potatoe or bread or left over from us, that was probably real bio food.

The tip of the top were Bio dolls ! I didn't find any Bio toys for boys so I wonder if there is not some discrimination. I bed this shop will not last for long, or people are really stupid to fall into that bio trap.

In the afternoon I mowed our lawn with an electric lawnmower which at least is very ecological.

On Sunday I woke up with a running nose and feeling not so good I probably had catched a cold with this rollercoaster weather, 0° in the morning and 20°C in the afternoon . I took some medication against flu and cold and stayed

mostly in bed, reading but without the smile on my face, like the woman on the picture !
Fortunately I have a week to get rid of this, before my holidays to France.


Jo said...

Gattina, I just love your turn of phrase and yes, the Bio/Organic foods are so expensive in SOuth Africa as well. I'm sorry you're not feeling well.Wrap up warmly. Soon you'll be on your holiday. Hugs Jo. PS I don't see a link to your meme on today's post.

Linens and Royals said...

Hope that cold is soon better as you have blogger friends to visit.
I think to be really ecological you must have a sheep to keep your grass short and not use electricity. Maybe for very small gardens a rabbit would do.
Even four cats don't eat much grass.

Mar said...

I can't afford to have a bio life ...!
Can you believe we had 32ÂșC in the shadow of our terrace last saturday? and we want to go skiing over Easter, ha ha. We will be both in France but I will be up in the mountains and you enjoying the Med weather, get well soon and have fun in France!! and say hello to our friend :)

Maribeth said...

Yes, we cannot afford to be "green" or bio-friendly either! Just the good old fashioned way of doing things!

A Lady's Life said...

Today you have to be careful and take nothing for granted.
I have never seen animals with cancer before as I see today. We used to feed all our animals with people food. and they were all healthy and lived long. I guess it pays to change products and brands.

Pamela said...

did you "bio" medication (giggle)